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Favorite scene for each couple


Dec 1, 2016
What are your favorite scene for each couple ?

Buffy/Angel :
Buffy/Riley :
Buffy/Spike :
Willow/Oz :
Willow/Tara :
Willow/Kennedy :
Xander/Cordelia :
Xander/Anya :
Giles/Jenny :
Angel/Cordelia :
Fred/Gunn :
Fred/Wesley :
Spike/Drusilla :
Angel/Darla :

I only went with canon couples but you can add whatever couple you want. I also probably forgot some...

I'll post my answers later :)


Mar 23, 2017
Black Thorn
OK, I'm doing this off the top of my head, so I'm not sure I'll stand by my picks when I see others, but here goes!

Buffy/Angel: Forever, in the cemetery
Buffy/Riley: Probably when Riley is clutching Buffy's handkerchief at the end of Goodbye Iowa
Buffy/Spike: After Life ("every night I save you")
Willow/Oz: The scene in the van in Innocence when they don't kiss but Willow totally falls in love with Oz
Willow/Tara: Tie between the "No, you are" scene in Hush and the "I am, you know. Yours" scene in Who Are You
Willow/Kennedy: The Killer in Me kiss scene at the end
Xander/Cordelia: Tie between Cordelia having to take off Xander's necklace in Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered because she's still wearing it, and Cordelia telling the fish monster (that she thinks is Xander) that they can still be together in Go Fish
Xander/Anya: The scene in As You Were where they are talking in the bathroom about their marriage
Giles/Jenny: All their scenes in Ted, especially the kiss at the end
Angel/Cordelia: The final kiss scene in You're Welcome
Fred/Gunn: Their first kiss in Waiting in the Wings
Fred/Wesley: Their kiss scene at the end of Smile Time
Spike/Drusilla: Their introduction in School Hard, with the head turning
Angel/Darla: "God doesn't want you, but I still do" in Dear Boy
I'm almost done with my list and we have a lot in common haha


Dec 1, 2016
Buffy/Angel : their scene in Forever. It encompasses almost everything I love about them.
Buffy/Riley : the bedroom scene in This Year's Girl. It’s really sweet and it shows how inspirational Buffy is. Oh and SMG looks so beautiful.
Buffy/Spike : Spike telling Buffy that she treats him like a man in The Gift.
Willow/Oz : them talking about kissing in Oz's van in Innocence.
Willow/Tara : the dance scene at the end of Family. It’s beautiful, loving and shows how good their relationship is.
Willow/Kennedy : their bedroom scene in Chosen. Really sweet and supportive.
Xander/Cordelia : them walking away from Harmony and co. at the end of Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Xander/Anya : their scene at the end of Selfless. It’s so sad and shows how much they know and care about each other.
Giles/Jenny : their first date in Some Assembly Required
Angel/Cordelia : The scene at the end of You're Welcome. So heartbreaking and well executed.
Fred/Gunn : their kiss in Waiting in the Wings
Fred/Wesley : their kiss in Smile Time
Spike/Drusilla : Spike ordering everyone to stop when Buffy threatens Drusilla in Lie To Me.
Angel/Darla : The scene at the end of The Trial, before Drusilla turns Darla.


"Buffy's like nobody else in the world"
Jul 31, 2018
It's hard, you don't mind that I put my favorite scene(s) for some couples, do you?
Bangel : Many scenes in Innocence (mostly their kisses scenes), the last scene in the snow in Amends, their kiss in Becoming P2 or the scene in Helpless (the one with Angel telling Buffy he met her in LA).
Spuffy : The church scene in Beneath You, the last scene in Fool For Love when Spike sit besides Buffy in her garden's house, the I love you , no you don't scene in Chosen, the last scene of Intervention or the scene in The Gift.
Briley : The scene in the end of the episode in The Initiative or their first sex scene (HOT) in The I In Team
Fuffy : The dream scene in Graduation Day P2
Fresley : The kiss in S4 or the kisses scenes in AHITW
Woz : The morning after they first slept together, they're sweet all along the Graduation Day episodes
Tillow : The Under Your Spell song, the dance scene in Family
Dangel : The scene in the end of The Trial, so sad
Spike & Dru : Spike watches Dru staring at the sky in Innocence or the first scene in School Hard
Cander : Their fight scene in What's My Line, they say they hate each other before they kiss (so funny) or the end of Bewitched, Bewildered...
Xanya : The scene in bed in Primeval or the marriage proposal
Giles & Jenny : The scene when J says to G that she fell in love with him in Passion
Cangel : Their last scene together in You're Welcome
I don't mind at all!! It just means more love ;)


