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From The Lips of Sin


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
My thanks to the holders of the copyrights who gave permission for me to write my not-for-profit fan fiction.
This fan fic will involve Willow and the coven at the college.

From The Lips of Sin part 1 Missing

Kate had decided to wear her dungarees over her trusty old jumper that morning, she swung her bag over her shoulder and began to wander to the end of the driveway. A car stopped beside her at the end of the drive. “Now that is what you call good timing,” said Kate’s friend Mikey. Kate went around the back of the car to get to the passengers door and got in the car. Mikey told her to put on the seat belt, waiting until she had before he started to go.

“The next stop will be the highway.” Mickey often glanced to Kate as he drove but he didn’t say anything. At the highway Kate got out of the car, they both notice a police car passed at speed where they were on the side of the highway. They waved to each other and Mikey called to Kate. “Say hello to your dad for me.” Back in his car Mikey watched Kate begins to walk along the side of the road, several cars went passed her before Mikey went home as several big dark clouds began to float over her.

She saw the storm clouds above her and ran into the trees to find cover from the rain. She cut down ten or twenty small saplings to make a cover to keep herself dry she looked up as the sun faded. Kate realized that the rain was on its way. She took her small gas bottle from the side pocket of her bag and put the cooking ring for a pan on the gas bottle Kate emptied a can of stew into the pan to heat it up.

She was able to eat it all before it began to rain. She cleaned her utensils before she made herself a cup-a-soup as it started to rain. Kate thought she’d better try to get a lift before she got wet, knocking a nail in the bark of a tree she balanced a mirror on it to comb her hair, she took off her wig to straighten her shoulder length Auburn hair then put her wig back on, about to put her hat on Kate heard a stick break behind her, looking in the mirror she saw nothing.

She looks either side of her, that was clear also. Kate asked herself what could’ve made the sound? She felt someone grab hold of her, then she felt a pain on her neck.
Not knowing where she was Kate wondered if she had been bitten by a feral cat or a feral dog, she realised that either way she would need a rabies shot. Kate felt the ground where she was, it seemed hard and cold.

She looked all around but all she could see was blackness, she looked to each way carefully before she saw a crack of light. Knowing it wasn’t daylight she looked at the light for a while longer before she realised it was from a light bulb. Kate faced then stepped in each direction her arms outstretched in front of her. Kate had no idea where she was, but the walls felt like concrete as did the floor. The room smelt dank and musty. She had no idea if she was near or far from her home only that she was in a cellar.


Kates mother Marian picked up the telephone. “Good morning wha.. .. Kate’s father interrupts her. “Kate told me to call you if she hadn’t got to my place yet,” said Gerald. “So?” asked Marian. “So she hasn’t got here yet.” “But Kate left here at yesterday morning with Mikey, I’ll ring him then the police,” said Marian. She put the phone receiver back on the phone then made the first few calls before she wondered who to ring.

She rang the police then Mikey, her school, her school friends. She tried to remember what the police had said to her. She remembered telling Mikey that Kate hadn’t got to her fathers and told him the police were on their way to see her. She couldn’t remember when though.


A policeman and a policewoman were collecting personal details about Kate, photograph’s of Kate and her father, and why Kate was visiting her father. Mikey drove into the driveway. Marian went to open the door for Mikey and ushered him to meet the policewoman. “So you were the last to see her,” she asked in an accusing manner. “I reckon so,” replied Mikey.

“So where is she now and is there any reason why we shouldn’t take you to the station to question you further?” Mikey shook his head and looked to Marian to help him but Kate’s mother was to shocked to help him. “You could try asking the person who took her. I picked her up from this house at eight twenty then dropped her at the highway at eight fifty. I remember seeing a police car go by us at speed with its lights and siren on so there will be a record of it.”

The policewoman had a very condescending tone when she asked Mikey if they were likely to remember him. “That depends if they are honest then yes but if they are like you then no.” The policeman told them that they didn’t want that sort of talk, he turned to the policewoman he told her to go and wait in the car. Mikey said, “We should be trying to find where Kate is and not making these ridiculous comments.”

