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Early IDW Mini's Canonicity? (The Curse/Auld Lang Syne/etc)

Where to Read Early IDW Mini's

  • Between AS5 and AtF

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  • Between AtF and AtF Epilogue

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  • Between AtF Epilogue and The End

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  • Between The End and BS8

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  • Between BS8 and BS9

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  • Between BS9 and A&F

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The Ferg

Apr 7, 2008
Omaha, NE
So I'm rewatching/reading everything in the Buffyverse (for the 1000th time), but this time I'm including noncanon stuff). I'm running into a bit of a conundrum though.

Most of these comics take place in S5, with a few before that. The original few stories (The Curse, Old Friends, and Auld Lang Syne) were supposed to take place after S5, but they're obviously directly contradicted by the events of AtF and BS8.

Here's my reading order right now:
Angel: Season 5
After The Fall (1-17)
After The Fall Epilogue (18-27; including Only Human, Lorne, Blood & Trenches, and 'vs. Frankenstein')
Angel: The End (28-44; including Barbary Coast, Illyria, Yearbook, and Spike)
Buffy: Season 8
Buffy: Season 9
Angel & Faith: Season 9

My issue is that I don't when it would be best to read them. Between any of these, would work, but there doesn't seem to be an ideal place to fit it in, without breaking the flow (if that make sense). I'd like to go directly from Not Fade Away to First Night, and I'd rather keep the momentum from AtF going into the epilogue (and Aftermath.. ugh). It also doesn't seem fitting to read them inbetween the final IDW stuff and BS8, seeing as Spike, The Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart, and Yearbook feel like a definitive ending for the IDW era.

I know this is just absolutely ridiculous, but I'd like to know you guys' opinion, if you've ever thought about the canonicity of the early IDW stuff.


Feb 6, 2004
I know how you feel. There is so much stuff, and often the other comics do contradict canon. I have found plenty of lists on how to read the canon stories, but not much on the newer non-canon. The Buffy Wiki might be some help though. Here is an example Blood & Trenches. I saw many of them either weren't specific though, or didn't have anything listed for where they fall in order.
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