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How connected is After the Fall to Angel s5?


Mar 13, 2016
I ask because my friend is planning to get it and will feel ripped off if it's as divorced from the TV show as the Buffy comics were. The reason he's getting them is to find out more about what happened and what the TV season might've been liked.

Apparently Eve doesn't show up at all, or just barely. Maybe she was killed, but doesn't seem anyone knows.

He was really curious what the Failsafe demon was, and surely it was a buildup to a confrontation, but I can find no sign that it shows up in the comics at all. He won't be pleased if it doesn't make an appearance.

So, do many who read it consider it an AU, or at least very different from what the TV show would've likely been like?

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Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
I just finished reading it, and while some commenters said it had ideas meant for the planned sixth season, I didn't think it felt much like the TV show. All the comics tend to focus a lot more on action sequences, and the characters were scattered a lot, at least at first. Neither Eve nor the Failsafe demon were in it, that I noticed. (It's sometimes hard to place a character, because they will be drawn differently.) The main characters did seem mostly correct for behavior and dialogue from the show - I could hear their voices saying the lines in my head. Spike was the biggest exception, IMO.

Maybe I'm not the best person to say for sure (and yet here I am!:D), since I always think the comics don't seem much like the shows, because.... they're comics. Also, I will say the depictions of women in AtF were deeply offensive to me, and that obviously affected how much I liked the story, but since your friend's a guy, he may not notice it as much.


Nov 4, 2010
Honestly unfortunately none of the continuation comic books feel like they belong in the same universe as the show at all. The previous IDW ones were actually better. They were called ‘the curse’ ‘old friends’ and ‘auld Lang syne’.

I personally think the best Buffyverse comic is ‘Ring of Fire’ which was set during Season 2of Buddy and is an untold Buffy vs Angelus story.
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