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Episode 9: It Was Acceptable in the 90s

Episode 9: It Was Acceptable in the 90s 1703-01

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The original one-eyed chicklet
Staff member
Feb 2, 2016
Black Thorn
Athena submitted a new resource:

Episode 9: It Was Acceptable in the 90s - Happy 20th anniversary Buffy!

Happy 20th anniversary Buffy! 20 years ago you were born to this world and we salute you, in the only way we know how: with a total 90s love-in!

In this episode of the podcast, we look back on 20 years of Buffy, and we also find out that:
Velvet is back in fashion in Sweden
Athena dresses like Clarissa and looks forward to playing Sid, no that's not a euphemism
Taake & Athena go deep. No, that's also not a euphemism!
Missteppy missteps are the way to go, but not during Two to Go

We also go...

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