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From The Great British Empire Circa 5886 BC


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
This is disclaimer is that I don’t own any of the names used in this story from the programs Angel or Buffy The Vampire Slayer series’ series’s -es-eses, they are used with the permission gratefully granted by Joss Whedon (God) for all not for profit fan-fiction.

From The Great British Empire Circa 5886 BC
(Introducing Sar-Umen the Vampire Slayer noted dates to June 21st 5886 BC and Helena the Vampire Slayer June 13th to June 21st 2018)

Part 1

Alison put her pen and journal next to her coffee and the street map that she had already placed on the breakfast table. Finishing her coffee she walked from her house carrying both her suitcases containing her possessions for the long week-end at the house.

She had planned the route so she would take to pick up Sharon then Myra and finally Bethany. Collecting Bethany last left them a short distance from the motorway intersection. Alison hoped she would like the house and the gardens.

David had said he wanted his ashes poured into the lake from the jetty. The urn with his ashes in were in the case that was designed for her cameras zoom lens. Alison placed the case with her suitcases then made her way to the driver’s door, straightened her ankle length dress and off the shoulder top that David had always liked her to wear.

Alison slid onto the driver’s seat, started the car and headed for the shop where she worked and parked her car in the parking area at the back of the shop. She walked onto the shop floor of the fashion house via the back door, as soon as she entered the counter she saw Siobhan who was next in seniority to her, she handed the shops and the shop’s safes keys.

After that was done she felt out of sorts, she looked at the shop door as an elderly woman walked into the shop, as all the girls were busy Alison went to assist the woman, “Good morning, how can I help you?” asked Alison.

The woman replied that she wanted a couple of dresses like Alison was wearing, Alison goes to a rack turned to face the woman and was about to ask her what colour when she guessed the woman would prefer a deep shade of blue or purple.

Alison felt good in herself as the woman accepted her choice of dresses. After being served the woman left the shop and Alison gave her farewells to the others in the shop and said she’d be back towards the end of the following week.

Alison went to her car then headed for Sharon’s workplace. It was only a thirty minute drive until Alison was at the front of the building where Sharon worked, it was an office block of an International Publishing House.

Parking the car near the front of the publishing house she goes to the main office building. Going to the first floor, to a door marked Proofreader for Fiction and Non–Fiction Books. Alison opened the door handle then walked into the office, going to the desk where Sharon was sat.

Alison went behind Sharon, looked over her shoulder and asked her what sort of book she was reading. Sharon looked up from the book put a bookmark at the page she was reading. “Hello Alison, sorry I didn’t see you,” she held the book for Alison to read the title.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, “It appears to be quite a good read,” said Sharon.
She put the book in the bottom draw of her desk. “Just give me a minute or so, I’ll be ready to go.” When she was ready with Alison they went down to the lower floor, Sharon opens the janitor’s closet and took out her bags which she carried to the car.

She drove away and followed the roads across the edge of town to the Abbotts Football Club. Coming to a stop in the short term parking area they meet Myra at the front of the building. She was the fitness trainer for the Football team, excruciatingly fit and very nice to look at.

She put her suitcases in the boot then got onto the rear seat in the car. They drove into the
nearby industrial estate where Alison parked the car alongside the main warehouse goods inward door. She went to the lower office, she saw Bethany waiting for her at the front of the office.

Bethany beckoned Alison she said she had put her bags in the receptionist’s office. Alison wondered what was in Bethany’s handbag then asked her, Bethany took out the DVD’s she had chosen to watch on the journey then she wandered beside Alison to her car.

It was almost midday by the time they left the outskirts of the city. Once they had left the city the flow of the traffic began to get easier to cross the country. On the back seat Bethany asked Myra what sort of film she’d like to see and showed her what the choice was.

Myra looked at what was on offer and said she’d like a couple of easy going vampire films she really didn’t want to see any vampire that sparkled in the sunlight, that and she hated to hear the Fleur De Lys. Myra picked the one with the guy from Korn doing the soundtrack.