You rocks think you're so smart.
Aug 1, 2017
Black Thorn
Welp, here we go :D





Tbh, sooo many to choose from, I went with the first gif I found that I loved :D












Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
Buffy/Angel: Hmn, quite a few to choose from. But I always really liked their first kiss in 'Angel', followed by the kiss at the end of the episode. 'It's...' 'Painful.' 'Yeah.' Jeez, talk about prophetic.
Buffy/Riley: the cute post-coitus pillow talk in 'Out Of My Mind'. Nice.
Buffy/Spike: Easy. Something Blue. Buffy's 'dum-dum-da-dum' as she sweetly plans their wedding.
Willow/Oz: Oz buying Willow as Pez-witch just 'cause and Willow being overjoyed by the gesture and then later feeling crappy/guilty about it.
Willow/Tara: The Body. Willow is crying and upset and Tara calms her down. Such a great scene.
Willow/Kennedy: Um....oh! Chosen: 'You're a goddess!' '...And you're a slayer' and then Willow hands her the scythe. Maybe?
Xander/Cordelia: Xander's 'fish stick play-by-play' of Buffy's patrol at the start of Becoming Pt 1. It's such a cute scene and their very couple-y right out in the cafeteria.
Xander/Anya: 'I'm gonna marry that girl' in 'All The Way'. And Anya's 'here, have some money!' reaction.
Giles/Jenny: The end of 'Ted' where they reconcile.
Angel/Cordelia: The 'You're Welcome' final scene. Only time I really believed it.
Fred/Gunn: The phone call 'which state is better?' conversation in the Hyperion. 'Texas does not hate the black man'. Second place goes to 'pancake kiss!' which is also adorable.
Fred/Wesley: Fred with a flamethrower and then kissing Wes. Before it all turns horrible.
Spike/Drusilla: Can't remember the episode but when he scoops her up and spins her round promising that they'll dance of the slayer's grave. Also the Boxer Rebellion scene 'look at the wonderful mess you've made.'
Angel/Darla: The scene at the end of 'The Trial' when Angel has exhausted all possibilities to save Darla but she has finally accepted her own mortality. And then Drusilla arrives!

And most importantly:

Buffy/Faith: The heart on the window and Buffy ditching class to go slay outside. Faith with all her soft-butch swagger and Buffy openly embracing enjoying the slaying for the first time and letting go. Second goes to the 'hot chicks with superpowers' scene in EoD. They finally get each other Yay!


Jul 29, 2016
There is so many for Spike/Dru it's hard to pick just one and I don't ship the other couples hard enough to be able to pick out a scene and go "that's the one I choose".


Buffy/Angel : Buffy saying, "What about me?" in Amends
Buffy/Riley : The kissing dream in Hush.
Buffy/Spike : Spike blocking Buffy's path in Smashed.
Willow/Oz : Willow running back to finally get that kiss she's been thirsting for in Phases.
Willow/Tara : Tara waking up in The Gift.
Willow/Kennedy : Kennedy reassuring Willow in Chosen.
Xander/Cordelia : Xander and Cordelia meeting at the prom in Prom.
Xander/Anya : Xander declaring his love for Anya in Into the Woods.
Giles/Jenny : Giles and Jenny discussing corkscrews and body piercings.
Angel/Cordelia : Cordelia saying, "There are no people like us," in You're Welcome.
Fred/Gunn : Gunn bringing Fred breakfast in bed. Gunn looks so happy.
Fred/Wesley : Illyria playing Fred as Wesley dies.
Spike/Drusilla : Drusilla telling Spike that he chip can't control him in Crush.
Angel/Darla : Darla's last words to Angel in Lullaby.


