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God Created The Slayer


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
My thanks goes to those who gave permission for members Fan Fiction.

God Created the Slayer

God saw her latest creation was a lifeless lonely ball of cold rock in the universes night sky. Though the more she looked at it the more she thought it might become a home for many of her creations, she allowed it life to make it begin.

While the life began to form, she decided to enjoy herself by beginning to develop the Earth’s companion planet, the Moon. She liked the look that neither planet was alone. Yet on her way back to Earth God looked to the planet with hope.

From her vantage point high in the sky, she saw the planet had begun to started to become peppered by hundreds of asteroids. The ground was decorated with hundreds of circles of rocks, which to God thought looked wrong, any repair would be easy enough.

God began to attack the parts of the planet where she thought there was be a greater weakness: the tops of mountains. Tunnels sent deep into the ground released vast arena’s of deep magma to rise up to the surface.

The volcanoes then threw up vast rivers of molten rock that would cause vast areas when it cooled to leave a smooth surface on the planet. The magma flowed from the mountain to be lava, rivers of molten rock flowed across the surface of the planet.

When the lava cooled it left a smooth surface, when cooled still the river of rock began to break apart into boulders and later still the boulders broke even more. God knew it would take a long time for it to cool so she flew out to make the night sky interesting to look at.

When she returned the flows of rock had broken into small segments eventually falling apart to release itself into minuscule pebbles the released particles of moisture. The moisture rose as evaporation that rose up to form the long great white cloud.

The greater deposits of evaporation formed the white clouds to grow darker, the greater number of water droplets had the white clouds grow in intensity to be darker clouds. Eventually small droplets of rain began to fall.

As greater amounts of evaporation rose and combined in the dark storm clouds until heavy raindrops fell onto the naked ground, plant life began to form and few insects began to form, with increased pleasure to the plants small insects fed on the plants.

God returned to see how the plants had spread, all was well so god created a few birds, animals and primates, all seemed well the birds even the small insects. So God went to work on the moon though when she returned they had all grown much larger than was expected.

Not wanting to kill each animal she decided to send a call into the outer bounds and will an asteroids to hit the Earth, as one was available it thundered through the sky. It wasn’t long until the large asteroid thundered passed her.

She watched as it slammed into the earth’s crust and the ground was filled with vast clouds of dust. God knew there was no point staying to wait for the air to clear and the dust to dissipate. So she set off to make the stars that like up the distant night sky.

It took just over two years before the air cleared enough to let a low green plant life start to gain life, initially it covered small areas of ground then as the plant became healthier it spread onto and over vast patches of nutrient rich soil.

As more and more rain fell to the ground the water started to make puddles then ponds after them they spilled to form lakes. With that greater moisture on the ground more evaporation formed to make the darker storm clouds drop continuous amounts of rain fell.

The lakes spilled to make rivers that flowed to make the seas and the oceans. The seeds from that gestation grew wherever the water took them, but the copious amounts of those seeds only grew alongside the rivers bank, her hopes looked like they would soon begin to fail.

The green plants needed the warmth from the sun so some of them grew in height, to further help the plants survive the plants that grew close to the ground attracted insects that could not fly, then came the birds, the animals and the primates.

With God to keep watch on them they grew as much was wanted. Before long birds began to spread the seeds further from the waters. With better soils came plants of greater height the shrubs, bushes and trees with a greater variation of colours more birds to be attracted to them.

God was impressed with how the planet was beginning to be, he saw that more bird life had survived than he thought so he created more animals to roam the lands and primates. For many seasons all was well, but as those seasons multiplied Gods creations began to seek more ground.

The animals, birds and primates all needed greater areas to roam and gather food, beyond her control they attacked others of their kind and several of the other kinds to control their parcels of land and plants. God knew he needed to stop those creatures or they would ruin his dreams.

God created a winged man to help him police the birds, the animals and the primates. She called those new winged beasts his Angels. God told them what she wanted and what she wanted them to do and they did as he had requested.

But as the years grew to decades and centuries the birds, animals and primates grew in numbers and with inter breeding the range of them increased, God was happy as they were all from his first creations. Though there was a worrisome rumour.

God discovered that the Angels had stopped the fighting and shes was happy. Then God discovered how the fighting had stopped, one of her Angels had been too strict. That Angel took Gods word far too seriously.