“I heard the policewoman make an accusation to Mikey. So unless Mikey gets an apology I’ll report the officer. Then request another officer is sent to be put on this case.” The policeman said he’d go back to the station and get another officer.


Kate was sat somewhere near the middle of the cellar. Even though she couldn’t see what was around her she thought what she had that would give her light. She took the button battery from the pocket at the calf of her dungarees and put the battery in the small make up mirror. The tiny light lit up the floor in front of her. Kate smiled and began to clear the floor in front of her.

The darkness will help me I always wanted to know how to cause magic without doing a spell. Feeling her pockets Kate found the almost empty lipstick case. “Perfect.” She placed the lipstick case on the previously cleared floor. “Now to try to move it as best as I can.” Kate cleared her mind of all other thought, she concentrated on seeing the case roll.” Kate knew it was the best way for her to try and develop her psychic powers though she knew to see the case move and not to add control of herself moving the case.

Kate concentrated o0n the colour of the lipstick case before she noticed that the case had already moved a few inches, impressed with herself. Giving the darkness around her a hint of light a soft dome of light rose from the ground in the cellar.

Glad that she could concentrate easily Kate asked herself what was beyond the walls, she seemed perplexed as she told herself to develop her prowess of Astral Travel. Kate looked at the cellar walls and told herself to see what was beyond them. She realised that the cellar might be surrounded by earth or it may be surrounded by more of the house, either way she saw no help there.

“On the top of the house would be best as long as I can balance up there,” said Kate. She saw a picture of Mikey, he will be best to tell and he will know the best people to tell. Kate smiled to herself. “I hadn’t thought of that before, Mikey and I like each other more than what we have admitted. I’ll contact him first and hopefully remember what to do.”


Mikey went into his garage to get his car ready to go the college for the day. He put his weight on his back foot as he felt the presence of a person near him. He looked about. “Okay I can feel someone is here.”

He went to the door of his car and got on the front seat behind the steering wheel before he realised that Kate’s spirit was next to him, she took the book with her name on the cover and put it on the seat next to Mikey. Mikey smiled then took the book titled The Advanced Astral Traveler from his between them and put it next to him.


He opened the book at the page marked for becoming a physical entity. Mikey looked at Kate’s spirit he told her he had so many questions. “How come you are here, so where are you?” Kate smiled to him, “I’m only just starting to find out what I can do and what I know, I’m yet to understand where I am not where that is but how I got here.

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
From The Lips of Sin part 2 In The Garage

Mikey took the map from the cars glove compartment and took it to the workbench. He opened it then looked to Kate. "Should you see any places near the house tell me and I’ll send for Willow to ask if you can contact any of the other women we will see who will be best to locate you. “Can you help me any other way?” asked Kate.

“There are other ways but I don’t know what they are, maybe Willow can tell me what they are, I’m going to ask her to be here,” stated Mikey. Kate was grateful to Mikey for all he had done, “I will go back to the, that is a thought, I am on the roof at the top of the house. I’ll try to tell you what I can see.” Mikey said goodbye to Kate then she vanished then he smoothed the crinkles from the map before he turned to see who was stood near him.

In The Garage

It was a policeman and he was staring at him. “Just to let you know I am Sgt. Crescent.” Mikey asked what he could do for the policeman. “I’ve been watching you for a while this morning and another officer has been watching Kate’s mother, thing is who were you just talking to and where did she go?” “I doubt you’ll that was the spirit of Kate doing Astral Traveling.”

“I was given this case purely by accident but it might be beneficial to us both, I have been put in charge of a new department of the police force, I am in charge of all things Occult; Ouija, palmistry mind reading and the like.” Mikey laughed to which Sgt. Crescent asked what was so funny? “It’s like this,” said Mikey, “What you have just stumbled on will take you further into the realms of the supernatural than you ever thought possible.

I am a protector for a coven of witches though when I say protector I am the women of the covens Sin Eater. Kate is the most recent member of the coven,” said Mikey. “Hang on a minute, isn’t Kate the girl who is missing?” asked Sgt. Crescent. Mikey winked to him, “She is learning how to Astral Travel, by doing that she will be able to show me on the map on the workbench where she is so we can rescue her,” said Mikey.

