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FANtastic Challenge Round 1 Results!

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Angel (ATS) vs Faith (BTVS) is the one I'll be interested in the most. Wow.

Think that was the hardest one yet. If it was Faith overall from both shows then I think she would win quite easy, but yeah much tougher the way it is.

I'm pretty satisfied with the results. :)

One thing I was wondering though, and maybe somebody has already pointed it out, or maybe I'm just confused... In theory, isn't it possible that the finale will be Angel against himself? Don't think it'll happen, but still.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, but that would be really dull;) And besides Spike fans such as myself would never let it happen:p

I Agree. Willow is quite likey to put up a good fight.

And don't forgot Cordelia is in two different categories too .So Cordy could be facing off against her self . Now that hot !

She will if I have anything to say about it:) And yeah Cordy is a much loved character and rightly so. Will be interesting to see which version does best.

I can't believe Lilah beat Kaylee!

I can because Lilah kicks arse!:p
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