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Harry Potter Beerfest


Aug 12, 2008
Black Thorn
Rock Star Beer Festivals is bringing a Potter-themed beer fest to several cities across the US. Dubbed — for legal purposes — the “Wizards and Witches Beer Festival,” attendees can expect to be treated to winter ales, pumpkin beers, special ciders, and of course, butterbeer. Unlike the books, this butterbeer has the added benefit of being infused with alcohol.

It wouldn’t be fit for Potterhead’s if the venues didn’t go the extra mile, so expect Harry Potter decor to transform the spaces into Potter-famous locations like Diagon Alley, the Leaky Cauldron, and Hogwart’s Great Hall. Attendees can also expect themed food, DJs, live music and photo opportunities all in a winter-at-Hogwarts theme.

10 of the 14 locations have already sold out so they are talking about expanding dates and locations.


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
I must say I like the idea of drinking a beer that has a small plume of white 'smoke' rising from it.
And I do mean beer not the namby pamby cats P lager that you often get in pubs these days.

The more I think of it the more I am filled with awe; Harry, Ron, Hermi-o one kinobee and Hagrid sat round a table each with a full pint pot of steaming black ale, so black you couldn't see daylight through it.
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