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Fan Art Posting Guidelines - Read before posting in this forum!

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Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
Posting Rules

When posting any art you’ve made on the board, please try to cite your resources. Ideally, you should post the following source information for each piece of work that you post here:



- Please help artists keep things neat in their thread by only leaving meaningful feedback via posts and confining short comments (like “I love it!”) to karma only.

- Art Class threads are closed and archived at 200 posts.

- This is a Buffy / Angel / Whedon fan art forum so please restrict your postings only to that type.

What is Plagiarizing?

Plagiarizing is the taking, redistributing and the recreating of work and/or ideas by other artists and passing it off as your own. 3 Plagiarism infractions will result in banning from the board.

What is art?

There might be some confusion as to what is art and what is not. Clean or unaltered promo images and screencaps from the show are not art: they are part of what makes a piece art. However, if you are not capping the scenes yourself you should credit the site where you got the caps and any other sources you use i.e. textures, fonts, stock images, gradients, vectors etc. What is considered art is a changed or manipulated image or series of images created to make a "new" image and these new images are what should always be credited.

The Rules on Using Others’ Artwork

1. DO NOT claim another artist’s work (wallpapers/banners/icons/colourizes/manips) as your own.

2. If you use another artist's art in your own (for example, a manipulation) PLEASE make sure you have permission from the original artist before you go ahead and PLEASE remember to credit said artist, and link back to their website/Live Journal/Deviant Art Page, etc.

3. DO NOT cut up another artist's work (for example, a wallpaper) and use it for something else (for example, a banner). That is stealing. The artist did not spend hours on a wallpaper just for you to hack it up into a banner and claim it as your own.

4. DO NOT remove an artist's signature from their work. It is there for a reason.

5. DO NOT hotlink another artist's work on this site or any other. It uses bandwidth (and that is stealing too!).

6. Unless otherwise stated, art of any medium posted by any artist is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This means you can’t take a great piece of artwork and put in on a t-shirt and sell it on ebay.

7. Using resources created by other artists also requires credit. If you are making art you know the time and effort that goes into it and should give your fellow artists the credit they deserve.

8. All of the above applies to ideas too. Taking inspiration from a piece is one thing but completely recreating a copy of a piece and not crediting the other artist is also regarded as stealing, even if you physically made it yourself. This can also be applied when using tutorials. If you create a piece of art by following another artist's tutorial you should always credit that artist and tutorial when you post the finished piece.

A huge thank you to Lyri, Kean, and Angelic Slayer for their help in writing this post and these rules.



Sep 14, 2008
Xander's Speedo
With so many new members posting fanart here on the board, I thought it would be nice to reiterate the posting guidelines for Joyce's Gallery. If you haven't yet, please take a moment to read through these guidelines and if you have any questions, you may PM any staff member and we're happy to help. :)
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