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Fic Challenges

Discussion in 'Introduction To The Watcher Diaries' started by sosa lola, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. sosa lola

    sosa lola Scooby

    Nov 26, 2007
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    You can post a fic challenge here and maybe one of the forums' fanfic writers would be inspired to write it. :) Let me start:

    Fanfic Challenge:

    Walk A Mile in My Shoes (or any title of your choice)
    Season: 4
    Characters: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Spike

    A four-way body swap that happens in S4:

    1. Buffy ends up in Xander's body
    2. Xander ends up in Spike's body
    3. Spike ends up in Willow's body
    4. Willow ends up in Buffy's body

    The characters must learn hard truths about each other and grow closer and as persons as a result.

    • Buffy: Gets to have the normal life she always wanted except now she has to face the harsh reality of the real world. She has to deal with Xander's abusive parents fighting all the time, verbally abusing her, demanding rent, has to pay for the food, using the bathroom and the washing machine. She has to hunt for a job and deal with college jerks making fun of her for being a townie.
    • Xander: He's a vampire now, to his horror. He has to get used to having a dead heart, doesn't have to breathe, inability to get out in the day and can't see his reflection. He has to deal with the pains of having a chip in his head, so he can't protect himself from the drunken humans he encounters out in the street. He has to deal with the demon world hating his guts. He also tries to get a job in a bar - being Xander he won't resort to scaring humans for money.
    • Spike: He's got to get used to being human again, breathing, going out in the sun, and having a female body. He's physically weaker than he used to be but has lots of power within, albeit no experience in using it. He has to get used to the college life and be academically officiant.
    • Willow: She's the slayer now, the big shot, the leader; not a sidekick anymore. She's got to deal with having the weight of the world on her shoulders, learn how to fight, learn how to control her overwhelming strength, and deal with all the threats the slayer faces of a daily bases.

    Helping notes: (Wanna use them or not, up to up to you)

    • Spike and Buffy bonding over being stuck in the bodies of the opposite sex.
    • Willow being impressed with Spike's intelligence in class.
    • Buffy asking Xander to move in into the basement instead of staying in Spike's crypt.
    • Whether the four would tell Giles, Anya, Tara and Riley about the switch or keep it a secret between them.
    • Buffy and Xander working at the same place.
    • How the switch happened and how to reverse it.

    Can't have:
    • Character bashing. Not even Riley.
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  2. sosa lola

    sosa lola Scooby

    Nov 26, 2007
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    Fic Challenge 2:

    Entropy, the Magic Box, Anya is trying to convince Spike to make a wish against Xander. Spike ends up wishing to live in a world where Xander Harris doesn't exist.

    Spike ends up in the Wish Verse where the Master rules the world with Willow as his right hand vampire. He finds the White Hats accidentally: Giles, their leader, Oz, Larry and Amy, his troop. The Slayer, Faith, is shaken up and unable to fight because Glory used her sister to open the portal to hell.

    Spike asks about Buffy. Giles informs him that she drowned in the Master's lair a long time ago.

    Spike tells Giles about the wish, Anya and vengeance demons. Spike and the White Hats work on finding Anya to reverse the wish. Seeing as the Slayer isn't in a good shape to lead, Spike takes it upon himself to lead - it's his fault after all - and along the way he'll understand the burden of being the leader/Slayer and will grow to appreciate Buffy more.

    Puppy Angel will be there, Spike will rescue him. Angel is filled with guilt because he did nothing to save Buffy - without Xander to push him out of his apartment and do something about it.
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  3. Puppet

    Puppet My ass is not pansy!

    Aug 1, 2017
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    Black Thorn
    Ooh, great idea @sosa lola but I have so many, how to choose, how to choose!


    Despite having only known her for a short while, Merrick feels a connection with the somewhat vapid cheerleader and wants to make life - and slaying - easier for her. How was he supposed to know that it would go so wrong, especially since he was a little too dead to do anything about it?

    He casts a spell and it packs such a punch that it lasts for quite a while longer than it was supposed to.

    When the sun is up, Buffy Summers has no idea that she's the Slayer. She doesn't know that Demons and Vampires are real or that the librarian working in her new school is actually there for her. As soon as the moon takes the sun's place in the sky, though, everything comes back, just in time for patrol.

    This Buffy is not in trouble with her mother, her school or the police. Come up with why yourself, if it's important to you. After all, Buffy is just a regular teenage girl, like everyone else.

    How does this change impact...everything? Her relationship with Giles when he's nothing to her in the daytime hours? What about Angel, despite only seeing him after dark falls? What about when Spike shows up in S2?

    And just how different is this more serious nighttime Slayer? How not serious is the bubbly daytime Buffy? And how will the two manage to melt together to make her a stronger Slayer in the end?
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    Authors Choice #1

    Someone - Buffy, Xander, Dawn, whoever - goes back in time. You can pick who, as long as it's human and a good guy, and you can also pick how far they go back. Their intention is to change things for the better, but there was one thing they hadn't counted on.

    Being turned into a soulless vampire not long after arriving in the past.

    So now they have all of this knowledge of the future and no intention of making life better for the pathetic humans they used to call friends. Imagine the kind of havoc that a turned time traveler could wreak?
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 5, 2017 ---
    The Slayer Key

    What if Faith was the Key?

    Take it wherever you want from there. Did she even exist in S3 and 4 or was that fake memories? Or did the monks just put the Key inside an already existing person? Perhaps being the Slayer made her strong enough to hold the energy? How is/was she brought back into the gang? Did she ever wake from her coma? Did she go to prison in LA? How does Buffy find out about what Faith is?
    sosa lola: What an original idea! I love it!
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