Sgt. Crescent was astounded that he had seen the spirit of Kate and that Kate would be able to tell us where she is, he goes to look at the map on the workbench he reads what is written along the top off the map, “For Kate to mark where she is for us to find and rescue her.” He looked to Mikey. “How will she know when you are here to write that for her?”

Mikey smiled to the policeman, “We help each other to learn.” Sgt. Crescent said, “If you are able to accept me then know that I am willing to keep you and yours a secret. I want your friend to be found for her to be safe and for whoever took her to be punished, I hope that we can develop a mutual trust.” “Know this then I have called for a senior member of the coven to come here, she will be here soon.”

Sgt. Crescent looked about then asked, “When did you call her?” Mikey smiled then slowly shook his head, “You are entering a world that is beyond your range of understanding so don’t be surprised if you don’t know what is happening. For instance telepathy for her is normal, her name is Willow,” said Mikey. Sgt. Crescent thanked Mikey he was grateful that she would deem to allow herself to be in my company, someone she knows nothing about.”

Mikey asked Sgt. Crescent if he had any knowledge what telepathy was? Then said she would be with them in a while. Sgt. Crescent said it was being able to talk to another person using the mind, “Oh, I take it that means she knows all you know about me. Yes it will take a while to learn what there is to learn about your kind.”


“Is that her already, I thought you said it would be a while before she got here?” asked Sgt. Crescent. “I did but why shouldn’t she’d be here I only said in a while I didn’t say if that was a long while or a short while, just a while. Do you want a glass of water or milk Willow,” asked Mikey. “A glass of milk will be good,” she replied then facing Mikey, “Hopefully we can learn where she is soon then go and get her.”

Willow walked to Sgt. Crescent and stood in front of him. “He was telling you the truth, we can trust him Mikey, thank you.” Mikey looked to Willow, what is it? “Kate is on top of the male persons house. We should have a guide of where we need to be.” “Thank you, can I use your telephone so that I can get a team there,” said Sgt. Crescent.

Willow listened a bit more, “No not just yet, but your new department is about to gain a lot of credulity.” “How it isn’t as if news of her kidnap is on the national news yet?” asked Sgt Crescent. “Kate doesn’t want us to rescue her yet, she has found there are four other missing girls there who are from the other coast, the girls are all under sixteen years old,” said Willow.

Sergeant Crescent looked up and asked, “How am I going to explain how I knew that?” “Could it be Psychics?” They smile to each other.


Willow walks out of the house then comes back in with the map and puts it on the table. She points to a house. “That is the house that Kate says she is being held in with the other girls oh and about your gun Sgt Crescent Kate will be able to give it back later.” Sergeant Crescent checks his holster.
“I sent the gun to Kate just in case she needs it,” said Willow.


Several police officers were outside the house. They crept about in the long grasses outside the fence. PC Bertrand answers his radio. “Nothing has been seen of the owner, we do not know if he is in the house or not.” “I’ve seen he is not at the house, go and get the girls there is five there. Mikey rang Kate’s mother at her work to tell her that her daughter had just been set free. Mikey also rang Kate’s father to tell him the good news.


Willow and Sgt. Crescent stood by a tree. “Can you keep some of your people here, until we know where the man is. One of our people will be here as well,” said Willow. The policeman was quite adamant that the other officers in the police force could deal with it. Willow said to him that if man who lived in the house ever returned then realized that the girls were gone he might escape.

“We will stop him leaving the property,” said Sgt. Crescent. Willow said he wouldn’t get that far though the Sgt. Crescent wanted to know how. Willow told him, “Don’t ask or you might be told and if that ever happens you might find out but don’t push your sanity just yet.” That made Sergeant Crescent was questioning what she meant until she asked him what humans knew about the actual capabilities of a witch.

“All of what is known was written by people of the church or mentions from people who hated them,” Willow grinned to Sergeant Crescent, “There is no evidence that those women who were accused of being witches and of those who were found guilty do you believe that a real witch could be caught and tortured?

