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Family Reunion and Dog Love!


Feb 21, 2015
Yes, I can find canine connections almost everywhere.

There are many theories about the domestication of dogs; one of them is that wolves approached human camps thousands of years ago and developed a mutually beneficial relationship with their dwellers; initially, the animals (keeping themselves in the shadows) scavenged on the remains of the prey animals, and the prehistoric humans were satisfied of being warned by the wolves of the approach of predators. The wolves that were less anxious and aggressive thrived, later becoming the loyal and loving man's best friend.

So, here it is a tiny connection between the origin of the domesticated dog to what happened in Angel & Faith/Family Reunion:

Angel, Faith, Willow and Connor go to the hell dimension where Connor was brought up by Holtz: Quor-toth. There, they encounter a race of dog-like demons who worship Connor - their adoration for their Master, their loyalty to The Destroyer is the same dogs show to their human masters in real life.

And how these dog-like demons started worshiping The Destroyer?

CONNOR: What are you--? Stand up.
DOG-LIKE DEMON: As you command, lord.
CONNOR: Stop calling me that. Who are you? How do you know me?
DOG-LIKE DEMON: Of course... our insignificant lives are beneath The Destroyer's notice. Allow me to explain, with apologies for the pathetic nature of--
CONNOR: Just say it.
DOG-LIKE DEMON: Yes, Master. In the centuries since you magnificent reign of terror, you have gained followers, converts to your ways.
CONNOR: My... ways?
DOG-LIKE DEMON: And lo, as all Quor-toth quaked in fear beneath the heel of The Destroyer, one lowly suplicant sought to learn the source of his unparalleled might. Trembling, he followed The Destroyer to a campsite. As he watched from the shadows, the truth was revealed.

DOG-LIKE DEMON: Hallelujah! Love! Most reviled of all emotions, punishable by death!

So, after having approached a human camp, the dog-like demon learns about unconditional love – showing the same blind adoration and loyalty for Connor that dogs have for their masters and mistresses. And let's not forget – Christos Gage is a cat lover; he made sure to picture the dog-like demons very subservient and dependant of Master Connor...
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