They relaxed and watched the film managing to ignore the countryside as it passed either side of the car. Eventually though Alison announced where they were and opened the driver’s window she t6old them to inhale the lovely salty air.

As they neared Kingsbridge Alison steered the car to the east a bit and took the road to Salcombe through the edge of the forest. They entered the driveway to the house eventually after crossing a small bridge, along the drive they found themselves facing a big wooden gate.

Alison stopped the car and looked at the gate, she turned to Sharon and asked her to open the gate, not getting a positive reply she asked Myra and Bethany. Bethany opened her car door then wandered to the gate, opening it she held the gate open as Alison drove the car passed.

When the car had gone passed Bethany began to push the gate closed but much to her surprise the gate closed itself. She got back into the car without muttering another word, Alison drove along the track until they parked alongside the farmhouse.

She saw that the house had recently been cleaned, she saw two young women near a pressure washer, they introduced themselves as Willow and Buffy. They had hired a car to get there and although they had only used the car for three weeks it had already had two punctures.

The car had been fixed and cleaned, the stonework on the house had also been cleaned. Alison looked at them while Sharon, Myra and Bethany went down the path to the front door, Myra stopped to hold the brass Cows-bell that was chained to a spike by the door, she rang it and was pleasantly surprised by how lovely the sound was.

Alison walked to behind them. “How do we get in?” asked Bethany. Myra goes to the door and with Bethany they shoulder charge the door, it does not budge. Alison stood in front of the door a light above the door turns on, and the door opens.

Sharon looked to Myra and asked her if she was any good at spelling and if anyone could spell spooky? Alison remembered what David had said to her, that the door would only open for those it recognised or new members of the family, Alison hadn’t believed him though now she was having doubts.

Sharon asked if anyone could tell her how to spell the word weird. She faced away from the house to looked at the lake. Bethany stood at the bottom of the steps to the house. “Odd isn’t it, if you look at the level of the lakes water?”

Alison asked what Bethany told her that the height of the lake was only a few inches below the level of the grass at the shore but by the steps the grass wasn’t even soggy. Sharon was putting her bags in the spare back room, as well as Alison’s, Bethany’s and Myra’s bags as well.

Sharon studied the diagrams on the wooden beams under the veranda. She had the others look at the diagrams on the beam of wood under the veranda. Sharon said the diagrams were of diagrams of what looked like tables.

The group looked to see the BBQ bench seats on the lawn, when they reached them Myra faced away from the trap door towards the house. Bethany asked them if any of them knew about the house being haunted.

Alison asked her why she’d ask that Bethany directed them to look at the window in the attic. Alison said that David hadn’t mention about any. Bethany pointed at the attic window and asked who the woman was, they all looked at the woman’s face at the window.

Alison took great interest in the face, she knew she recognized who it was but the details of who she was escaped her. She then looked into the space beside her, she then said the face reminded her as someone she had seen that morning.

To Be Continued
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Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
From The Great British Empire Circa 5886 BC

Part 2

Alison looked about the area for them, but not seeing them she started to consider that Willow and Buffy had left the area. While in contemplation of them Alison suddenly remembered the woman she had served in the shop, because Willow and the woman looked quite similar.

Then Alison wondered if she could be that woman, then she questioned herself how she could have reached where she was. “I met her recently, if I’m right that would mean she isn’t a ghost as I sold her a few dresses in the shop this morning. I’ve no idea how she is here though.”

The woman waved to Alison then vanished.

Sharon suggested that they make themselves an early meal, to warm the house with a fire and begin to look about. Alison agreed and moved the two bags of wood into the front room. She turned on the television removed the fireguard and sat about cleaning the dust from the grate.

She felt behind her for the bag that contained grabbing a handful she spread it over the grate the, reached for the kindling she felt it in her hand. Then she placed some thicker branches onto the fire. Struck a match, held it under the straw then in a few minutes the fire had started to burn.

Then the branches and the logs began to sprout flames. Alison sat back and watched as the fire burned, adding a few more logs to make it continue. Eventually the meal was brought in and Alison poured the red wine, they wondered what was in the house or in its grounds.

