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How Buffy as a series is ended yay or nay ?


Jan 25, 2016
How was the ending anti-Buffy?
She joins the police, the one thing she never wanted to do. Giles and Andrew plan the future of the Council, leaving Buffy festering in the SFPD. Buffy should be running the Council, she should be in charge, but she's been pushed to the sidelines doing a job she rejected as a teenager. Even if you believe Buffy would wear a uniform and carry a gun for a living (a woman who hates guns and has rejected them her whole life) surely no one can believe Faith would do the same?

We have Dawn at 25 married with a child and a mortgage. Lots of young women do that, but this is a woman who can open portals and travel the universes and now she's a wife and mother, being lectured to by Xander about staying at home and caring for their child. And Xander in S12 is awful. He's sexist and behaves like a horny teen in a way he hasn't done for 8 seasons. I found that deeply depressing.

We have Angel and Spike stood together on the porch. Surprised they weren't sitting on the back steps, as a nod to Spuffy :). I know it's bright sunshine and they have to stay in the shadow, put the positioning was lazy and meaningless, and just rang so untrue.


Jan 25, 2020
But if you are going to bring her back, she might as well not be in hell. Because Happy Ending.

Then Gischler shouldn't have thought/assumed Fred/Illyria was no different from Ben/Glory. In a way he ignored the key seriousness of the Blue One to where it disintegrated into deviantART lulz
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