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Giles Comic


Aug 25, 2015
is this still a thing? theres a lot of people on the s12 board saying how theyre happy the idea of giles going back to school was scrapped


Please, Wesley...
Feb 27, 2018
So I've just read the first issue, and my feelings are mixed. I've been hyped for this story, for Joss' return, so it's disappointing to not automatically love it. I honestly found the entire issue really hard to follow. I thought it moved extremely quickly, and there was SO much being thrown at you that it was hard to keep up. While I like the art style, it was really hard to follow what was happening in action scenes, IMO.

That said, this reads like 1/4 of one big story, which it is, of course! It probably will read much better in a trade paperback collection with the following issues. I'm still really intrigued by the plot, and there are some developments here that I did not expect! I feel like I need to reread the issue right away, mainly because I was lost the entire time, and the ending only hinted at a few things I'm confused about.

There's two pop culture references Giles makes, and I laughed out loud. Not because they were funny, but because I could not imagine Giles making them, even in this teen body. The lines themselves were alright, but idk. It makes me question how involved Joss was in the writing process. If I had to guess, I'd say he only was a co-plotter, maybe wrote a line here or there. But I didn't feel Joss' touch here, which makes me sad. Maybe I hyped it up too much in my head, but I just didn't. This felt like another brand new writer trying to do their own thing in the Buffyverse, re: Angel Season 11.

I'm holding complete judgement until the series is finished, because this issue raised SO many questions at once. But right now, like I said, this didn't live up to my expectations. I wanted a character study of Giles, but it feels like we got an overwhelming plot, plus a new character that we're supposed to love because she's super mysterious~, but really she just kind of annoyed me and I'm just confused about her (which might be the point?).

EDIT - Also, we get a huge info dump from Willow early on, and she's within the camp contacting Giles somehow? Weren't they not able to contact the outside world, or am I remembering wrong?
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