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Interconnections between characters and episodes


May 16, 2021
I am opening this thread in order to show the synchronicity and interconnections of some events in relation to characters, seasons and episodes. I think that in this way it is easier to understand the creative methodology and process of the writers of the show.

1) The first appearance of Spike=The first appearance of Angelus
The first appearances of Angelus and Spike in the show are similar (with the smoke: Angelus from the mouth, and Spike from the nose) because they are specular in terms of Yin-Yang/Dark Hair-Blonde Hair
2) The first appearance of Spike and Drusilla=The first appearance of Kakistos and Mr. Trick
Spike and Drusilla's first appearance in Season 2, School Hard (Episode 3 Season 2) is symbolically connected to Kakistos and Mr. Trick's first appearance in Season 3, Faith, Hope, and Trick (Episode 3 Season 3): always the episode 3 of the season.
A new couple of evil vampires take the lead of the vampires of Sunnydale and they want to kill the Slayer (Buffy/Faith): Spike (Blonde Hair/Yang) and Drusilla (Dark Hair/Yin); Kakistos (Light Brown Hair/Yang) and Mr. Trick (Dark Hair/Yin)
-As Spike and Drusilla arrive with a car in relation to their personality (a DeSoto Fireflite), Kakistos and Mr. Trick arrive with a car related to their personality (a Limousine)
-As Spike's eyebrow was scarred by a Slayer (Xin-Rong), Kakistos's eye was scarred by a Slayer (Faith): both Spike and Kakistos are the 2 vampires that have already killed Slayers in the past
3) Kakistos vs Buffy and Faith=Spike vs Buffy and Kendra (a vampire vs 2 slayers)
Kakistos and Spike fight 2 slayers at the same time respectively in seasons 2 and 3
4) The Master and Spike vs Buffy=Kakistos and Mr. Trick vs Faith
The Master and Spike are the 2 main vampires enemies of Buffy (outside Angelus) like Kakistos and Mr. Trick are the 2 main vampires enemies of Faith
  • Buffy's main adversary, in the beginning, was The Master, an ancient vampire. She feared him but after she killed him
  • Faith's main adversary, in the beginning, was Kakistos, an ancient vampire. She feared him but after she killed him
-The Master: The old and traditionalist vampire - Spike: The modern vampire that rejects traditionalism and the Cult of Aurelius (killing the Anointed One)
-Kakistos: The old and traditionalist vampire - Mr. Trick: The modern vampire that rejects traditionalism and the Cult of Kakistos letting him get killed by Buffy and Faith

5) Angelus/Spike=The Mayor/Kakistos
Spike was the main villain of season 2 with Drusilla but he was handicapped and he was supplanted by Angelus and Drusilla followed him, Kakistos was presented as the probable main enemy of season 3 but he was killed and he was supplanted by The Mayor with Mr. Trick as an assistant.
-Angelus: the main enemy of season 2 supplanting Spike (that got handicapped/should be killed originally)
-The Mayor: the main enemy of season 3 supplanting Kakistos (that got killed)

After Mr. Trick was supplanted by Faith, so both Kakistos and Mr. Trick were supplanted by The Mayor and Faith as main villains of season 3 like Angelus supplanted Spike as the main villain of Season 2

6) The first appearance of Spike=The first appearance of Faith
Spike's first appearance in School Hard (Episode 3 Season 2) is also symbolically connected to Faith's first appearance in Faith, Hope, and Trick (Episode 3 Season 3).
Both Spike and Faith represent the opposite in relation to Yang-Yin/Dark Hair and Bolde hair to Buffy and Angel and are their "bad" counterparts (Bad-Boy/Bad-Girl):
-Angel: Good Vampire and Spike: Bad Vampire
-Buffy: Good Slayer and Faith: Bad Slayer