And us being of a nature based religion one where many of us do no harm.” “I had never thought of that, of witchcraft being a religion,” said Sgt. Crescent. Willow raised her head to get a clear view of the house, “In nature there is such a thing as flight, the birds do it and many animals can glide over vast distances, nature has ways to stop the pain.

The person who is a with who is said to have green finger, she who can give life where there was none she is known as a healer.” “That is all right but show me something that can help us?” asked Sgt. Crescent. Willow turned to face Mikey who was happy he’d found them. “Young Willow here was telling me about a witch, the benefit of being a healer.”

Mikey was surprised, “I don’t believe it you are normally so quiet about you being a healer,” said Mikey. “You are a healer, prove it!” said Sgt. Crescent. “I told you how a witch is of nature well a healer is fine tuned to the wonders of nature, of the earth. That being evident the greater her power is.” She goes to the gap between the trees, “You need to look at what there is to see.

For instance if you look closely enough you will see a constant gap between the trees, then if you looked at the leaves each side you might notice that a vehicle had been driven here, or a closer look will make you aware that the ground under the leaves had been disturbed when it was wet, a closer look will make it evident the footprints that several people had passed this way.

So look at the house, at the bottom of the door, is that a window?” asked Willow. “No, that is a vent for the passage of air,” stated Mikey. “What is so special about that?” asked Sgt. Crescent. “The vent is usually at the top of a room, so there might be a level of the house under the house,” explained Willow.

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
From The Lips of Sin part 3 In The Under House


Willow told Mikey to walk with her. “Can you guess what I thought I had missed?” Mikey looked at her then at the house, Sgt. Crescent asked her why she had just asked him that because he obviously couldn’t see what it was? Smiling at sergeant Crescent Willow said, “It will benefit us if Mikey gets to understand us, to know us and what drives us.”

Mikey grinned, he looked to the house then to the both of them. “At a guess I’d say it was the window below the back door, it makes it seem as though there is another floor, a place that might give us more answers,” stated Mikey. They wander to the door to look around then go in. They follow along the passage but it goes to a room with four brick walls. “Could this be the start of a wine cellar?” asked sergeant Crescent.

Willow went toward a mural of a house on the wall she faced. “Look at this!” She pointed at a door handle, “this is the type of door handle is for an interior door yet this door is an exterior door,” she turned the handle and the door opened it revealed the top of a spiral staircase. She looked at her compass to see which way they were headed or had come from.


She followed the steps down to the bottom of the staircase then looked at her compass again. “That did seem odd, I felt that I went around twice so I should be headed in the direction that I was going in at the top of the spiral staircase but I am not, the top step is behind us but to the left.” In front of them are two doors, one each on each side of the passage, Willow opened the door on the left.

“What kind of room is this one?” she asked, “it appears empty.” Mikey told her to look at the dimensions of the room even closer, “Look closely at what is the rooms width it follows the length of the passage. Should I go straight forward I will be walking the width of the room and I'll straight toward the outer wall and into the darkness of the room. As he did he bumped into some trolleys.

Mikey found three trolleys in the darkness, “These are not the sort of trolleys one might use in a hospital to move living person about it is more suited to move the dead either that or people who have been given drugs to stay still in a coffin across the passage was a large room that seemed to be a store room for several dozen coffins. What if the syringes are not just for drugs that send girls to sleep, what if.”

Mikey took several large bottles of blood from the lower shelf of the trolley then pushed the trolleys across the passage. In that room he found several coffins. “The handles on the coffins, they are all hollow. Does that mean they are built that way so the contents can breath?” Willow stood upright to look at them. “Coffins with air vents, bottles of blood, could it be that the vampires here have become organized.

Some girls are disposed of here yet other are taken to another place. I’m guessing that the worst of them have their blood drained from them here while the suitable ones are taken to the suitable place to have part of the bodies supply of blood taken from it. “How can you track the girls?” asked Sgt. Crescent. Willow looked to him and grinned, “The best to use would be the type of witch that is very capable as a healer.