After the meal Bethany asked Alison how she had made the fire and where the wine had come from. Alison asked herself where she had found the straw and kindling for the fire, she was perplexed where the wine had come from.

“I’m not too sure how I could make the fire, when I started to make the fire there wasn’t a bag of kindling or any bags of straw. “So where did you get them from?” asked Bethany. Alison wondered who put them in her hand?

Bethany faces about the room, she was sure she could hear a person behind her, though she knew no one was there. The rest of the group came into the room with the meal. Bethany goes into the kitchen to get a bottle of wine and hands each of them an empty glass.

Alison asked Sharon who put the wine out for them, to let it get to room temperature and put the glasses out for them. Sharon pondered her reply but couldn’t understand who had put the wine out she didn’t know who knew they were there.

Sharon was all for going into the attic to have a séance to contact David, one of the questions she would ask was who put out the wine. Myra suggested they go into the basement she didn’t like the notion of doing a séance or using the Ouija Board.

Bethany was in favour of going down to the basement. When in the basement they found several books, the first that Alison opened was about the history of the house it stated a passage going to trap door in the garden. Curious about where that passage would take them they ventured forth.

Going up to see if they were where they had seen the garden furniture they look at the house then turn to look at the lake. Going across the lawn Sharon opened the trap door to go down the steps and join her friends, they walked along the passage floor. The torches lit up all along the passage.

After walking many paces Myra told them all to stop, she enquired with more than a hint of curiousity, “Just a minute, here we are walking on the what is dry ground, yet we must be several feet below the surface of the lake.” Sharon agreed, she said the passage feels more like dry soil.

Yet when I touch the walls, the base or the ceiling the passage itself feels dry just a minute, they feel like.. .. this isn’t soil it is Limestone. If it isn’t the soil by the lake, where is the stone from, or should I ask where is this passage. They keep walking along the passage

Alison tells them all to take note of the air, that it is a little warmer. They keep walking on the passage floor, but Bethany soon tells them to stop where they are as the flames in the torches around the walls of the room are lit by hands unseen.

“Shine your torches ahead of us.” There is a room that is lit up by their torch lights, a table and bench seats appear in front of them. As they reach there they sit down, Sharon shone her torchlight on the walls around them and at the markings carved into the wall.

“How could they be here? The book I’m proofreading is about the early Egyptian hieroglyphics, that is what they are.” Sharon stands then goes to look at the carvings on the stone. “The marks
are they Egyptian?” Sharon looked back along the passage.

“I have no idea why we are here?” Myra asked if they were still near the house? “I mean here we are in a room that should be full of water from the lake. Yet the air feels hotter than it ought to be?” Sharon told them that the hieroglyphics were not Egyptian, that there were some figures not on the Rosetta Stone. “Oh look!” she exclaimed. She pointed at the doorway.

Myra stared at the woman, Alison stared at her as well though her reason for staring was very different. A woman stood at the exit of the room. “I’m sure I know you,” said Alison. The woman smiled to her. “Hello Alison David said you and your friends would be here.”

“Didn’t I see you in the store buying some clothes and at the house I saw you in the attics window. Who are you and why are you here?” “David said I would like you and he gave his word that Willow would be needed, as would her friend Buffy, I think he might be right.

Alison glanced at her she asked why she talked about David as if he were there, Alison looked at the smile on the woman’s face and asked that if he was how could it be so? The woman faced Alison

“Alison, you do not know where you are, you couldn’t, nobody in your world knows where we are yet.” Confused Alison asked the woman, “What do you mean not yet.” The woman spoke to Alison, “The hieroglyphics you saw are not from Egypt, they are from us. We caused Egypt to become famous after our lands were destroyed be a series of storms.”

