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Graphics Competition 1! - btvs DVD design


You heard the puppet.
May 22, 2008
Pittsburgh, PA
Hey guys, I'm on another forum and we have been doing a weekly graphics competition and I thought with all the wonderful talent that we have here, that it would be cool for us to do one also.

This week's competition will be a new design for the front cover of the DVD sets of Buffy. You can choose which ever season you would like.​

Some guidelines before we start:

Graphics must be 450x600 pxl in size.
PM me the finished project
Be creative!
Anyone can submit a project, the more the better!
All finished projects must be submitted to me by June 10th.
Do not put your signature, watermark, or name on the project.

After all of the graphics are submitted, they will be sent to voting where members of BB can vote on their favorites.


Here's a link for the Buffy font for anyone who needs it.

Famous Fonts - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffied)
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