When small battles ceased but as they later found out the defeated had often been killed and sometimes eaten. The Angels needed to do more, God found out her orders had made an Angel want to stop them. That Angel did what God wanted but he took God’s word to the extreme.

She made each of them stop fighting, and if needed which it often was she killed each of them. Initially God was pleased that the fighting had stopped, until she realized how the Angel had stopped the fighting. God saw it that his creation had been sinned against.

God became despondent, she did not know what to do. Another of the Angels she valued spoke to her. The Angel Michael suggested that the Angel be moved to where he could do no harm, down into the bowels of the earth.

God did as she had been advised, she told the Angel that she was glad the fighting had ceased but was not glad how it was done. Rather than end the Angel she sent him to watch over all who he killed and all who would be sent to there.

God created more Angels and he created the vampires to assist the Angels, and Gods vampires did a wonderful job. As such all was well for centuries, God had kept creating new forms of life, his favourite were her children, human kind.

Though that had begun to make many more appear in the bowels of Earth, the Angel there created a son to help him. But the Son rebelled and soon hated God for causing him to be there. The Son found a way to move to the surface where he captured two of Gods vampires.

They were the first two of Gods vampires, favourites of their kind, The Son threw them down a tunnel below the bowels of earth. Even so, during the many centuries the dead continued to became so many, that the Son found his existence to be a tedious one.

The Son did not like human kind because so many of them died and so often mainly because they did not have a life span that was long. The Son wanted to stop them, he saw the culprit for them dying so often as God.

The Son and hid himself from his father, The Devil, and made plans for his own improvement. The Son made investigations about the others of Gods vampires. He had them do his bidding to get their two back, he had them kill several of human kind.

The Son had a shock though as the humans instead of dying became vampires though not like Gods, these vampires took after the Son. The Son smiled and made plans to further upset God. Unknown to the Son was that his father had given himself a new name, that of The Devil.

Gods Mankind became the Sons vampire’s and the numbers of them grew so fast that the Son soon had himself a Legion of the Damned. Those vampires he ordered to kill creatures of Gods creations and gave the Son werewolves, gargoyles to make new Legions.

The Son soon had enough to battle his father, though thankfully The Devil won but in leaving the Son made a vow, “I vow that when I return, I will have a battle with you and after that I will battle God, I will take control over your domain and his.”

The Devil saw his Sons Legions as having a hierarchy and The Devil knew his Son would return when he was able. The Devil knew he needed to warn God. The Devil rose onto the surface of a great ocean, by an unpopulated island. He sat on rocks that made a coast to the ocean.

God noticed him there and went down to see what he wanted. The Devil explained what had happened, all that had led to him being there. God said he would send a group of his Angels to form a group to seek the Son.

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
The Hotel On A Hill

Andrew is stood at the back window of Chasers house looking up at the clouds and beyond with his binoculars when he saw, much to his surprise a figure of a person plummet towards the earth. Andrew followed the trajectory of the figure as it began to curve upwards until it became stationary.

Andrew knowingly grinned as the figure spread its wings then flew in a spiral pattern down to earth, although Andrew did not see where it landed he knew it was behind the top of a hill. Andrew immediately rang his friends to tell them about what he had seen fly down. Chaser was amazed at what he had seen. Thompson asked him if he had any doubts about what it was.

Andrew said he was certain of what he had seen, that it was a person with wings. Andrew asked his friends Thompson and Chaser if they would join him in a search for it? Thompson agreed then Chaser acknowledged she would go with them, that she would always support them. “All I know about winged figures are about Michael or Gabriel, you do mean Angels don’t you,” said Chaser.

Andrew said he wasn’t sure, that he could not be sure. The three of them went outside to get into Chaser’s car, Andrew gave them directions to where he had seen the figure go behind a hill. When they got to where Andrew thought it had gone Chaser saw her now deceased uncles old hotel. “I never thought I would ever see this place again.”

In the Hotel on the crest of the hill, in the Hotel’s restaurant the clock on the wall was showing it was four twenty nine that afternoon. Christina the head waitress for the restaurant was sat at a table talking to Graham, the Head Chef. She smiled to Graham and said it made her feel good and safe, knowing what a person was like.