7) The first fight of Spike with Buffy=The first fight of Spike with Nikki
Buffy and Spike's interaction with Slayers is specular, as a matter of fact:
  • Buffy (Blonde Hair/Yang) interacts and fights 3 different Slayers: Sineya-Kendra-Faith (Dark Hair/Yin)
  • Spike (Blonde Hair/Yang) interacts and fights 3 different Slayers: Xin Rong-Nikki-Dana (Dark Hair/Yin)
Kendra-Faith-Sineya are created as the opposite characters to Buffy as Slayers:
  1. Kendra is the more disciplined Slayer than Buffy and always follows the order of Watchers
  2. Faith is more rebellious Slayer than Buffy and becomes the rogue Slayer
  3. Sineya and Buffy are like the First and Last Slayers/Guardians of the Hellmouth with the Scythe, M? like said by the Shadow Man
The main characters are Buffy and Spike but:
  • Kendra is similar to Xin Rong (the more disciplined Slayer that always follows the orders of the Watchers and fights in a more technically oriented manner)
  • Buffy is similar to Nikki (both fights similarly like said by Spike in Fool for Love and both have the role of "mother" for Robin/Dawn)
  • Faith is similar to Dana (the problematic/psychotic rebellious Slayer).
Because of this connection, Spike's first fight with Buffy is specular (similar and opposite) to his first fight with Nikki:
-Spike was ready to kill Buffy but she was saved by her mother Joyce
-Spike was ready to bite Nikki but she was saved by her son Robin
Instead, Spike vs Xin-Rong was the opposite to Nikki, as a matter of fact, Xin-Rong was ready to kill Spike, but she got distracted, and after Spike was able to kill her
8) The Master and the Three in Season 1=Spike and the three assassins of the Order of Taraka (Octarus, Norman, Patrice) in season 2
-In season 1 the Master sent the Three to kill Buffy because she was causing him many problems
-In season 2 Spike sent the three assassins of the Order of Taraka to kill Buffy because she was causing him many problems
Much hype and in the end these 3 warriors/assassins didn't do almost anything

9) The Judge and the return of Angelus vs Buffy in Btvs=The Beast and the return of Angelus vs Faith in Angel show
The Judge and The Beast are 2 of the most powerful and dangerous demons of Buffyverse and are connected to the return of Angelus

In Btvs, Angelus returned after:
-He made love with Buffy (the woman he loves)
-The Judge was recomposed
and he fought and was defeated by Buffy

In Angel show, Angelus returned after:
-In a dream/illusion reality he made love with Cordelia (the woman he loves)
-The Beast returned to Earth after being banned
and he fought and was defeated by Faith

10) Spike=Penn
Spike (Blonde Hair/Yang) and Penn (Blonde Hair/Yang) are progenies of Angelus (Dark Hair/Yin); as a matter of fact, both Spike and Penn tried to imitate Angelus, their teacher; however:
  • Penn always followed Angelus and he imitated him also in relation to his "philosophy" of artistic killing
  • Spike challenged him, creating a rivalry because he chose violence and chaos in opposition to the evilness and artistic killing of Angelus
11) Spike and Drusilla/James and Elisabeth/Buffy and Angel/Buffy and Spike (based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Othello and Desdemona)
Spike (Blonde Hair/Yang) and Drusilla (Dark Hair/Yin) are similar to James (Dark Hair/Yin) and Elisabeth (Blonde Hair/Yang), a couple of vampire lovers that accompanied Angelus (Dark Hair/Yin) and Darla (Blonde Hair/Yang) during their killing spree and they are opposed to them.
Their relationship was also specular to Spike and Drusilla as opposed to Angelus and Darla.
-Angelus and Darla= Relationship principally based on convenience and opportunism
-James and Elisabeth/Spike and Drusilla=Relationship based on sentimentality and love

The relationship of James and Elisabeth is the most similar to Romeo and Juliet's relationship and related to Buffy and Angel as said in episode 3x01, as a matter of fact also Buffy and Angel's relationship is partially based on Romeo and Juliet. Instead, Spike and Buffy is partially based on Othello and Desdemona

Also Spike and Drusilla/Buffy and Angel present a structure of relationships interchangeable:
As a matter of fact, Angel has a relationship with Drusilla and Spike has a relationship with Buffy
Spike and Buffy, as a symbolical opposition in relation to sexuality, were symbolically established from the beginning even if the writers wanted to kill Spike and don't know how to evolve his character:
1) Writers created partially a symbolism related to Desdemona/Othello/Iago in relationship to Buffy/Spike/Drusilla
DRUSILLA: I can't see her. The Slayer. I can't see. It's dark where she is. Kill her. Kill her, Spike. Kill her for me?
SPIKE: It's done, baby.
DRUSILLA: Kill her for Princess?
SPIKE: I'll chop her into messes.
DRUSILLA: You are my sweet... my little Spike.

OTHELLO: Ay, let her rot, and perish, and be damned
tonight for she shall not live: no, my heart is turned
to stone. I strike it, and it hurts my hand. O, the
world hath not a sweeter creature. She might lie by
an emperor's side and command him tasks
IAGO: Nay, that's not your way.
OTHELLO: Hang her! I do but say what she is: So
delicate with her needle; an admirable musician.
O, she will sing the savageness out of a bear!
Of so high and plenteous wit and invention!
IAGO: She's the worse for all this
OTHELLO: O, a thousand, thousand times - And then
of so gentle a condition!
IAGO: Ay, too gentle
OTHELLO: Nay, that's certain. But yet the pity of it -
Iago! O, Iago, the pity of it, Iago!
IAGO: IF you are so fond over her iniquity, give her
patent to offend - for if it touch not you, it comes
near nobody.
OTHELLO: I will chop her into messes! Cuckold me?
In "Crush" Drusilla said: "Oh, we can, you know. We can love quite well. If not wisely." when Spike declares his love for Buffy in relation to Othello's: "Speak of me as I am. Nothing extenuate, Nor set down aught in malice. Then must you speak. Of one that loved not wisely, but too well"
-Spike's feelings in relationship to Buffy are similar to Othello's, as a matter of fact, Othello, speaking to Desdemona, said: "If you’re this beautiful when you’re dead, I’ll kill you and then love you afterward. (kissing her)"
Spike's desire to kill Buffy but with a sexual undertone that grows in love and admiration is specular to Othello's desire to kill Desdemona and his love and admiration for her.

