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Favourite Fuffy moments

Willow Tara

Grr Argh - aka WhedonverseFan
Jun 3, 2018
Sunnydale (Germany)
Hey there fellow Fuffy fans! :D
So I wanna hear about some of your favourite Fuffy moments :)
I'll make a top 10 list, but you can do as many as you like! :)

1. Fuffy forehead kiss in hostpital
Love the dream and that when Buffy wakes up she goes to Faith who is in a coma and kisses her. It is such a beautiful, sweet scene 😍

2. Hot chicks with superwowers!!!

3. The other Fuffy forehead kiss

4. The heart in the window ;)
And how Faith says: "Hey, girlfriend. Bad time?"

5. "Try me." "OK, then. Give us a kiss."

6. "Really, we´re just good friends."

7. The first as the Master (who was like a father to Faith) says to her: "You always wanted Buffy to accept you. To love you, even."

8. When they celebrate christmas together in Amends!

9. Their dance!

10. Synchro staking!

There are defenitely more Fuffy scenes I love, but those just came to my mind :)
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Willow Tara

Grr Argh - aka WhedonverseFan
Jun 3, 2018
Sunnydale (Germany)
7. The first as the Master (who was like a father to Faith) says to her: "You always wanted Buffy to accept you. To love you, even."
I meant Mayor!!!! Sorry!

PS: Did you notice that I finally found out how to add more than 3 images? :D I'm so happy!
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Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
I not really a gifs person. But I'll break down my top ten:

Apart from my No. 1 these are in no particular order.

1) The 'Hot chicks with superpowers' conversation: So great and fun. But their conversation is also important for the both of them.
For Faith is a clear admission of the harm she committed against Buffy and (some of) the reasons for doing it, another apology to add to the (two) previous ones and here we see her really open up emotionally, making herself vulnerable to Buffy in a way that wasn't full of bitter anger or sorrow or fear (like all those previous times). No wonder Buffy found it so confusing 'defensiveness and weird mixed signals' indeed.
From Buffy's perspective it's really about is how Buffy has been fundamentally alone because she's The Slayer. She has been that way for a while (ever since Angel left) And now there's Faith, who gets it. All of it, that isolation and loneliness and now that includes the heavy responsibility that comes with being a leader. Mutual bonding of the best kind.

2) The Hot/Sexy Dancing in 'Bad Girls': Shallow! But here their clearly not dancing with the boys, but dancing with each other merely surrounded by the boys. And they put it in the credits. Oh, yeah.

3) Buffy kissing Faith in the hospital: A tender thank you and gesture of mutual forgiveness given how things ended during their last confrontation. Buffy forgives Faith, to an extent, and now feels she doesn't have to feel guilty for almost taking Faith's life.
Faith gives Buffy a cryptic clue (and possibly mystic strength/energy?) that is the key to the defeat of The Mayor when she wakes up. So Faith picks Buffy over the man who had meant the most to her. That's love any way you slice it.
So it makes sense why Buffy was so eager to entertain the possibility of a reformed Faith post-coma.

4) Homecoming: Faith is easily Buffy's best friend in 'Homecoming'. Whilst everyone else sides with Cordelia on the popularity front Faith is the only one who cares that Buffy got dumped. She consoles, tells Buffy that she's better off without the jerk and then asks her to the dance herself. 'You're got the tix already, why don't we go together?' Just to, y'know, use studs an' stuff. Yeah.
Oh, and her little revenge bit on Scott is sweet and satisfying even though Buffy never finds out about it. Can you imagine what she'd have done to Parker?

