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How the years have gone by


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn

I love this episode!

  • Are pumpkin patches a big thing in America? I've not heard of going to get a pumpkin before, it's just kinda few pumpkins in the store.
  • Angel and Cordelia talking together and even laughing, wish they had continued that a bit, so that weren't as distant in Angel season 1.
  • Buffy saying it would be wrong is so like how Faith says it in Buffys body later on
  • A care bear with fangs, aww Angel gets the best descriptions!
  • Ethan!!
  • Spike watching Buffy fight and Drusilla telling something is coming
  • Sexy Willow!
  • Love Oz and Cordelia talking, it's like Cordelia knows everyone and will talk to anyone if it suits her
  • Willow dies!
  • And Buffy is all there either!
  • However Cordelia is still Cordelia
  • Giles going to the store and seeing Ethan, but making Willow leave, before he says anything.
  • Love the look that Cordelia and Angel share when Buffy says that Angel is a vampire
  • "No hug" oh they so have a history that I really wish we knew more of.
  • Hi honey, I'm home. Love the interactions between Buffy and Spike.
  • Xander telling Cordelia not to even try with Angel, it's not going to happen
  • Oz spotting Willow again.
  • Angel opening up about his past, and how he hated the girls then and wanted something different, well he got different with Darla and got dead!
  • Ethan is gone, for now!
Are pumpkin patches a big thing in America? Yes. Ain't you never seen the Peanuts? Great Pumpkin? Oh my.


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
On a roll today, Lie to Me:

  • Creepy park at night, more bad parenting there
  • Drusilla is out and about, and talking with Angel, but she's right he can't hurt her, he feels guilty about her
  • Cordelia trying to understand history
  • Buffy bringing Ford to the Bronze and him meeting Angel.
  • Cats fighting, aka a lame excuse for vamp slayage
  • Ford, wanting to die young and look pretty!
  • Willow inviting Angel in, and asking if he needs homework help!
  • Angel talking about honing his brooding skills and being jealous
  • Willow being all paniciky about keeping her reseach on Ford a secret
  • Xander and Angel getting along and going with Angel to the club, despite the Deadboy nickname
  • the lonely ones! Really!
  • Buffy realising that Ford has been lying to her.
  • Angel admitting that he went to her friends to find out about Ford
  • Angel telling Buffy about her he tortured and killed Drusilla
  • Sorry Ford, I still don't have any sympathy for you
  • Why didn't Drusilla fight back, yes she was weak but not weak enough to just stand there surely!
  • Ford is dead, although that vamp doesn't look much like him, but love the talk between Giles and Buffy then
Professor Walsh
Professor Walsh
I seem to recall that I enjoyed "Lie to Me". Perhaps I shouldn't rewatch it.


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
The Dark Age

  • Did the dead guy play a vampire sometime, he reminds me of a vampire
  • Yeah I'm with Giles, it's noise!
  • Instead of Slayer dreams we get Giles dreams
  • Love how Jenny teases him and flirts with him, is that their first kiss? Only kiss?
  • Cordelia seems to be dumb down here, what's the hint, Saturdays class.
  • Angel's here for the fight, however Giles is not.
  • Buffy saying that Giles is being AntiGiles!
  • Ethan is back, and lurking in the library
  • Love that Ethan gets past Xander, but is stopped by a quick kick from Cordelia.
  • Giles still not letting Buffy in, not sure what his plan was?
  • Doesn't mean that they won't figure it out for themselves
  • 3 down 2 to go, plus them using magic to get high - sounds a lot like Willow in season 6
  • Ethan trading places with Buffy, giving her a tattoo and removing his.
  • Love the scene of Willow drinking tea and then yelling at Xander and Cordelia, and the aha moment she has.
  • Giles realising that Buffy is in danger
  • Angel rushing in and fighting the demon making it jump into him, love the internal fight he has.
  • Poor Giles, Jenny needs time and they were just getting somewhere.