“Sometimes I can read what a person is like, I’ve been known to know what job a person has,” said Christina. Graham thought it really clever that she could know all that about a person, he didn’t so he asked her how. “Sometimes I get to see a person’s aura, though I never get to know if they will leave a tip,” said Christina.

The Head Chef laughed at her then turned to look at the front door of the restaurant, at the young woman who had just walked in. “Go on then Christina tell me all you can about her, and I want to know her full life’s story?” asked Graham. Christina watched the young woman, how she wore her sunglasses and her positive nature as she strode confidently to an unoccupied table.

“Okay she is not wealthy girl, but if you look at her clothes and at her how she carries herself she does look like she is a wealthy girl. She has got an aura that is oh! Now that is unusual, I have never seen a person whose aura is all white.” Graham looked curiously to Christina. “Why are you looking at her like that?” asked Graham.

“That colour, the colour should tell me what she is like, about the person’s inclination to be, good or bad, but that aura it shows me nothing?” Graham asked her what it did tell her. “I feel as though I’m asking myself if she is human.” Christina looked at Graham who was as surprised as she was to ask her what else she might be?

Christina looked to the young woman. She went to the restaurants reception and took her pack of Tarot Cards from her drawer, she returned to the table and sat down. “I want to see what sort of being she is.” Christina lay the cards in a cross then a vertical line. “Hopefully this will help me see the truth of her kind.”

Christina looked at the cards and told them she wanted to see clearer. “If you do read her, will it tell you what does she do?” asked Graham. Christina looked at the cards, “It is not that she does nothing, I don’t know what she does is what we might understand.” Christina turned to the young woman, the young woman took her sunglasses off, she looked to Christina and smiled.

“What the! It is you, how can it be you? How are you here, why are you here, the last time I saw you was in school eight years ago so how are you here now, how did you know I was here and why do you look the same as you did then?” Graham wanted to know if Christina did know her. “Her name is Anne, your name is Anne isn’t it?” Anne smiled to her.

Graham continued to question Christina about who the woman is. Christina looked directly to the young woman, “The last time I saw you was eight years ago,” Christina was puzzled. “So why were you at the school, why are you here now and did you know I was here?” asked Christina. Anne began to reply to her.

“I was ordered to be here, as I was ordered to be at the school to watch over you and if needed I was to protect you,” said Anne. Christina held her uniform “Look at my uniform I’m just a waitress, I am no one special.” Anne smiled to Christina, “The time is near, the word is he might be near, that is why I was ordered to be here to protect you, others like me are coming here.”

Graham faced Anne, “Others like you, what are you?” he asked. Anne smiled to him “Me, I’m an Angel,” said Anne. Graham slowly shook his head unsure of what she had said. Anne stepped back from the table and spread her wings. Graham barely had time to be amazed before Anne explained herself even more.

“Christina’s first ancestor was a creation of God, that creation gave life to the first and second vampire, Gods vampires. They were the good vampires it is the Devils Sons vampires who are the evil ones.” Graham turned to face the five people that walked into the restaurant via the back door. “Who are you and why are you here?” asked Graham.

They went to the people who had just walked in via the front door. They went to Graeves and Cla-ere then stood in front of Cla-ere dropped and dropped to a knee and asked Cla-ere to accept them. Cla-ere said she would accept Pitts, Curremy and Graeves. Tom, Westy and Garet went to stand by Christina and Graham as Andrew, Chaser and Thompson walked in via the back door.

Curremy looks at then walks to and confronts Andrew, “I see you as a girl, so why do you dress as a boy?” Thompson told Curremy that he had been friends with Andrew for almost a year, that there was no way that Andrew could be a girl. Andrew turned and faced Cla-ere then Anne, “I was with the Goddess De-ara when one of Gods Protector demons was found trapped in a church.

The demon said he had followed several of the Sons followers to near here. So I came here to lead the way, though I had to be a boy to remain undiscovered. The name I am known as is Andrea, and like Anne I am an Angel. Thompson and Chaser stared at her in utter amazement. They faced Anne then looked to Andrea. “You are an Angel?”

Two more girls walked to the entrance to the room, they stand by the door. Cla-ere smiled to them. “Sandy, Saffron, welcome.” “So now we have four Angels here, soon there will be many more, hopefully all will be good and soon Gods chosen will appear.

