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In Homecoming i was surprise Cordelia gave Buffy push given she knows that Buffy could give good beaten up.


Jul 25, 2016
I think Cordelia was stupid putting her hands on Buffy as Cordelia fully knows how strong Buffy is and even after Buffy warn her off Cordelia still seem to think Buffy was easy meat and I know she probably thinks Buffy would never beat her up but still it was pretty stupid know how strong Buffy is too pick fight with her .

I kind of wish Buffy did give Cordelia fight as might of teach Cordelia lesson on to be so ignorant and arrogant.

But at same time i cant really see Buffy giving Cordelia too much of beating up as for one Cordelia was are friend well at least sometimes and 2 Buffy always was very firm on using her fighting skills only for protection on others on Demons and Vampires and she always get angry at Faith for using her fighting skills for personally gain and would made Buffy huge first class hypocrite.

So what are thoughts why do think Cordelia was so stupid at picking are fight with Buffy and do you think Buffy would given Cordelia good beaten up if Xander didit stop it .


Jul 29, 2016
I don't think Cordy engaged her brain, as far as she was concerned Buffy was just a competitor deliberately trying to steal her crown.


Sep 11, 2017
Cordelia. has. no. fear. She is the Queen B, and she does not back down from any opponent. But other than that, it was stupid. Buffy could have ripped her apart.


My arse is not pansy!
Jan 20, 2008
Cordelia knows Buffy has strong morals as well as strong arms. Shes not gona beat a chick up for a shove that hasnt hurt her in anyway.

Its like the alpha male dance that boxers do before a fight. An act intimidation rather than physical violence. Buffy isnt unhinged enough to lose her brain over it and cry domestic abuse or assult. Or punish Cordy for normal behaviour. They all know Buffy is no match for any human in a fist fight, but on a fight over popularity - Cordy is queen.


Mar 13, 2016
Sometimes I cringe knowing how criminal my past must seem to those (though I downplay those parts), and yet while I defended myself and was even placed in a special classroom setting for delinquents, I was rarely violent even as an impulsive kid. When I was in school, there were ALWAYS consequences by the faculty.

I don't feel like going into it even though I figure most won't know what I'm talking about, but I learned a type of ethics and priorities that prevented violence and wasn't impressed by it, and I don't see what Cordelia did as "starting a fight." (I wasn't a pacifist--heck, I even slammed a teacher into the wall once when I was 16, and attacked a mean girl--one who made Cordelia at her worst look like a saint and was backed by other girls--in a fight I figured I couldn't win but could at least do enough damage to prevent any further harassment.)

As for the ep...I saw them both being brats, and both showing signs of ignorance and arrogance through though much of the ep until near the end (though I could sympathize with them both).

Despite Buffy's attitude, Buffy has more ethics than I did in high school and she wouldn't actually hit Cordelia...she's a hero not some bully violently establishing dominance as if might made right. (The verbal warning of not touching her again was warranted.) Of course Snyder could and would expel her if she did and he'd be right to do so (though he'd take way too much enjoyment in it).

Toward the end has my favorite Cordelia moment where she saves Buffy despite all else..not to downplay Buffy also taking the higher road to save Cordelia as well.


Apr 1, 2016
Loved Buffy, Loved Cordelia so missed her when she went to Angel , who ever cast the original Buffy cast was right on the nail Queen B could have not have been better,
In all seven seasons I don't remember Buffy hurting any human she never even punished the trio and has as been pointed out already she had strict morals
It was all about Buffy's crap life. Buffy had being dumped by her gay boyfriend and a longing to be popular to show she could do normal thing's just like before she was called, let's face it she really only had Willow and Xander as close friends
The comedy of Cordelia arming herself with a spatula , when they had a phone ? Humor so missing in the later Buffy seasons, and standing up to the vampire, classic queen C


caiters gonna cait
Aug 2, 2007
Down Under
Black Thorn
A.) Cordelia is a BAMF that fears no one. This characteristic is reinforced later in the same episode when she gives Lyle Gorch a talking down and a half.

B.) Buffy is not the type of person to hit Cordelia, and any altercation between the two is seeped in this knowledge.
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