“If there is no evidence that is your writing and not the Egyptians, what land did you used to live on?” asked Bethany. The woman smiled and said her land no longer existed it was destroyed in the year five thousand eight hundred and eighty six by a series of circular storms

Our land once occupied the lands between the eastern side of Salcombe Harbour to Durlston Head near Bournemouth and down to the island of Alderney and across to Balfleur.” Bethany
was confused as that meant her lands blocked the waters that flowed through where what she knew as the channel?

“The English or French channel depending in which country you lived.” The woman said that there used to be a canal that allowed the shipping to cross to and from the Atlantic Ocean to the ports of north eastern Britain and of Rotterdam.

Sharon said that the circular storms she could understand though she had never heard of any land that was where the woman spoke of. “So please tell me who you are and what the land was known as?” asked Sharon.

The circular storms are what you might call hurricanes or cyclones though neither would be correct as the storm were created by our research facility, that one storm set a group of storms to head towards us, those storms destroyed us.”

Bethany asked who the woman is and what her land was known as. The woman led them from that room out the way she came in. They walked to the foreshore. “Alison, you will come to accept me as David’s great and umpteen times great grandmother. Though how many greats no one knows, so you ought to know me by my title, I am the GodQueen Mar-rina of Atlantis.

And yes that is where you are standing you are on Atlantis. Mar-rina led them to a box shaped building at the foot of the pyramid, they walked in. Alison couldn’t believe her eyes, tears welled in them then rolled down her cheeks as David gently hugged her.

“How, why did you let me believe you were dead?” asked Alison. David hung his head not out of shame though it wasn’t something he was proud of. He told Alison he had to say that to her that he was in her time to make sure all was well with certain people.

He had gone to find out about a young woman, Christina. He had been sent to discover how some criminals were operating and the link to her having gone missing. During the time that David said he was there he met Alison and a relationship had begun to be, as there was no precedent he was allowed to stay with her. Bethany looked to David.

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
From The Great British Empire Circa 5886 BC

Part 3

“So now that we have met will you allow us to be with you?” asked Bethany. David already knew the answer, he told Alison that the room you saw me in is where the coven meets, we will leave here and go into your time to correct what was.

Sharon heard what he said though she chose to ask questions on another subject. She wanted to know about what would cause her and her friends to be there. David replied that when he had seen how many people were hurt by those on the internet, he saw man’s inhumanity to man.

David told her he wanted to put the situation right. Bethany faced him, she wondered how he could track down aggressors, as the reason why so many people did wrong on the internet was that they left no trail for which they could be followed on?

Mar-rina smiled, “The witches here are all powerful, they have had thousands of years to perfect and tune their craft.” David told Bethany that amongst the witches there were even a few Sirens in the coven. “Why should we be surprised by that,” said Bethany.

David said that many eons ago when mermaids roamed the seas he had been known as the Godking Aqueion, that was when he was the father of all who were mermaids. Sirens were the same as mermaids though they hated sailors and lived on the rocks when mankind began to be

build their ships of metal rather than wood it was often that metal ship could escape from the rocks so the mermaids that had begun to be Sirens sought a further refuge and a food source that was away from the water, it was on the land of the planet.

After a few decades every mermaid had begun to be a Siren and had moved to be a witch on the land. To those who knew the difference it began to be of little concern who was mermaid or Siren as all would become a witch. They had begun to seek the sanctity that was offered to them on the land.

Since that time though the Godking Aqueion and Queen Tanara were once father and mother to the mermaids they would never referred to as that again they were to become known as David and Tanara.

David gently held Alison’s hand and led her into the room at the head of the pyramid. They waited there until they were joined by Tanara and Sar-Umen. They waited for the room to lose its glow then they wandered along the passage from Atlantis the trap door in the garden then over the lawn into the stone house.

David had said that the witches would remain where they were until needed, he said they would stay with them, until they had finished. At first David had promised that only those witches who were needed asked be allowed to cross over, now though all would be needed.

David asked Alison, Bethany, Myra and Sharon if they would want to know what powers the witches of Atlantis held and what those powers were. Gone had their control of the movement of the water now they had gained control over all that was on the land.

