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Eliza Dushku was Sexually Harassed on Set, She Testifies to Congress


Mar 28, 2020
I cant find any sources stating that Dushku's husband would be a billionaire. Rich, sure. Billionaire, not so much.

Whistleblower in the current USA means prison, and be happy if thats all you get. I would not advise anyone to be a whistleblower in the current USA, and if you want to be one, well be very very careful. Sure, Edward Snowden got away, but Juliane Assange had much less luck. Its funny how those who report on the crime receive the harshest treatment, those who did the crimes get no penatly, and yet the US public doesnt seem to care.

Fortunately Dushku's reporting about sexual harassment, which doesnt challenge power, so she's excempt from such treatment.

Still its weird she needs any special rights to violate her NDA. Any NDA that blocks people from reporting sexual harrassment should be illegal in the first place.
She doesn’t need anything to “violate” her NDA. She can talk anytime she wants.

The thing is that she took a bribe and agreed to remain quiet. So if she talks she has to give the bribe back.

She wants to keep the bribe but not do what she was bribed to do.

She isn’t being held to anything. She is holding herself to her NDA.


Aug 9, 2021
Not a bribe, it’s the money she would have been paid if she wasn’t fired for respectfully asking her coworker to tone it down. Basically the Network had to pay out her contract for firing her for an unjust reason.

Granted I haven’t read her contact but I’m inclined to believe her when she said that the harassment was captured in verbatim by the network’s own cameras and in her lawyer’s possession but her contact kept her from suing.

Also just because lots of women go through this or have been through it doesn’t mean that any woman should be expected to tolerate it or should just get over losing their jobs because they refused to tolerate it.
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