For the Son has passed near here maybe, hopefully he is still near here so that the one God has chosen will be sent here,” said Anne. Graham was unsure about what he could do. “Your people will be welcome here. “The least we can do for now is to prepare enough food and drink for those who will be coming here, to make them feel welcome.”

He invited Christina to go into the kitchen with him. In the restaurant Felicity walked into the doorway, she saw Cla-ere. “Molly drove her own car here, she wanted to stop off to get a couple of others.” Cla-ere pointed to the door behind Felicity as Molly walked in with Julia and Diana. Christina and Graham walked back into the restaurant with a tray of drinks each.

“The one you are here to get, it he known as the Anti-Christ?” asked Graham. “To you humans, I suppose so but to us non humans he is known as the Anti-God,” said Cla-ere. “But we won’t we will not be the ones to end him, it will be Gods chosen who will guide us, I have no idea who will end the Son, will we need a miracle?

Yes but we know who the miracle is we know the name of who the miracle will be,” said Anne. “Who is God’s chosen known as?” asked Graham. Anne looked to Cla-ere then faced Graham. “Her name is Buffy.”

Cla-ere went to the central table and took a drink for herself, “I am worried for those who in the early days battled to save the end of the planet.” “You may never have guessed this but The Devil has built a haven for those who will be the last to be on Earth should they need a place to go,” said Andrea. “So who will God send to find the Son?” asked Graham.

“You need to realize the quest to find the Son has taken several thousand years so far, God has sent nearly all of his most respected to search for the Son, of them the four horsemen of the Apocalypse were one group who have allowed us to be here as were many of The Devils
demon’s and Gods demon’s with the few of Gods vampires that exist,” said Anne.

The door at the front of the hotel is pushed open as Fiona stands in the doorway. Pitts stares at Fiona who asked Felicity if he remembered her. “I think so, I’d have thought he’d be more pleased to see you though.” Pitts looked to Fiona then Felicity.

Graeves asked Christina if they were staying at the hotel or are we squatters? Curremy whispered to Cla-ere, she asked her how many were there? “At present there are three of Gods vampires

Seven Angels and two others,” said Cla-ere. Chaser made her presence known to them. “My uncle used to own this Hotel, he left it to me when he died so we can stay here for as long as you want,” she said.

“What we could do is have a museum here, something that will allow us to move about without causing concern amongst any patrons that come to the hotel,” said Christina. “I would like to run a Museum of Mythic Magics and Realities,” said Westy. “I’ll do a bookshop, but I would like some sort of security system here,” said Tom.

“I remember a new age magic shop I went to a long time ago it had a Shadow Caster that sounded every time a person entered the shop or left it, that will give it a good ambiance, I like the drumming and most of the visual effects, as long as the screams are not too loud,” said Tom. “Though it could create a mystical feel to the place,” said Westy.

“Is anyone willing to come down to the police station with me to tell them what we are doing up here, not that we have to tell them, but just we do just to be polite,” said Graham. “I have got to get some stuff from the town that will help us for the supplies in the restaurant, I want to see what we can get for the people here. I can do that after we have informed the police,” said Christina.

When they got back Christina went straight to the Hotel’s reception and put one page of the newspaper on the display board. The page had a story a satanic cult in one of the villages near there. “Could it be a story about or related to the Sons followers activities?” asked Tom. “I hope not it might mean that they know we are here!” exclaimed Cla-ere.

“I doubt it, there have been rumours about the goings on there for countless years,” said Tom. “Can we be sure that the goings-on reported about there are false?” asked Cla-ere. “I did run some tests on that place though it might be a good idea for the Angels to get some up to date experience. It has long had a name for Devil Worshippers,” said Tom.

“Some-one once told me about a place near here, some time ago it was known as Balshaven, though I have no idea if it was the people from surrounding areas who called it Bals haven or if they referred to it as Baals Haven. Before that the residents of the Manor worshipped a demon called Baal, maybe the Sons vampires have set up shop near there,” said Tom.

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
The Researchers.

“Excuse me my Goddess but the way things are headed it will be a good idea if we had one, two or a few people who could be researchers to find out the facts of what was or might be,” said Anne. Cla-ere replied, “There were a couple of humans at a place I was at recently, they were good at researching, I could go and get them,” said Cla-ere.