Not all of them though were witches two of them were from a time when the Vampire Slayer was born they knew of where vampires, werewolves even those known as Zombies came from.
They were all once human, Buffy went to be stood next to David she wanted to know about them.

David said about Sar-Umen, she who was rescued from her tribe. It was Dar agon’s tribe who had rescued her, they kept her safe from the initial tribe for her knowledge of how to make fire and how to cook with fire.

Dar’s tribe had been attacked by the other tribes in the valley. Dar had begun to teach elements of the tribe increased battle techniques, but Sar-Umen who had vast knowledge of how to train the mind of seeing how well she was treated by Dar’s tribe that she helped them.

Dar was willing to listen to her, after seeing what the benefits were, he even her to teach some of the older members of the tribe. She had them concentrate on moving a circular sphere on a smooth surface without touching it.

When they had done enough times they began to have the ability to control the movement of items and they began to see clearly in the dark. Dar saw the benefit of her ways and welcomed her to teach others of his tribe.

After nearly a year Dar lead an attack against another tribe one that was far enough away to think they were safe. During the dark Dar had the tribe run as fast as they could to that cave, when his tribe surrounded them they blocked any paths of escape or exit from the cave.

Seeing his plan of attack was right he had his tribe go back to their cave, he announced it was a practice for another attack to steal all of another tribes wood. Dar’s tribe did the same to all the other tribes soon the valley was theirs to control.

Dar began to build a large hut for them all to live in it was perched high on a ridge so no tribe could attack them the river had a dam created to provide them with water and with food when necessary, they began to grow food for trading purposes.

When the last tribe had left the valley it became safe for Dar’s tribe to cultivate other creature’s in the spare caves. Any hunting they did was done outside of the valley that way Dar could plan for the creatures to remain in the valley.

Dar’s tribe with help from Sar-Umen had become ruler of all animal life in the valley, after many centuries they took to trading with Atlantis and became firm friends with the people from Atlantis. Buffy was confused the watchers had told her one thing now she had virtual proof that vampires were of their creation.

She had once wondered how Sar-Umen could have been considered to be a Vampire Slayer when she had been the captive of a tribe who bore the traits of vampires, though it was her who helped the tribe to become vampires.

It had never occurred to Buffy that it was a group of humans that had evolved to be vampires and that they were that way because of the attacks on Dar’s tribe by other human tribes. Nor had Buffy realised that the Watchers were from the other tribes.

When Buffy was told by David that Helena the current vampire slayer, wanted to meet her Buffy felt guilty and was embarrassed with the thought of having to tell a new girl that the Watchers were wrong and may have deliberately told them lies about vampires. Buffy wondered if the modern vampire would know the truth or they need to be told the truth?

Sharon and Bethany had sat on the veranda with David, they asked David why the witches beyond the pyramid had appeared to be packing. David had replied that he thought they knew that his witches were readying themselves to be asked to the house.

David said that a young witch had been abducted, that she was known as a descendant of a friend. David said that if they were needed they should all be present. Buffy said of Willow, of how much she would want to meet each of them.

Godqueen Marina was adamant there would not be many who didn’t want to see Dar as their leader, Godqueen Marina was happy that they would not use magic for any reason other than their own benefit and that it was a benefit that would not harm any others.

Myra indicated the trap door by the BBQ setting had just been opened, she watched the figure coming towards them announcing, “It is the Godqueen Marina herself and the two figures behind her are Buffy and Willow”. “I didn’t expect them,” said Myra.

When Godqueen Marina stood on the veranda, “I’m not surprised they were on the coast looking at where Atlantis, they did disagree if it was the east or the west of Salcombe Harbour. I was very diplomatic about the situation and ignored them both.”

“So who is this?” asked Bethany as another woman rose up from the trap door by the BBQ setting. The woman wandered toward them, she carried a small suitcase with her, she stepped up onto the veranda. David motioned Willow to take notice he said, “This is the witch Deblorah she has the ability of speaking to the dead.”

Two more appeared from the trap door and wandered to the veranda, they stepped up the stairs and waited. “These two are sisters Jessica and Andrea, both are healers who are said to have green fingers, together they can heal a person who has only been dead eight hours.

