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How Was Wesley's Constant Presence At The School Explained?


Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass.
Jun 9, 2013
Wow. I can't believe it escaped my attention that Wesley nor for that matter Faith had a legit excuse to have access to the school campus.

Let's not forget that if memory serves, no one on the staff noticed that this older man that no one knew was not only hanging around campus inexplicably but was having an inappropriately close relationship with a student, Cordelia.
Although she was of legal age at the time, that should have been concerning. Schools/teachers have a responsibility to their students, particularly in this case considering that no one else was responsible for Cordelia at the time since her parents had been locked up for tax evasion and even before that seemed to only look after her with their credit cards.

Faith, an apparent runaway was no one ignorant's concern either. Hell, even the Scoobies didn't seem too concerned with her care outside slaying (home, financial support etc).

Wesley could have gotten himself hired as a library assistant otherwise as far as I can tell, there are no explanations here apart from these being developmental flaws as Dawn having Summers blood and Buffy's suicide are not to mention the other instances when a character didn't have to face consequences for their actions (i.e Dawn's klepto period and Willow's dark phase).

Then again Sunnydale High's principal was Mayor Wilkins' spy therefore not the best authority.


Sep 11, 2017
Wes claimed he was Xander’s friend, from back east. Where either Anya or Cordie were getting their money from in the Spring of 1999 is one of the show’s great mysteries.


Stuck In The Middle
Jan 2, 2018
The whole thing with having the school library serve as an after hours hang out for the gang, not just Wesley or Faith being there when they really had no business being there, was probably the worst plot device in the entire first 3 Seasons. I could never manage to suspend my disbelief enough to accept how someone wouldn't have found out about it all and put a stop to it by the end of the second or third episode of Season 1. Add to that, Giles' cache of supernatural literature and artifacts, plus a small arsenal of edged weapons and one tranquilizer gun, and we are definitely well into the realm of unlikely fantasy, here, but, come to think of it, is the very essence of Buffy in the first place.

I'm just curious as to where they stored that rocket launcher.
They stole the rocket launcher from the army base.


"Every now and then, people surprise you."
Jul 18, 2017
Having worked at and attended an American high school, I always have to just ignore the stuff that would never happen in real life in the high school days haha Buffy makes it easy to do, since the show is so good and set in a fantasy world anyway.

In reality, Wesley would never get away with being on school campus for no reason. Assistant librarian might have been his title, but the librarians at the high school have to have the same annual reviews and observations as many of the teaching staff, so it seems unlikely. Even as a visitor on campus the amount of time he's spending there with Giles is pushing it. Really the fact that no one goes into the library in Sunnydale always makes me laugh, and I like that the show does that to cover up some of these not-so-realistic things.

Faith I could kind of see getting by unnoticed if the school was big enough, but the staff would have to be totally unobservant! As for the after hours hang outs, that probably wouldn't work either since schools are usually closed down and locked after hours.

But hey, it's Sunnydale on a hellmouth. Stranger things have happened.
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