I'm busy. I'm brooding.
Nov 8, 2017
I took out a couple of NOTPs because I didn't want to be a jerk listing nasty scenes in a thread that's s'posed to be positive. As for the rest ...

Buffy/Angel : Gah, too many to choose from, impossible to just choose one! Love the scene in Graduation Day Pt 2 when Angel drinks from Buffy, so erotic and beautifully-filmed, their dance in The Prom has to get a mention, and lastly "I'll never forget."
Buffy/Riley : I like the scene in The Initiative (I think it's that episode) where Riley is trying to chat up Buffy at the frat party and he runs out of things to say so he just picks up a cheese cube and holds it out to her and says "Cheese?"
Willow/Oz : Pez Witch! Also love the scene in Amends where Willow tries to initiate sex and Oz gently tells her that she doesn't need to prove anything to him and that he wants their first time to be special.
Willow/Tara : Love their dance in Family with them floating above the floor. Also "I got so lost." "I found you, I will always find you."
Willow/Kennedy : Their second kiss in The Killer In Me, with Kennedy breaking the spell. It's sweet.
Xander/Cordelia : Cordy choosing Xander over her friends in Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered. Also their little moment in The Prom "It looks good on you." "Well duh!"
Xander/Anya : The scene in Older & Far Away where Anya is freaking out over being trapped in the house and Xander very sweetly calms her down.
Giles/Jenny : "Let's see if I can make you squirm."
Angel/Cordelia : The final scene in You're Welcome.
Fred/Gunn : Their first kiss in Waiting in The Wings.
Spike/Drusilla : "Now will you dance with me?" "I'll dance with you ... on the Slayer's grave." And then the twirling with Dru in Spike's arms.
Angel/Darla : Omg, again too many to choose from! Love their scene at the end of The Trial, just before Darla is turned. Darla staking herself. And the scene on the rooftop in Quickening when Darla confesses that she loves Connor but won't once he's born.


Jun 22, 2011
Buffy/Angel : "Close your eyes" - IWRY - Cookie speech - "Oh. I didn't even notice."

Buffy/Riley : Most of their s4 courtship - Laughing at Harmony's threats - "I'm so in love with you I can't think straight." - His speech to her in "As You Were".

Buffy/Spike : "127 days yesterday, 128 today... except today doesn't count, does it?" - When she rescues him from The First's cave. - A lot of early season 6 where he was being very gentle with her i.e. "I knew I could get a smile".

Willow/Oz : PEZ!! -"Canapé?"- Their first kiss - "You are quite the human!" - Willow Kissage Freeze frame - The animal crackers convo including his out of nowhere "You have the sweetest smile I've ever seen." - "Panicking!"- Honestly I love all their moments..

Willow/Tara : "Can we just skip it? Can you just be kissing me now?" - Under Your Spell.

Willow/Kennedy : Kennedy being supportive - "You're a goddess!"

Xander/Cordelia : "You have fish hands!! eww!!" - "I'm locker material?".

Xander/Anya : "Gimme sugar. I've come to buy sugar"

Giles/Jenny : "Did anyone ever tell you you're kind of a sexy fuddy duddy?" "That part usually gets left out. I can't imagine why" - "Let's see if I can make you squirm."

Angel/Cordelia : When he bought everything the restaurant had (including the veggie option) because he didn't want to bother her.. "I love you!" *million watt smile*

Fred/Gunn : All their cute phone calls, breakfast in bed, "Pancake Kiss" - The trust she had in the fact that he would never hurt her unless there was something really wrong going on "I know he said those things to me but he would never say those things to me!"

Fred/Wesley : When she handed him the glass sheet before he asked for it, small but sweet.

Spike/Drusilla : "EVERYBODY STOP!!" - "Can I eat him now, love?" - The scene with the dead bird - all their interactions were golden tbh..

Angel/Darla : The Trial! All of it! Gorgeous episode!
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