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
From The Great British Empire Circa 5886 BC

Part 4

Marina invited two women onto the veranda, “These two coming onto the veranda are identical twins, they were once Sirens who can still control the flow of all waters even cause tidal waves. They are the people to be stood next to should the tidal wave break.

Marina faced the trap door by the garden setting, she said the next to appear would be Elesbere. Sharon and Bethany watched the trap door as another woman rose up out of the underground passage. “That is Elsbere she has the ability of flight,” said Godqueen Marina.

David grinned as Suelyn wandered towards them, “This young lady has the ability to make other any people or any object rise from the ground and be either stationery or to be in flight. He smiles as Angelard rose from the passage and floated towards them,

Suelyn can make any person animal or fish rise, “This young lady is a step up the evolutionary ladder than Elsbere. Her best friend is Justine who has the power to control anyone’s mind, Monica can healer most facets of the mind, Einsworth control’s the winds affecting the weather.

David asked Buffy to step forward as he introduced Sar-Umen to her, Buffy was perplexed and asked David why he had done that. David smiled as he knew how important Buffy would see her “Sar-Umen was the vampire slayer in the final days of Atlantis.”

“And if you wait the present one will be here,” said David. As he thought Buffy was glad that she would get to meet Sar-Umen and Helena, the current Vampire Slayer.

After asking David if she had been told about Dar’s tribe and about the tribe not being told to tell her about the knowledge of vampires. Willow faced Buffy then asked why they were all there she asked if what they had to do was so important.

David began to nod his head he said that originally he had thought the task at hand wasn’t so problematic but how it grew to include greater problems. What was so worrisome was that many messages had been sent on the internet messages that humans couldn’t trace.

It was the witches and of their various powers that were needed to find where the answers lay. Willow asked if it was in any way possible for message on the world wide web to be followed.
David smiled, he said what had seemed impossible by the humans wasn’t to them.

A trail could be followed through water by utilizing the correct powers of the correct witches and that was what they managed to do. All that was needed was when various members of the coven were called they could easily follow the trail.

David said all they needed to do was gather in their powers from the earth, when they did David had them direct their powers to what was needed and all was done.

Elisabeth was first to speak, much to everyone’s surprise. “Behind the wall,” she announced then pointed at the unbroken rock and mortar. Monica ran her hand on the mortar between the rocks, they slowly gave way and that section of the wall started to open.

David looked into the section of wall, he told the coven they had to look for men who sold drugs illegally for a living. He chose certain witches to help him follow the trail, first was Marissa and Clarissa as they could follow the trails of fish through the water.

David hoped they could teach the method of tracking along unseen and unknown trails for Monica and Einsworth to combine their knowledge to trace the links of computers for minute moments of time.

David wanted them to test their abilities he had them seek those who took Christina how and why. Initially the Godqueen Mar-rina and David investigated the disappearance of Christina and found out she had been taken from her car on her way home from work.

Angelard asked animals and birds that lived nearby to where she was abducted, thanks to them she was directed in the direction of where Christina was taken with Suelyn they traced where they went. Even when the trail went cold and seemed to end Deblorah helped plug the gaps.

Back at the house Willow nudged Buffy and pointed to two girls who were sitting on the barbeque setting by the trap door. Knowing there was only one way to see who they were they went to meet them.

At the table they introduced themselves as Helena and Sar-Umen, Helena said that Sar-Umen had told her about who they were though she did have two questions for Buffy. “Given that vampires were not demonic what were they meant to do?”

“What was your other question?” asked Willow. Helena said she wanted to know where the watchers came from. “I can tell you that,” said Sar-Umen, “I knew the first watchers though I wouldn’t say they were friends

the watchers were three men who kept to themselves, they didn’t interact with the rest of the tribe, they didn’t develop any of the capabilities the rest of us did but they developed the psychic powers of the mind, like a wizard would.