The benefit of a healer for a nature based religion is the witch knows how to heal the ground, should a vehicle have driven on land the land now needs to be repaired due to the tyres moving the mud to the side of them, I can even follow where the mud has been expunged from a road surface for short distances. The van tyre tracks were followed to a mound in the middle of a field.

“What do you two think of the shape of that mound?” asked Sgt. Crescent. “Odd, just looking at the flat ground that lies around it, not only does it look an odd shaped hill there is a wide cave at its base, “van could be driven to the mouth of the cave then the coffin could be carried into the mound. Sgt. Crescent, Kate, Mikey, Willow and Christi carried a coffin into the middle of the hill, Christi found some rope pulleys to pull down on and lift the coffin up.

Once on the flat ground above them Kate pointed to the funnel inside the top of the mound. That isn’t a funnel, that is a chimney, and if the bodies are burnt at night no one will notice the smoke,” said Willow. Kate suggested to Mikey that they go back to the house, “When I looked from the top of the roof
I thought I had seen something in the countryside, Kate studied the view from various places eventually Kate asked Mikey to stand beside her, she pointed to the direction that she first looked at.


Mikey saw the archway as well to a graveyard and asked Kate if that is what she wanted him to see. They both went down through the house then overland to where the archway was. Standing under the thatched archway they plainly saw the graves around the church though they both discovered there were no burials from the last two hundred years, about to enter the churchyard an elderly man called to them he told them not to enter the grounds.

Kate asked him why not, she wanted to know what harm it would do the them when they had reached he would be standing by them. “It is rumoured that these grounds are guarded by three of Gods Angels,” said the Marvin the grounds person. Mikey looked to him as if he wanted an explanation, “The beings who are here will stop the unsuspecting from entering the grounds.”

“So why have you left the gates open, what would have happened if you were not here?” Marvin looked at Kate, “I’m wondering about that myself though this is the first time it has ever happened, I have never seen the wall here be a gate.”


There seemed to be a calmness and a welcoming as the sun rose in the sky, despite the figures that kept people away from the church. Seven girls had been reported as missing though none of them could be linked together. Usually the Morris Dancers were known to be men, these dancers here are local women they were not the tourist attractions for the entertainment of visitors to the area and they are not regular dancers.

These woman wear specific colours for each performance, the bells on their shins were there to ward off evil even the number of bells on each arm and was to aid the sounds the bells of their shins made. People gathered expectantly hoping for the brightly coloured dancers to entertain their wonderful performances. The leader of those dancers was asked by a visitor what time they would begin their dances.

The leader told the visitors the the area that they not interrupt them as they are all witches, they were to perform rituals not dances. They were there to call on the Gods for help to find the girls who had been captured, the Morris Dancers performed in rows of dancers yet they would present the rituals in a circle, from the end of town Willow and Kate moved to form the circle.



Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
From The Lips of Sin part 4 False Graves

Using the wicker brooms to move all evil aside the witches began their circular path, when all was done they laid the brooms on the road with the handle toward the middle, a dull light rose through the ground then up to and above the tarmac. Each witch received the same message, to return to the mound in the field near the house.


Willow and Kate strode to join Mikey, Sgt. Crescent and Vaughne with the witches from their coven in the entrance to the cave in the mound. Together they ventured into the tunnel on rose up onto a plateau within the mound. Ashes were scattered around that told them that many girls had been sacrificed there.


Vaughne, Mikey and Sgt. Crescent ventured to the house to see if any marks were present on the floor, there was, they showed that was where the girls had been dragged to and from. Mikey stated that he hoped they would find no other bodies there. At a loading bay Sgt. Crescent found drag marks on the concrete where the vans had been reversed to, Mikey found skid marks where the trolleys had been maneuvered through the door into the loading bay.

As the followed the marks left by the trolley wheels in the passage Vaughne called for them to stop, she pressed a button on the wall at her shoulder height. A door opened and they went passed the doors and down a fenced off lift to the floor below. Various trolleys showed evidence of bodies having had the blood transfused from them. Sgt. Crescent had them pay attention to the signs on the wall at either side of the room IN and OUT.