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
So I watched these a few days ago

What's My Line pt1

  • Spike is getting closer to curing Drusilla
  • One vamp down, one disappeared
  • Then why did you come in through the window? Habit
  • Cordelia Chase Motivational speaker
  • Overkill, or just enough kill
  • Xander isn't good at the lying
  • Wilow has been tracked for a while, that's kinda creepy
  • That cemetery was close to the school?
  • Kendra has arrived, is that the Sunnydale airport, so the town expands here?
  • Buffy skating, aww I love this bit with her skating and then the Angel kissing while he's all vamped
  • Giles freaking Buffy out, him and Angel agreeing on the run and hide plan.
  • Angel beating up Willie until Kendra arrives and locks him in a cage.
  • Slayer vs Slayer version1!

  • Why is Angel so weak here, yeah he got beat by Kendra but he wasn't physically hurt, and ok sun approaching but surely he should have been able to escape.
  • Oww, Oz is shot
  • Xander and Cordelia with the bugs and the kissing.
  • Angel teasing Spike about how Drusilla likes it.
  • Nobody messes with my boyfriend
  • Angel and Drusilla are all tied up for the ritual
  • Spike against two slayers
  • Switch!
  • Kendra coming through and helping Buffy with Angel.
  • How has Kendra got a plane ticket when she has no passport or last name even?
  • Drusilla is back to full strength!


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn

  • How is Angel?Pretend I care? I think Xander does care really!
  • Buffy is not okay with Ted
  • Ted does appear to be sucking up to Buffy's friends
  • Buffy complaining that all everyone talks about is Ted, yet she's doing the same
  • Kiss me
  • Miniature golf time, but cheats and gets threatened for it, harsh
  • And now Ted lies about it.
  • Buffy spying on Ted, and finding out that Ted plans to marry Joyce
  • The way Ted keeps calling Buffy little lady is creepy
  • Buffy coming in to see Ted in her room
  • Bye, bye Ted, poor Buffy
  • Cordelia has no tact
  • Love the way Willow grabs for the cookie!
  • Ted is back
  • Jenny just shot Giles, but yay for tweed!
  • Ted telling Joyce that she doesn't have to worry about Buffy, yeah I would then be worried!
  • What's in there? His first four wives, eww glad Xander didn't let them get close
  • Aww Giles and Jenny are back together!
not for long...*crying*


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Bad Eggs

  • Buffy doing the normal family thing, shopping with her mother
  • Xander and Cordelia are still hiding and kissing
  • Aww Buffy is a single mother to an egg, yet Xander and Willow both have theirs too.
  • Buffy and Angel kissing instead of patrolling
  • Buffy and Willow are all sluggish, but Xander boiled his egg!
  • It's a baby demon!
  • Whack! Buffy and Xander are knocked out, but Cordelia's bag is cute
  • Big momma demon
  • And the vamps just add to the fun! Kinda feel that we have two stories here and one one was necessary.
  • Although the hat tilt and running from him was good!
  • Aww Buffy kissing Angel through the window so that she doesn't leave her room!


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Completely forgot about posting Surprise/Innocence


  • Buffy dreaming of Drusilla, Angel had his ring on in the dream, when did he start wearing it?
  • Willow and Oz, Willow asking Oz to Buffy's party
  • Go to class Xander, gone
  • Buffy going to the Bronze and getting an arm!
  • Angel telling the story of the Judge, kinda wish either Anya or Spike would have told the gang about things more.
  • Angel having to leave, but it's Buffy's birthday
  • Fight and falling into the water!
  • Dru has all the boxes, the Judge has been assembled
  • Angel and Buffy have been spotted.
  • Did Buffy and Drusilla share dreams?
  • Aww Angel and Buffy saying I love you
  • Drusilla - My Angel
  • Buffy waking up alone
  • Angel got dressed quickly! naked to dressed to get the soul!
  • Dru knows something has changed
  • Buffy is keeping quiet about sleeping with Angel
  • Angel is back but I don't get why he can't be burnt, yes Angel says that he never hated his victims but he still felt something for them to do all that to Drusilla.
  • Angelus has got Willow
  • Xander has a plan, Oz has a van!
  • Buffy used to have lots of Slayer dreams, I don't remember many past season 3
  • Jenny telling Buffy and Giles the truth and Buffy realising that it was her.
  • Xander talking the the soldier, and wanting sex
  • Love Oz, he's so accepting!
  • Poor Giles, he just got back with Jenny now this happens
  • I know where I'd line up
  • Buffy: That was then, this is now. Boom
  • Liking the wet Angelus look
  • Love the car ride talk between Buffy and Giles.