Then they joined another tribe and told false tales, they created a vampire slayer to track the tribe then they tricked the slayer to be locked in a house with an evil vampire. Buffy remembered when they did that to her. “I never forgave them doing that to you,” said Willow

“That does explain their attitude though, knowing that the first of them were against vampires, and us,” said Buffy. Helena wanted to help the witches from Atlantis find who they wanted to, “Until we find where or who to look for we should keep the mother safe.”

Willow smiled and agreed Buffy looked to Sar-Umen and began to smile. “What is it Buffy, why are you smiling like?” “You can thank Sar-Umen for that, as she just said to me, you are the only one here with a car,” stated Buffy.

Buffy came to realize the benefit of them being together, She Willow and Helena could be taught the ways and abilities of the vampire by she who taught the initial vampires how to be. She also considered how the reception would be back home.

For several days they followed David and the various witches, when they kept to the same area Buffy had them be confronted by David, he told them they’d found where the abductors lived though no one was there. Helena offered their services so that David and the witches could rest.

David asked Mar-rina to have the mother inform the police that she had asked a supernatural being to seek the help of a coven of witches to find her daughter. As he guessed the abductors didn’t believe in witches and abducted several more people.

David had kept a watch for any messages from the abductors. At last a message was sent that David had waited for. It spoke of horses though it meant people; stallions or mares for males or females and how many hands high for the age of those abducted.

Mention of the type of transport needed referenced was the person’s height and any mention of the previous race positions was just to confuse people. It didn’t take long the messages to update each other. Not that they knew it the witches were able to have several of themselves in position.

David called for more women from Atlantis and the abductors were confronted by four women who laughed as none of them caused any sense of fear. Until all of the women revealed who they were, two of them were vampires and two were werewolves.

Yet rather than kill them they knew to trap the abductors in the corner of a room. Deblorah started to talk of she was abducted, she made the men think of the abducted, Monica stood by and read them minds of them, she passed the whereabouts of the woman

It was the knowledge of how the message was sent from one place to another was considered to be of paramount importance. Einsworth led a team of witches in gliders to silently attack the abductors whereabouts and notifying the police at the last moment.

Going back to the house the witches were witness to a young woman having her scooter taken from her, in the rear saddle box was a movie camera that she was taking to the documentary company people who she worked for. In her jacket pocket was her own cam-corder.

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
From The Great British Empire Circa 5886 BC

Part 5

Two young men on each on a trials type of motorcycle stopped beside her and pushed her off the scooter. She screamed not because she was hurt but she wanted others to see her. Myra’s scooter was driven away, luckily the lens from her cam-corder disguised as a button wasn’t damaged, she saw their faces.

At a zebra crossing ahead the young men had to stop. Myra was still recording the thieves when two people magically appeared beside the young men, one of the two touched the young man who had stolen her scooter; they disappeared.

The other young man drove away as fast as he could but he was plucked from his small motorcycle. Myra was taken aback by what she saw but went to the nearest police station to report the incident, the Duty officer listened to her then said he would get a detective to deal with her.

When the detective had heard her report of the incident asked her if she had been using drugs. Myra was upset by his attitude she asked the stations duty officer for another senior officer to hear her complaint.

When the superintendent was informed of the detective’s attitude he confronted her. Myra repeated what she had said then played the film of the event. The station superintendent watched the film but he was concerned about then not being able to press charges.

Another of the stations officers who had watched the recorded section was quite surprised by something else he saw on the screen. He had each of them there to look behind at the pavement at the corner.

They all watched where he said, a man appeared on the pavement, as the thief was making his getaway, the thief rode behind the man on his trials bike. They all clearly saw him, a woman appeared beside the thief and they vanished. The woman gave Myra woman her scooter back, Myra checked inside the rear box - the movie camera was still there.

Back at the house a meeting was taking place Mar-rina and Tanara were trying to decide how to best find the men who had captured the girl. They looked to each other blankly then Tanara had an idea of one of them.

She asked if anyone still had contact with Beh-ryl. David responded that he could contact her though it would not be by him, he knew of Beh-ryl’s secret. Mar-Rina stated that Beh-ryl was their only real hope.

