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Faith was better than Buffy


Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
[B]katmobile[/B] Willow does, Angel does, eventually even Wesley does. Also dissing other chracters is NOT the way to get more justice for Faith it will just alienate people who like those characters.

Nope. Neither Willow or Wesley give Faith support or pep, they just ask for and accept her help. There's a difference.

Angel supports Faith, that's true, but he's not one for giving her inspirational speeches to make her feel better/appreciated (which is fine, fits his character). So my point still stands. Her fans still feel that she doesn't get her due with her good deeds.

The rest of your comment isn't relevant.
Of course it isn't that might involve admitting someone else has a point. Considering the things that Willow and Wesley said about Faith in the past the fact they are willing to seek her help is massive although their own trips 2 the dark side helped
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