So it's been years since I've done a full Buffy rewatch, but I'm going to do one this year. There's episodes I haven't seen in probably over 5 years, maybe even longer!

However I have the time now to at least start the watch, so after work tonight I'll get the first dvd put in and get started. I might need a little encouragement to keep watching the bad eps!
season 1 the witch and the pack and teacher pet & I robot you jane & out of sight out of mind willow is funny in this episode making fun of Cordy.

sosa lola

Nov 26, 2007
Teacher's Pet

  • Does Xander really want the rockstar life with Buffy being the damsel

It's S1, Xander is drawn to gender norms just as Buffy is. He pretends he's not a virgin because boys shouldn't be virgins, he wishes he could play an instrument because a guy with a guitar gets love and respect, and he wishes he could save Buffy because macho men are what girls are into... Xander's journey is to accept who he is and his role in the gang. I don't think Xander really want the rockstar life or a damsel Buffy, nothing in the show indicates he wants that, it's just a dream which Xander has no control over.


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Finally got around to watching Phases:

  • Oz noticing the Catherine statue, nice recall to Witch
  • I like Willow in the red outfit
  • Was Cordelia going to say her father still thinks she's a virgin, she seemed to pause before saying good girl
  • Selfdefense classes do seem like a good idea in Sunnydale
  • Oh Cain is so creepy, one of the worst human villains in the show
  • Got to add a little Angelus to the mix too
  • Wolf in The Bronze, how did he pass the security!
  • Vampire v werewolf, and the girl is dead anyway
  • Oz just so casual when asking about his cousin
  • Xander forgetting he said he didn't remember the hyena possession
  • Poor Oz so distracted, and worried
  • Larry being all macho guy, except that he's gay and now think Xander is too.
  • I love this scene with Xander staking Theresa and then holding Buffy, he seems so grown up here
  • Oz is going through changes, with chains
  • Run Willow Run
  • I shot Oz
  • Did Oz always have earings?
  • Aww Oz isnt sure if Willow wants to be with him


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

  • "You're obviously not dating Cordelia"
  • Harmony looks so young compared to the others
  • It's good to see Amy again, even if she is using magic
  • Love the score here when Giles and Jenny are talking
  • I wonder how much of Angel's past Buffy does learn
  • Lacks poetry, I'm sure Spike could make it rhyme!
  • Knock, knock
  • Haha Buffy dressed Xander
  • Xander telling Cordelia he wants a relationship, just for her to break up with him
  • Time for a bit of blackmail
  • Cordelia wearing the locket and hiding to take it off
  • Ok I can see that actually yes even here Amy was powerful, so season 6 isn't completely out of the blue
  • Xander is very confused with all the flirting Buffy is doing and then Amy too
  • Willow hiding in Xander's bed, cute to hear a bit about when they were young as well
  • Xander begging Giles for help. Love that Giles grabs Jenny and takes her with him, despite his feelings towards her at the moment.
  • Buffy's back and not exactly wearing much! Good that Xander understands that it isn't really her.
  • And now we have a Buffy rat!
  • Oz hitting Xander! then putting a hand out to help him up.
  • Xander picking Cordelia up
  • Eww Joyce now hitting on him, good on Cordelia to get her out of the house.
  • Except Angelus has entry, and now has Xander
  • Oh love that Drusilla stops him and wants Xander instead.
  • Buffy's back, and kinda naked.
  • The spell is over, and the excuses keep coming!
  • Love the "you're a sheep" speech


