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How the years have gone by


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn

  • Wilow doesn't really play bait girl!
  • Aww Buffy on the beach, but then with Angel, also cute until the death talk.
  • Oh Seth has joined the credits
  • Waitress Buffy is cute
  • Don't get killed, good motto
  • Oops Oz is having to repeat the year.
  • Xander and Cordelia are rather awkward
  • Buffy has been recognised
  • Sister sunshine! Interesting name
  • I'm no one
  • Is the girl in the road scene in Angels credits?
  • Next best thing to the Slayer? Cordelia as bait!
  • Guessing Giles and Joyce had a few not so easy conversations over the summer
  • Aww Lily going to Buffy for help after the boyfriend vanishes
  • Ricky is dead, but old!
  • Buffy hasn't changed that much she still has a cross on
  • Breaking and entering
  • Honesty, why lie afterall!
  • Everyone bar Cordelia has a cross and stake, she might be bait, but she could have had a small cross at least.
  • I suck at undercover but not at gaining entry
  • It's a portal
  • Who are you?
  • I'm Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and you are?
  • Love that Lily pushes him off there
  • Gandhi?
  • Can I be Anne?


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Dead Man's Party

  • It's angry at the room, it wants the room to suffer
  • Xander has a radio and a nickname, I wish we saw more of this
  • The Scoobies are down, but Buffy's back to slay
  • Belgium
  • aww Giles has a proper tea set
  • Joyce meeting with Snyder eek
  • Jackets and kilts, really Buffy!
  • Willow didn't show up
  • Pat is too perky
  • Company plates?
  • Bonding over a dead cat
  • The creepy mask is being creepy
  • Buffy still having dreams of Angel, and he's in the light too.
  • Joyce called Buffy a superhero
  • Giles is here for the not so dead cat
  • Gathering, shindig or hootenanny?
  • Even the band is there
  • Willow being all avoidy
  • Cordelia and Xander, and her liking the boy slayer look
  • Buffy, pack to leave again.
  • The dead are walking
  • Willow has really learnt sarcasm over the summer!
  • "Americans"
  • Joyce is not happy either
  • I get Xander here, he's honest and to the point, no they couldn't understand what happened, because she didn't tell them what she had to do. Also it sounds like Xander has experience of burying things
  • Cordelia in Buffy's shoes!
  • Oz playing referee
  • Violence of the dead zombie kind
  • I kinda think we die
  • Worse than a zombie
  • When scary things get scared, not good
  • No this was nothing
  • It's hugs all around
  • Giles convincing Snyder
  • Buffy and Willow bonding!


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Faith, Hope and Trick.

  • Senior moment!
  • Oh Cordelia, nutshell girl
  • Martha Stewart reference, I think we get a few of those
  • Normal stuff, like dating?
  • Hello darkness
  • Angel looks odd in a white long sleeved top
  • Who is not an English librarian!
  • Na nah na nah na!
  • Cluck cluck sound!
  • Buffy starting to open up about what happened.
  • Scott is interested in Buffy.
  • Love that Xander had a stake
  • I'm Faith
  • Faith telling stories to the gang, Xander is a little too interested
  • Hungry and horny
  • Cordelia understanding how Faith came to be the slayer
  • Faith's position on werewolves
  • I like the Cotswolds too
  • Raise your hand if ewww!
  • Willow and Xander explaining all the things that have happened at the school
  • Willow saying B
  • Faith talking about being a slayer with Joyce
  • When did you die? Opps!
  • Slayer pride parade
  • Dead mother? A little info into Faiths background
  • Kissing toast?
  • Bestest new little sister
  • Scott is kinda cute here
  • Although it was a bad move with the ring there.
  • Her watcher is dead
  • Buffy is rather harsh with Faith
  • Faith looks so young here, younger than Buffy
  • First rule of slaying, don't die
  • Faith is staying, she should have stayed with Giles instead of staying in that motel.
  • Buffy finally telling them that Angel was cured and what happened.
  • There is no spell
  • Buffy saying goodbye
  • Naked Angel!!


