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How many times did Xander save Buffy's life?

sosa lola

Nov 26, 2007
Xander saved Buffy's life plenty of times:

1) The Harvest: pulling Buffy out of the sewers.
2) Prophecy Girl: giving Buffy the kiss of life.
3) Innocence: without Xander's birthday present for Buffy, she wouldn't have been able to defeat the Judge.
4)Phases: Xander staking the vampire pinning Buffy down.
5) Killed by Death: Xander standing up to Angelus and making him leave.
6) Go Fish: pulling Buffy out of the hole with the fish monsters.
7) Becoming Part 2: pulling Buffy into a hug so that the cop wouldn't see her.
8) The Zeppo: saving the school means saving Buffy.
9) The Freshman: let's just say without Xander boosting Buffy's confidence she wouldn't have defeated Sunday and gotten her stuff back.
10) Where the Wild Things Are: going into a haunted house to save Buffy and Riley.
11) Primeval: Xander came up with the idea to merge their essences together and therefore they were able to defeat Adam.
12) The Replacement: pushing Buffy out of the way and getting hit with Toth's stick.
13) The Gift: hitting Glory with a wrecking-ball after Glory taunted Buffy about losing the god-hammer.
14) Grave: Xander stopping Willow meant saving the world, meant saving Buffy.
15) Lessons: smashing the talisman, saving Buffy, Dawn, and her friends.
16) Him: coming up with the "plan" to remove the jacket and executing it with Spike.
17) Bring On the Night: shattering the glowing bowl from the spell, freeing Willow from the First and saving Buffy.

I'm probably missing a few times, but yeah, Xander saves Buffy. A lot.
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