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn

  • Love that Willow and Cordelia are just chatting in the background while Buffy and Xander dance
  • Love the Angelus passion speech voiceover
  • I wonder how many different cross neacklaces Buffy owns?
  • I kinda understand why Angelus likes the ballet, he's very arty, drawing, he says torture is an art
  • Don't think you actually have to invite a vampire into a car
  • Johnathan, popping up in all sorts of episodes!
  • Watcher's pet!
  • Willow being asked to teach the class
  • Jenny trying to explain to Giles her history
  • Why did she change her name, in this show Jana wouldn't have really stood out as odd!
  • Buffy trying to explain what happened to Angel to Joyce without mentioning the vampire part
  • Willow invited him in too, and he killed her fish
  • "You're still the only thing he thinks about"
  • Drusilla having a puppy and calling it sunshine, then trying to feed it to Spike, didn't she call Buffy sunshine, maybe it's a reference it that?
  • Loving the tension between Spike and Angelus
  • The orb isn't rare then, if he's selling them as paperweights
  • Why did Willow do a lesson plan, surely Jenny would have left her one
  • Aww, Buffy telling Jenny that she doesn't want Giles to be lonely
  • Cordelia has a grandmother nearby, surely that could have been used as an excuse for her to return later
  • The first mention of the Snoopy dance
  • Angelus stood, waiting for Joyce to come home.
  • Then telling Joyce about him and Buffy having sex.
  • Jenny making plans with Giles to meet up later
  • Drusilla knows and Angelus is waiting at the school
  • That was a stupid question, you knew vampires could get in the school, you forget about all those that came in last year??
  • And teacher makes 3
  • Willow awkwardly explaining what Angelus told Joyce
  • Joyce and Buffy have the talk, I do love them at the end of it sat on the bed together
  • Oh roses, that's not good, but that had to take some time to set up
  • Oh Giles :'(
  • Angelus watching as Buffy and Willow find out about him killing Jenny, kinda feel the ep could have ended here, but glad we see the rest
  • Giles with a flamin baseball bat
  • Love that Dru and Spike retreat when Buffy gets involved in the fight
  • How kind of Angelus to help Buffy get Giles out, well he throws her over the railing anyway!
  • Buffy seems to wear white at graves often, here and in Forever?
  • Willow is teaching, but sticking to the lesson plans this time.


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Killed by Death

  • I gotta get me a life
  • Love that since Buffy is down the others take on Angelus
  • Buffy's in the hospital, but not really from a vamp attack or anything, just the flu
  • Buffy flashback, we needed more of those
  • Love this bit, with Xander standing up to Angelus
  • You game? oh Doyle says that too!
  • Willow doing Buffy's homework for her
  • Tact is just not saying true stuff, I'll pass, one of Cordelia's best lines
  • Cordelia flirting with the guard, she should have been a better actress!
  • The kid has drawn a creepier picture
  • Giles is now tact guy, but Xander makes a good leader then
  • Willow taking the phone from Buffy as she realises that the demon killed Celia too
  • Literal doctor Willow giving Buffy the drugs
  • No more frogs, nice call back to the don't warn the tadpoles line
  • Thought I might try violence
  • neck snapped, demon is dead
  • Love the image of Xander relaxing on the bed with Buffy, and Willow looking so comfy there too.
Scary friday 13!


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
I Only Have Eyes For You

  • I do like seeing The Bronze
  • I like Buffy's hair at the start of this ep
  • Does that school ever get locked, people fighting there after hours
  • The gun has vanished
  • Willow teaching computer class
  • Buffy having flashback visions, I do miss the visions later in the show
  • Something weird is going on, yeah that's a good school motto
  • Xander defined something, I do love him this season
  • Giles gives a lesson on angry ghosts
  • And sees the janitor kill the female teacher in the same why the boy almost killed the girl the other night
  • Snakes for lunch
  • Cordelia has seen The Exorcist
  • Giles thinking it's Jenny and trying to contact her
  • At least he comes to Willows help and finally admits that it's not Jenny
  • Incoming!
  • Buffy playing the James part
  • Took Angelus a bit longer to get into the Grace character
  • Except vampire doesn't die when shot
  • James gets his forgiveness
  • Angelus trying to wash off the love of Grace and James
  • Spike is back!


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Go Fish

  • Beach party time, with a fire because it's nippy, so say my nips!
  • They excel at dying.
  • Johnathan is in trouble again.
  • Willow still teaching, but Snyder wants her to up the swimmers grade.
  • Cameron can talk and talk.
  • Oh it's not me I'm worried about.
  • High school with a steam room, they filled in our outside pool and built a new art building over it, there was no indoor pool.
  • Cordelia is not an artist, but like that they keep her bad at art in Angel.
  • From whence it came, that is a Giles kinda sentence.
  • Practice running like a man!
  • Willow doing the questioning, and Earshot is very similar to this.
  • Angelus not liking the taste of the swimmer. Kinda unnecessary but I guess they had to have him in there somewhere.
  • Xander in speedos
  • They're monsters on steroids.
  • Xander giving up on the subtle approach, but it's in the steam
  • His boys, and he's going to feed the nurse to them.
  • Love the scene of Cordelia talking to the demo in the pool, thinking it's Xander.
  • Xander saving Buffy, and that's not easy, pulling a wet person up from that angle.
  • The ocean. Home.


