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Hot Topic: Did Darla redeem herself before she died?


Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
Well people, I think we've all forgotten that Darla did some pretty shady things in early S2; what with raping and manipulating Angel (quite a few times) and being complicit in W&H murderous schemes.

Now its possible that she was under some sort of influence at the firm, something that suppressed her conscious, but that is speculation. We have to say that she wasn't a saint, that she played a part in evil things.

But given all that I still think she was a victim of forces arrayed against her; W&H is good at corrupting the best people.


Jun 17, 2018
I think Angel says it best when he says that, "She never had a chance." A chance at happiness, a chance to be good, a chance to chose her own identity.

Darla prostitutes herself for economic independence, she is sired as a vampire and made to play the role as femme fatale, she is the damsel in distress in "The Trial," she is the monstrous mother when she becomes pregnant and she dies by killing herself for her unborn child. Darla's story is terribly cruel. The morality of the Buffyverse often leaves a sour taste in my mouth, because Darla (and the other characters) is/are supposed to rise above her/their circumstances, but when Darla is finally given agency, all she can use it for is to sacrifice herself or allow her syphilis to eat up her heart.

I pose a counter question: Will the world redeem itself to Darla?
Like Faith I think there's evidence was abused as a mortal it explains her cynical outlook which only lifts when Angel is willing to give his life for hers. I think Julie Benz believed that. It's talked about on her wiki or Buffy wiki page. I feel Angel is right she's an very intelligent and resourceful woman who would have thrived in a more enlightened time.
She was a prostitute in life, so abuse is pretty much a given.
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