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Beauty and the Beasts

  • Full moon, werewolf time
  • Willow reading to a caged Oz
  • Xander arriving looking like he's ready for bed, but then it's past 2am.
  • Faith and Buffy are out late too.
  • All men are beasts, isn't that what Billy believes too?
  • Buffy and Scott are more involved than I remembered
  • Poker is not your game!
  • Xander slept on the job, now there's a death
  • I'm afraid to ask - Oz ate someone last night!
  • That day went quick, already sunset
  • Aww Oz
  • Angel is out and he found clothes!
  • Angel's tattoo seems lower down
  • Willow being all professional at the morgue
  • Until she faints!
  • Buffy getting the chains out for Angel
  • Buffy looking through the files and giving Faith the chance to find more vamps
  • Oz is kinda cute post werewolf
  • I didn't think you knew what a card index was for!
  • 2 types of monster
  • Buffy admitting she needs help, sadly the doc can't help her
  • Debbie it's not looking good for you
  • "Yes" Willow all happy Oz is cleared of killing
  • "Present" " And I'll go lock myself in a cage"
  • Pete coming to challenge Oz
  • I think we broke her
  • Oz getting into a fight, until it's wolf time
  • Buffy shot Giles!
  • Faith shot Oz!
  • Angel comes to the rescue
  • He recognises Buffy and go back to human face
The chains belonged to Spike and Dru.


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn

  • Last homecoming, thinking of hiring a limo for it
  • Buffy is still with Scott? Why??
  • Leaving Scott to go see Angel and bring him lunch
  • Angel recovered so quickly, too quickly
  • Angel has progressed to a undone shirt, he's getting dressed slowly, sadly!
  • Buffy is lying to Angel about moving on
  • Scott is dumping Buffy, yay that's finally over!
  • Mr Trick is back
  • Oh is this the first time we actually see The Mayor?
  • And mayonnaise!
  • Yearbook photos
  • Aww the teacher not even remembering Buffy, now she knows how Marcie felt!
  • Buffy is going to run for homecoming queen
  • Trick just casually walking around with a lollipop!
  • Slayerfest 98!
  • I love that Willow and Xander are so comfortable with each other, talking about clothes and helping with the tie.
  • However that kiss was terrible, such a bad idea
  • White board Buffy, but they're already helping Cordelia
  • Johnathan getting money from Cordelia
  • Vapid Whore!
  • I like Buffy in red, it's not a colour we see on her often.
  • Have a nice death!
  • She's a slayer I'm a homecoming queen, love them together here.
  • The talk about being normal and being the slayer.
  • Faith talking to Scott! Also loving Faith's dress
  • "A telephone" "Oh"
  • Loving Cordelia hitting the yellow demon!
  • Boom!
  • Giles is down
  • Cordelia talking the vampire out, making him run!
  • Clever idea there Buffy
  • Mr Trick meeting the Mayor
  • "Long story" " Got hunted"


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Band Candy

  • Giles quizzing Buffy, while she has a blanket on the grave!
  • The Mayor has all sorts of creepy things, I thought we didn't get to see that side of him until later, but it's actually quite early on in the season.
  • It's band candy you sell it for the band!
  • I'm here, I gotta go
  • Love the face Giles makes when he's hit by the ball
  • Angel doing Tai Chi
  • And putting clothes on didn't happen as he's now shirtless!
  • Buffy got busted!
  • Lots of chocolate getting eaten
  • Ethan is back!
  • Giles didn't go to school today
  • Take the car, and Buffy isn't saying no to that
  • Eyes on the road, eyes on the road!
  • Love Giles and Joyce hanging out
  • Also Giles has dropped the posher accent!
  • Little tree
  • Loving teenage Snyder
  • You've got great hair
  • No time, he's coming with us!
  • Summers you drive like a spazz!
  • Giles at 16, less together guy, more bad magic, hates the world, ticking time bomb guy.
  • I do love Ripper
  • The candy!
  • Buffy seeing Joyce and Giles kissing, they are so cute together
  • I don't remember - whack!
  • Never tell me - Joyce has handcuffs
  • Bit of foreshadowing there, with the Mayor mentioning exposed gas pipes
  • Xander has a flyer of Cordelia from homecoming in his locker.
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