In "School Hard" during their first fight, there are many sexual undertones:
-He talked about her menstrual cycle
-He said that weapons make him feel more manly
-He said that he will be quick and it doesn't hurt and she respond that it will hurt a lot

2) The scene in the Bronze in "School Hard" where Spike sees Buffy for the first time while she is dancing (with the song Stupid Thing from Nickel) is symbolically linked to the scene in the Bronze where Angelus sees Buffy's dance in "Passions": A man that sees the girl he likes/love (even in a twisted way based on killing)

In season 2 Spike and Drusilla were created as opposite to Buffy and Angel that created a symbolical interconnection in relation to sexual and emotional relationships between these 4 characters

At the beginning of Season 2 Spike was the "Big Bad" with his woman Drusilla, but after he got injured and handicapped in a wheelchair Angel turned Angelus.
Angelus supplanted Spike's role as "Big Bad" stealing also his woman Drusilla.
In season 2 Angel, normally the "Good Vampire" died as a Villain/Big Bad
In season 7 Spike (now in a relationship with Buffy) takes the role of Angel. He now is another vampire with a soul prophesized for his main role in the Apocalypse.
Angel should use the amulet to destroy the First Evil's army and stay with Buffy; however, fate twisted and Spike took his role and Buffy choose him.
In season 7 Spike, normally the "Bad Vampire" died as a Hero with Buffy
As Angelus took away Spike's role of Villain and his woman Drusilla in Season 2 after Angel lost his soul; in Season 7 Spike took away Angel's role of Hero and his woman Buffy after Spike gained his soul

12) The death of Buffy, Angel, and Spike
Season 2:
Angel was the most loved person by Buffy at that time, and his blood was "the key" to open the Hell (Mouth) of Achatla. Buffy killed Angel in order to save the world closing the Mouth of Hell of Achatla. After got killed Angel went to Hell
Season 5: Dawn was the most loved person by Buffy at that time, and her blood was "the key" to open the Hell of Glory. Buffy sacrifice herself to save Dawn and the world closing the portal of Hell-Dimension. After die, Buffy went to Heaven
Season 7: Spike was the most loved/cared person by Buffy at that time (for this reason she always defended and sided with him against everyone in that season: Giles, her friends, Angel) and he (his soul) was"the key" to activate the amulet and have direct contact with Heaven and Divine Power and destroy the Hellmouth. Spike sacrifices himself to save Buffy and the world closing definitively the Hellmouth of Sunnydale. Spike descended to Hell (the Hell-mouth of Sunnydale) and got divinized by Heaven
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May 16, 2021
I have always compared these tv shows because I have seen similarities in the structures of the journey of heroes and characters. I think that the writers of BTVS and Angel took also many inspirations from Hercules and Xena as a tv show, not only in relation to a powerful female warrior figure like Xena as the main character but also in relation to the structure of characters and tv shows.
As a matter of fact, the writers and directors of Hercules and Xena (like many other writers and directors of movies and tv series) created their character in relation to the opposition Yang-Yin of the Chinese philosophy Taoism expressed in detail in the I Ching.

1) Buffy-Angel and Hercules-Xena as tv shows
Buffy and Angel as tv shows are the opposite of Hercules and Xena:
  1. There is the main tv show (Buffy and Hercules) and a spin-off (Angel and Xena)
  2. There is the main tv show that is more related to "Light-Yang" with a more good-hearted and innocent main character (Buffy and Hercules) and a more "Dark-Yin" spin-off with the main character that becomes a hero for redemption (Angel and Xena)
  3. There is a main male character (Angel and Hercules) and a main female character (Buffy and Xena): Yang-Male and Yin-Female
2) Buffy and Angel=Hercules and Xena
  • Buffy=Hercules: The main hero
  • Angel=Xena: The hero for redemption from his evil past helped by Buffy/Hercules
However, the scheme is also reversed:
  • Buffy=Xena: Main Female Lead
  • Angel=Hercules: Main Male Lead
Hercules and Xena's best friends are Iolaus and Gabrielle:
Hercules (Dark Hair) and Iolaus (Blonde Hair) are Yin and Yang in opposition to Xena (Dark Hair) and Gabrielle (Blonde Hair)
Instead Buffy (Blonde Hair) and Angel (Dark Hair) are opposite.
  • Buffy's main friends are: Xander and Willow (Male-Female/Yang-Yin) + Dawn (the younger sister, a "daughter figure")
  • Xena's main friends are: Joxer and Gabrielle (Male-Female/Yang-Yin) + Eve (her daughter)