5) Amends: She brought presents! Faith wasn't gonna show but she swallowed her pride and was standing there on the porch with presents, which is so thoughtful. And she put on her most respectable 'good girl' outfit to impress Buffy's Mom. Aw.
Vulnerable-Faith is what gives her character so much depth and are what these little moments so wonderful. And she took care of Joyce. And Buffy had a present for Faith as well. What were they? Well that's why we have fan-fic. :D

6) Synchronized slaying: When has Buffy ever warmed up to a non-Scoobie this quickly? Never I say, it takes a good most-of-a-season or longer, not 4 episodes. The slayer-merge is in (almost) full effect. Here Buffy is comfortable with Faith in a way distinct from anyone else. They're such great slay-pals. Until evil Mrs. Post ruins it. And Xander. Screw you Xander.

7) 'Did I just hear a threat?' 'Would you like to?': Okay, this might need a bit of explanation but I tend to judge 'ship-viability' at least partially on how the two characters first meet and interact. It fundamentally represents something significant about their relationship going forward.
Bangel- New girl in town meets a shadow-y, mysterious 'gorgeous in an annoying sort of way' guy who is a lot more than meets the eye (that rhymed!); she can't stand him initially but there's attraction and then they bond a bit over being 'other'; isolated fro the world with a lack of pals, etc.
Briley- A sit-com-y meet-cute as she drops books on her head. He's oblivious to her charms before then slowly coming to see something appealing in this supposedly ordinary college girl. It's slow and normal and natural-ish. At least for Buffy.
Spuffy- Sexual tension, violence, alluded to sexual violence.

...Fuffy: Faith gets under Buffy's skin right from the start. Though its clear that Faith wants to be Buffy's buddy. 'Is it true you used a rocket launcher one time?' She's clearly interested and wants to bond over slayer-stories. Then they interact further and snark and jealousy and (sexual) tension from the start that is very different from the dynamic Buffy had with Kendra, so we know it isn't just a slayer thing.
And then Buffy discovers that, just like her, Faith has hidden trauma and issue stemming from a vampire in her past. They're so similar!!
So Buffy helps Faith confront this literal demon and she slays him. This in turn allows Buffy to open up about her own secret and lay to rest her own pain, at least for an episode!
So the two of them are often at odds but there's a deliberate mirroring of them from this episode through most of S3 and somewhat in S7.

8) Faith's conversation with The First/Mayor in 'Touched': He instinctively knows where to hurt Faith. So he references Buffy almost exclusively, Faith's feelings for her, that need for acceptance and belonging, the knife in the gut. How Buffy will always see Faith as a killer and how she should watch out for her. Faith's reaction? As she tells Wood 'I just wish she were here.'
She really still cares about her!

9) The roof-top scene in Sanctuary: Why? Because its powerful and dramatic and important. It's important because Faith had wronged Buffy in a way nobody had previously and she NEEDED and DESERVED a confrontation. She needed her anger to be heard. And she needed to see Faith's contrition and anguish even if she wasn't in a place to accept it, yet. This scene, for me, is the reason why this episode works in regards to the Angel/Faith/Buffy dynamic.
As far as I'm concerned Buffy had every right to add to Faith's guilt, it was cathartic for her and I'm glad it happened because 1) Faith's pained speech to Buffy about being the self-loathing/hating bad guy instead of the victim almost perfectly foreshadows Buffy's S6 journey and
2) Buffy demands that Faith goes to jail. And she does. And she never throws that in Buffy's face as a way of mitigating any lingering feelings or resentment later on.
'Just tell me how to make it better.'

10) 'You're protecting vampires? Are you the bad slayer now? Am I the good slayer now?' Buffy's reaction to Faith's return in 'Dirty Girls' was pretty harsh all things considered, but Faith takes it mostly with good humor and we get some great/funny interactions as a result.
In fact this episode is full of Faith just whole-heartedly supporting Buffy, in regards to the vineyard attack 'drop me in the hornet's nest, what the hell', actually asking Buffy if she even wants her around and undercutting Xander's magnificent yay-Buffy speech with a bit of self-depreciating humor.
'I didn't know you were that cool'.
'You always were a little slow'.
'I get that now.'


