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How to make season 6 better AND worse at the same time


Mar 13, 2016
Buffy checks her mail. One she has to read a second time more slowly that says something like this:

Attention: Buffy Summers

I understand you slay vampires, and we find that a very valuable asset and feel you aren't being particularly compensated for your contributions to society. I have therefore authorized a significant fee that should clear up any financial problems for some time to come. All you have to do is do your duty to the philanderer who broke your heart to have a child with Darla (don't blame yourself if you thought he killed her, you were only 16 and he's been messing with the heads of young girls for centuries), but abandoned Darla to finally die while throwing his son in a hell dimension. He lost his soul after dating Cordelia Chase, or so it seems to this firm, but since Ms. Chase dropped him for his own son (who escaped from Hell, aging much quicker there as you can probably guess, with the help of an old enemy of Angel that he repayed by killing him--come ask his son if you don't believe me) he seems to have gotten "better" even if he's now seeking conjugal visits with Faith Lehane in prison.

Perhaps Cordelia Chase had a vision. She can see the future and gets visions from higher powers, but I'm sure you know that as she surely passed along information you need to know, though I'll bet she left out the details of her personal life beyond that.

I know he can be convincing and you may find it hard to believe me. Perhaps you'd like to ask the Watchers. I'm sure they'd never abandon you or mislead you in any way, like saying vampires can't have children, and I hear they give Slayers as yourself an 18th birthday to die for. Or come ask Angel's son himself.

Alternately, talk to Faith or Angel, but let me know what they say. I'm sure I will find it quite amusing.

Hope to hear from you soon

Lilah Morgan,

PS: Wolfram & Hart also offers long term benefits package that far exceed anything you'll get from the Doublemeat Palace (the owner is a client of ours, by the way), and you don't have to worry about being lied to as we have annual mind readers to make sure everyone is on the same side, though I was thinking you and I could make Wolfram & Hart, and your old stomping grounds, a much better place than it is now. Let us help you get the fire back. But competition is fierce, so call back soon. And bring along Willow Rosenberg. We did arrange for her to get that urn to bring you back from the dead after all (not my idea, but you're here, so let's do lunch, and then teach Angel and Cordelia a lesson).

Ethan Reigns

Oct 14, 2012
Excellent! You could spin the story around in circles after dropping a bombshell like that. Too bad both series were under the control of different networks. A meeting with Lilah episode might set things on a much better path than the unrelenting grimness of Season 6 or the dog's breakfast that was Season 7.
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