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Hello from new(ish) podcast "Buffy Boys"! A re-watch of Buffy from an LGBTQ and literary angle


Jul 4, 2019
Hey folks,
My name's Joel and I co-host a Buffy podcast with my boyfriend and we want to get the word out to any other Scoobies out there! We're just getting up to the middle of Season 2 so you know it's just getting to that good stuff. Below is a promo for one of our recent episodes "Ted" with the late, great John Ritter.

Buffy Boys is a weekly review of Buffy unpacking each episode and throwing in our own perspective and analysis as two queer English Lit. graduates. We release every Wednesday from the Republic of Ireland.

You can find us on www.buffyboys.com or download us in your podcast app! If you enjoy it you can follow us below:
Facebook Buffy Boys Twitter https://twitter.com/buffyboys/ Instagram Buffy Boys (@buffy_boys) • Instagram photos and videos

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