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Becoming part 1

  • I think this voiceover is Angel rather than Angelus, but good to see the beginning and a little of his human life.
  • Darla knows he saw her, leads him on, wonder if she's been watching him a while.
  • Doesn't Dru cut her chest as well?
  • Angelus calling Buffy my love.
  • Xander playing with his food.
  • Metaphor blood only
  • Snyder questioning Willow about a chair shortage.
  • Drusilla flashback, how she was as a human before Angelus killed her family and her.
  • Wonder if he was calling back to his own life with the knowledge of the confessional.
  • No you ninny she read it in the morning paper!
  • It's the yellow disk.
  • Why would Angelus be running towards them, does he feel that they are trying to curse him?
  • Willow saying that she might be able to do the spell.
  • I'm on Xanders side in this one, Buffy was on the kill Angelus team as well earlier on, now there might be a way to get Angel back she wants to risk that.
  • When did Buffy take her ring off? Angelus still wears his right?
  • Kendra is back
  • It's a big rock!
  • Found because of the need for low rent housing!
  • At least one Slayer is on Xander's side!
  • Oooh Kendra has a sword
  • Giles was one of those that bought an orb as a paperweight!
  • Interesting use of the word ascend there Angelus.
  • Alley rat Angel.
  • Wonder how old Whistler is and how often he's changed his name?
  • Vampires do like the blacked out car look!
  • I like Buffy with the long hair in the flashback
  • Buffy's necklace is kinda like a rosary, without the cross, and post LA she always wears a cross.
  • Buffy missing the mark the first try.
  • Sounds like pre divorce, but close to it.
  • Someone wasn't worthy!
  • Vampire with a flamy message.
  • Mr Pointy!
  • Alright we'll fight!
  • Buffy holding back while waiting for Willow.
  • It was a trap, and now Drusilla is here.
  • Kendra vs Drusilla, good to see Drusilla fighting, although the thrall thing is kinda cheating, although it's how Buffy died too.
  • Kendra is dead and Buffy is found over the body. Freeze!


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Becoming part 2

  • Snyder is not helping!
  • Police shooting at Buffy, and isn't Buffy 17 and not 16
  • Did Buffy go home and change, but surely that would be the first place the police would go?
  • Love that Xander hugs Buffy to hide her from the police in the hospital.
  • Willow's in a coma
  • However Giles is not at the hospital, he's with Angelus
  • I really want to torture you!
  • Whistler is at Giles' place
  • Spike beating up the cop, white flag, time out!
  • Happy meals on legs
  • Let's get inside
  • Xander staying by Willow's bed.
  • Aww cute that they call each othe each night, it's great that we get these little bits of info
  • Willow asking for Oz.
  • No it's head sized, love Oz
  • Buffy's in a rock band with Spike!
  • Staking a vampire in front of Joyce, Mom I'm a vampire slayer
  • Have we met? You hit me with an axe one time
  • Buffy and Joyce fight, not good
  • Resolve face
  • He doesn't look that bad for a guy under torture for hours.
  • The police in Sunnydale are deeply stupid, at least Snyder is honest about it!
  • You're expelled!
  • Drusilla making him see Jenny, Spike pretending that he's still wheelchair boy.
  • Giles telling them that it's Angel's blood that is needed.
  • Drusilla getting a little carried away.
  • I think that Whistler knows that she will have to send a souled Angel to Hell.
  • I'm on Xander's side here too, while he may not have known that she held back last time she fought him knowing about the soul spell, this wasn't a time she could not give everything to the fight.
  • Hello lover
  • Then why would they make you see me?
  • She should have left the minions and focused straight on Angelus.
  • Sword fight!
  • He's going to kill her, no Spike he's not!
  • No weapons, no friends, no hope, take all that away and what's left? Me.
  • Soul restored
  • Close your eyes.
  • I do love the end song, wish we knew what was in that letter though.
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