“It is as if there was an unhuman quality about killings, the blood had been drained from the bodies,” said Vaughne. Mikey stated that, “As there wasn’t any evidence of did do the killing Willow stated that each member of the coven be called.” Back at the mound Kate and Willow were informed what they thought was a possibility of who the ashes were of.

“We still need to find where the human remains are,” said Willow. Mikey looked to Kate, “I know where I’d like us to search first, he led them out to the other end of the drive. He had them look at the house then pointed to where Kate had sat to see the surrounding area. Vaughne was perplexed at what he meant though Willow knew what it was what he meant.

They went up into the room at the top of the house to the room at the top, Mikey pointed to the part of the garden where the ground had been disturbed, not that far from the house beyond the loading dock.


Mikey, Vaughne and Sgt. Crescent wandered about the garden, Vaughne found amongst the rocks of the rockery was a 100mm plastic pipe sticking out of the ground with two 90 degree elbow fittings on top of it. Vaughne suggested it was so that people could breathe in the area underground and that rain water wouldn’t go down the pipe.

When an entry to the rooms beneath the garden was found the group went below ground. They discovered that there had been much fighting Sgt. Crescent found mounds of monuments that had been collected for the hatred mankind had created for one another: such were the evidence that was collected over many eons that Sodom was highlighted.

There were mentions of Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler and Stalin plus some mentions were made of Idi Amin and Mussolini but they were in a different category. At the other end of the underground living area were sections where multitudes of books and files were found. Where massed amounts of ornate challis's such as those to be found in a in a church were located near to the pile was what was thought to be a bird bath though it was soon realised it was used for baptisms; a container used for holy water.

On the walls in that section were ornate features and paintings that depicted the crucifixion cross. When word spread of what had been found Willow could detail the finding, that some of mankind fought among themselves. Such was the fighting that some of mankind declared that they were right, even though they had no proof. Vaughne and Willow talked for many hours about who they ought believe and who they should decide to follow.


Wandering about the greenery of the garden Sgt. Crescent was surprised as the figures of Carissa Madina, Brigitte and Mayonaire appeared part way across the lawn and joined Willow, Kate, Mikey and Vaughne. They stated the traditional witches greeting to each other, “Bless-sed Be.” Kate told the newcomers who Sgt. Crescent and Mikey were and what the connection they had with the coven were.

Willow explained they required the help of all the coven to discover the whereabouts of the others. Sgt. Crescent took everyone into the house, around each of the rooms. While they were in the house a commotion was heard coming from near the back door, Mikey and Kate made their way to a private location. When there they watched what the noise was for, six more coffins were taken into the room.

Kate noted that each of the coffins had a pipe, there was a living breathing person in the coffin. When Kate and Mikey heard the vans engine Mikey went to the window and made a note of the vehicles number plate. Kate sent the message to Sgt. Crescent so that the van could be followed. Mikey was glad they would soon have a physical location of where they who captured the girls lived.

Madina went with Willow and Mikey to free the girls from the coffins. They did what they could to ease the fears from each of the girls. Details were taken from each of the girls, about where they came from, when they were taken and if they knew the names of who took them.


The police followed the three station wagons to a private house on the coast that was known of by the police, a drug importation situation concern was once done there. Now the idiots thought a change of what they were doing would ease the interest of the police in them, the coast guard had noted the comings and goings of the luxury vessel and where it was moored.

At night the girls were taken onto the boats where the girls were chained in one of the holds. Though the girls had lost their freedom they were being taken care of, the girls were to be taken to an import business location in Taiwan, it was known that all that was taken there would soon be taken mainland contacts for Arabian dignitaries and politicians.

Though it was unknown what the girls were going to be used for a few hours of the witches questioning them would reveal all that was needed to be known. Kate, Willow and Vaughne were able to find where the girls were taken to. With the knowledge of the police and the help of the witches that leg of the girls future could be altered. The parents of the girls were notified that they had been rescued.

To Be Continued
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