David had passed on a message to contact Beh-ryl that they would need to have contact with Myra, he told Beh-ryl that Myra had always known of a person who was her mother though she had never met anyone who was she would have preferred.

Sharon asked David what Beh-ryl could do? David replied, he said that Beh-ryl was an old one that she was able to change her looks usually from a very old woman to a beautiful young woman. She is one of the oldest sirens and one with a lot of power.

“Beh-ryl had put a block on Myra being able to use magic, a block that only she could free her from or her death would free her. Myra was called to be with them when Beh-ryl appeared, as I said she is very powerful,” said David.

Being stood by the sink Beh-ryl cleaned Myra’s forehead. “Making sure her third eye could see clearly or that I can see clearly into her mind,” said Beh-ryl. Mar-rina told Beh-ryl that they had the need for someone who understood the world.

Beh-ryl had Myra stand upright with her back to the sink, as she turns on the kitchen light and held a circular glass ornament that featured a rainbow against Myra’s forehead, Beh-ryl looked into Myra’s mind then began to smile, she removed the glass from her forehead.

Beh-ryl put a small circular orb on the table and asked Myra what she could do with it. Myra grinned to it then told the orb to hover towards her. “Good,” said Beh-ryl, “as we are needed to find where to search for humans who have attacked a member of our kind.

Myra looked to Beh-ryl, she knew who she was but hadn’t seen her before, she had grown up with friends. She knew there was a dire reason for the meeting, for Beh-ryl to open her mind to the worlds that lay and waited for her. Myra faced Beh-ryl, “Mother?”

“The time has come, they have called for us to help, now it is up to us, we are to find those who would harm our friends, and find them we will,” stated Beh-ryl. Myra felt an energy within herself that she had never experienced before.

Myra led Beh-ryl to where her friends were. While there the new acquaintances of Buffy, Helena and Willow were waiting. A powerful telescope had been installed there, a telescope of unusual properties and power.

Not only did the telescope see into the furthest reaches of space but it could also be used to see into the elements of witches. Myra had activated it she could send a signal that would bounce to a magical plane set in the distant nether regions of the planet.

Beh-ryl stated that books of old that told of the past of creatures that bounced on the realms of magic, could bounce on her knowledge of all. The prime of the witches had changed through time though Willow was amongst its leaders.

Willow and her kind had been searching through the secrets of time for the energy stored in the few. Friends of the witch named Willow saw enemies in the realms that wandered amongst the realms Myra and Beh-ryl wanted to progress into.

The witches of Atlantis with Willow and the natural witches began to see an evil embodiment near them, Myra knew that she and Beh-ryl would be the ones to face the great evil together. They tensed their minds muscles then floored the evil as their minds sent forth waves of power.

Together they faced those who had presented the evil, together they grinned as their combined preferences obliterated the harsh examples of evils protuberances. Myra and Beh-ryl were aghast that the evil was so confident it had sent its best against them.

Sensing that they might face a win so soon after the start, Willow called on Buffy, Helena and Sar-Umen with all the witches of Atlantis to assist Myra and Beh-ryl in the fight against the retreating forces of evil, to gain the defeat of the evil.

Chasing the personified elements that fled along man made cities, towns and villages anything that would avoid all natural grounds. They used boundaries of salt, pillars of water and circular swipes of winds to force the languishing evil entities where they wanted them.

The witches and the slayers faced the evil and forced it to flee over fields, they caused it to flee on lands where the witches could cause the natural bounds of healing to excel and deplete the bodies that had protected the spirits of evil.

The gifts of the slayers good that had once prevailed on all evil, that evil that had once grown to fight the good faced an unwelcome return to its home. Sar-Umen happily went back to the land known as Atlantis.

David bade a fond farewell to Alison, Myra, Sharon and Bethany. He promised that they would be allowed to keep in touch with them, should they venture along the passage. About to leave the house Myra asked Buffy and Willow to keep a light glowing for her.

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