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Faith instead of Spike ?


Feb 24, 2018
I kind of like the idea of Faith being a part of season five in Angel, but I couldn't imagine her as a regular. By that time, she had escaped prison and was probably still wanted, I don't think she could just set up shop in Los Angeles, though I guess Angel's legal team could have maybe exonerated her. But even then, Faith is not the office-gal.


two by two, hands of blue
May 17, 2008
Black Thorn
I would have preferred more Faith than Spike, in general, because I like Faith more and Spike had plenty of screen time. But I don't really see how she'd fit in season 5 without being contrived. Spike's existence after season 3 of Buffy was always contrived so that was par for the course. By the time he showed up again in season 5 of Angel I just accepted it, cos Spike does that.


God among men
Feb 23, 2019
Well I hated season 4 of Angel because there was just a lack of lightness and comedy in general which was brought back in season 5 and mainly through Spike, if it was Faith I don't think she would have succeeded in that area as well as Spike did.
Don't get me wrong I love Faith but I can't really see her fitting into season 5 anyway. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Angel and Spike and Spike with a soul wasn't all that interesting in season 7 of Buffy and it was cool to see the changes in his personality.
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