When she returned it was with the new researchers Richard and Mark. Graeves took them into the Myth Museum and showed them the newspaper articles that spoke of the villagers who had been the workers for the owners of Balshaven Manor. When the original owners died the next in line came there from the depths of London.

Richard and Mark made records of the descendants being renowned as Devil Worshippers of some renowned infamy, many of the new villagers were once Black Witches for a church in Italy. They continued the interest in blood sacrifices and demonic worshipping, they were responsible for changing the spelling of name of the village from Balshaven to Baals Haven.

Lately those who lived in the village were said to be believers in what the owners of Balshaven Manor promoted. The people from surrounding villages often furnished their own weapons when they attacked them and often won, on many occasions injured the people of Balshaven. After a generation of the demon being praised the demon made his presence known to them.

It is suggested that the saying started there as once a person who lived in the village was spotted in a nearby town. The parishioners that frequented a nearby church and its church ministers began praying aloud that they should not allow a witch to live, so the vicar of said church with seven of the church parishioners prepared themselves to captured and killed the evil doers.

And despite all the warnings that is what they did and they did kill many of the worshippers. Cause for concern grew when one of the people who had been killed from Balshaven was seen to be alive and well. That person told those who had killed him the old saying, “That the Devil Protects his own.” That and none of the villagers were witches.

It was at that point that God released his chosen one into the fray, Cla-ere and the Angels were told of Gods Slayer. Garet and Westy knew something was up when they were told to prepare the bedroom furniture and then were told to leave its furnishings to a few of the Angels and the Goddess. Try as the might no one would tell them whom the room was to be for.

Cla-ere led the way for the Angels to surround each exit from the Manor. She purposely wanted the villagers to see their escape routes being closed to them. Then the Angels drew back as the Slayer moved towards the Manor. A door was unlocked then the screams of their friends echoed in the halls, the villagers were being removed from existence.

Unused to being left to be in the same place the chosen had to find friends, something she had never had before. The Goddess Cla-ere offered her assistance to Gods Chosen should she need help in finding a friend or learning how to find a friend. With the village now nigh on empty Buffy was shown the church where Andrea and Anathea with the Goddess De-ara kept a Demon.

When they were at the church Buffy was shown what parts of the church would be destroyed so that the demon could be set free. The Demon had begun to say who it had followed and where they were heading and where the Demon thought the Son was likely to be in hiding. It was not the Demon who used blackmail to get its release, God who promised he would be released.

Later that afternoon at just gone 4 pm the armies of God began to arrive at the hotel, they were directed to the forest overlooking somewhere that the Son kept himself hidden, those who God’s demon had followed was found and presented to Gods chosen, Buffy was able to test their answers as they were presented too her.

Without any need for violent persecution the chosen one was able to question and get the answers she wanted from the Sons followers and have the confessions given to the Goddesses.

With The Devils help God had his army rise from the ground; a line that never seemed to end. When the mornings light filtered over the fields where the cattle grazed.

The Angels began to march across the field, they chased the Sons vampires, werewolves and gargoyles into the caverns in the hills. Not that the caverns helped them, the Angels followed them into the gigantic caves where the Angels set about removing the Sons vampires from any existence, soon the Angels covered the hill.

God’s chosen one secreted herself over the fields from the forest towards the farm buildings. When she got there the windows and doors were either broken or began to be removed as the figure wandered through the building. Several Angels assisted her to remove walls that would protect anyone hidden in the grounds below.

Small fireballs began to be thrown through the clouds in a response to the chosen ones finds. The sheds and out buildings were removed from the grounds. A cellar door was found that led down to a wine cellar, in the floor of the cellar a circular cover that might be found covering an unused well or wishing well was found and the complete farm building was blown off its standings.

Those first fireballs littered the ground near the farmhouse, removing it from the trajectory of the massive fireballs that would be presented, when each frame of the farm house was moved to another area the fireballs stopped. Buffy had been in contact with the two of Gods vampires that were captured by the Son, Buffy had them force the Son to the surface.

Much to the Angels surprise massive fireballs rained from the skies and killed the Son. Buffy went back to the hotel where her knowledge of what had happened is removed from her memory; doing Gods will she was put back under the control of the Powers That be and left to begin a new life, and to attend a new school.

The Powers That Be were given strict orders by God to have her sent to battle those who fought for the evil that knew itself as the First. God gave instructions for his chosen to survive the conflict.

The End
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