There are others, many others. Post S7 they are my OTP.


"Why can't I stay"
Staff member
Jul 31, 2018
1 The dream in Graduation, so adorable!!!!
2 Their hot dance in Bad Girls
3 Their little discussion in the docks in Consequence
4 Faith defense of Buffy against Scott in Homecoming
5 Give us a kiss & fight
6 Faith & Buffy little sweet moment checking out the vineyard, Bringers & mentioning Angel.
7 Faith & Buffy discussing about Faith 's past dates and her cynism.
8 The dream about Dawn in This year's girl.
9 Faith & Buffy 's little moment in Sanctuary in the rooftop.
10 Faith & Buffy last moment in Empty Places.

HM: "I hate it when they drown me" Buffy & Faith fighting side by side in Bad Girls .

Willow Tara

Grr Argh - aka WhedonverseFan
Jun 3, 2018
Sunnydale (Germany)
Basicaly.....all of the above :D

I'm not a gif person either but one I would add is Faith's very first scene where she borrows a stake off of Buffy to dust the Vamp......Just watch how she hands it back...suggestive or what!!!!
Yes love how she does that in season 7 again, reminding of when they first met.


Apr 8, 2017
The fact that practically every Buffy/Faith moment is in this thread really says something 😂

One I particularly appreciate:

1. Faith going after Buffy in ‘Empty Places’ it really demonstrates that Faith cares about Buffy and is eager to reform herself. Especially since 3 minutes earlier Buffy was ripping Faith apart infront of the potentials.


Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain
Apr 12, 2019
Two scenes from Dirty Girls:

Buffy punching Faith in the cemetery:

BUFFY. Sorry, Faith. I didn't realize that was you.
FAITH. It's all right, B. Luckily, you still punch like you used to.

Buffy being jealous in her basement:

BUFFY. Well, it's nice to see you two getting along so well.
FAITH. Yeah. Uh, you just know all the cool vampires. (CLEARLY understanding the tension)
BUFFY. Yeah.
SPIKE. Hey, aren't you usually at work 'bout now?
BUFFY. I kind of decided to cut back on my hours. Figured I'd be better off focusing on what's going on around here.

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
I love the fight scenes between them, so much chemistry :D

I like any scene of theirs that isn't them dancing together at The Bronze, the strobe lights in that scene are very intense and make me sick.
The fact that practically every Buffy/Faith moment is in this thread really says something 😂
Out of the 26 episodes Faith was in, Buffy appeared in 21 of them, not much time for moments...
There really wasn't but they made them count :)


Apr 2, 2020
One moment I really love is in Enemies when Faith has gone over to the Mayor but when Buffy and Faith pin the ascension books demon to the wall they both pull out their stakes at the same time. I think it shows even when they’re technically on opposite sides (though Buffy doesn’t know it yet) they’re still very much in sync with each other

Also I know it’s After one of Faith’s worst crimes but after Riley says ‘i love you’ And she jumps out of bed and says ‘what do you want from her?’ Faith thinks all men are just there to screw you over and I like to think she’s feeling protective of Buffy in this moment - albeit what she did was incredibly twisted

Another is in End of Days when Buffy’s getting medical supplies together and she’s clearly barely listening to what the potentials are saying but when they start blaming Faith she whips around and defends her instantly. I love it, I feel like Buffy has a kind of ‘I can call her but you can’t’ attitude at times 😂

This Years Girl - does Faith rant to Joyce about Buffy killing the mayor or trying to kill her? No she rants about Buffy getting a new boyfriend and forgetting about her

sanctuary -‘there’s only one person who ever tried to be my friend’ and ‘just tell me how to make it better’

touched - The Firsts telling me to be careful and I just wish she was here

Faith. hope and Trick - ‘don’t die’

amends - when faith admits there was no party. Faith is just as defensive as Buffy but she really lets her guard down, it’s huge for her to drop her pride especially to Buffy
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