3) Ares and Callisto=Spike and Faith: The rivals
Buffy-Angel, Hercules-Xena, Spike-Faith, Ares-Callisto are similar and opposite in relation to Yang and Yin; as a matter of fact, their relationships are interconnected in different ways
The basic relationships are:
  • Buffy=Xena and Callisto=Faith
  • Angel=Hercules and Spike=Ares
However, it is also reversed:
  • Angel=Xena and Spike=Callisto
  • Buffy=Hercules and Faith=Ares
Buffy (Good Girl/"Angel") and Faith (Bad Girl/"Demon") opposition based on the archetypes "Angel/Yang/Blonde-Demon/Yin/Dark" is similar but opposite to Callisto and Xena
Also, in relation to Spike/Ares and Faith/Callisto:
  1. Ares is jealous of Hercules like Faith is jealous of Buffy
  2. Xena (Dark Hair/Yin), in his evil days, is responsible for Callisto's personality (Blonde Hair/Yang) like Angel (Dark Hair/Yin), in his evil days, is responsible for Spike (Blonde Hair/Yang)
  3. Ares starts as a villain but because of his admiration toward Xena fall in love with her in the successive seasons; like Spike, that also starts as a villain, but because of his admiration toward Buffy fall in love with her
  4. At the end of the series Faith and Ares becomes allies with Hercules and Buffy, and Callisto and Spike got sanctified/divinized.
4) The main enemy: First Evil/Dahak (Satan/Angra Mainu-Azi Dahaka related to the Church and Christianity)
  • The main enemy of Buffyverse is the First Evil
  • The main enemy of Hercules/Xena is Dahak
Both these entities are based on the Judeo-Christian concept of Satan, Dahak is based on Angra Mainyu/Ahriman, the principle of evil and destruction as opposed to Ahura Mazda (God) of Zoroastrianism, as a matter of fact, Hercules meets Zarathustra
The Judeo-Christian concept of Satan/Enemy of "God" was born from Zoroastrianism during the Persian rule of Hebrews after their liberation from the Babylonian exile of Nebuchadnezzar II with the victory of Cyrus the Great in the 6th century BC
Christianity developed from a Judaic set from Hebrews messianism, and originally Hebrews didn't have a Satan enemy of God; the ha-satan of the Hebrew Bible was sometimes an emissary of "God", after the syncretism and influences from Persian Zoroastrianism the Hebrews developed their concept of Satan.

In Hercules/Xena Dahak is based on the concept of Angra Mayinu developed in Judaism and Christianity (linked also to the snake of Eden) in relation to the fall of polytheism and the development of monotheism with Judaism and Christianity

Both in Buffy and Xena/Hercules First Evil and Dahak are linked to the Church: First Evil with Caleb, an ex-priest, and Dahak with his priest was trying to create the church of the only God after the fall of pagan deities

Personal opinion:
I think that the First Evil was lame, I didn't like the way it was represented. I can't think of that entity as "the principle of evil" and i also think that many people didn't take him seriously watching season 7. Instead, the depiction of Dahak in Hercules/Xena was one of the best depictions of "Satan/Evil Principle" I have seen in fiction (movies and tv series).
For example, in my opinion:
1) Caleb: yes, he was a good character and he was an effective scary villain but in the end, he was a misogynistic priest that everyone could understand that he had psychological problems when he talks about the Bible. Instead, the priests of Dahak were more astute in order to trick other people and gather followers of this "new religion".
Dahak himself posed as a parody of a messianic figure in order to fool people and these people unaware of his evil intentions loved and followed him. He created a false Church of the "only God of Light" with gospel chants as a parody of Christianity, and he was believable.
2) The First and Caleb operated principally in Sunnydale and they didn't do almost anything in the rest of the world (outside killing potentials). Instead, Dahak and his priest operated in all the world with people of different nations (Sumerian Mythology, Norse Mythology, Greek Mythology, and Celtic Mythology): He corrupted Gilgamesh, a demigod; he used Loki in order to start the Ragnarok; he killed the druids and accused Hercules in order to "demonize" him and used Cernunnos; he used Ares and others Greek Gods ran away from him. He impregnated Gabrielle and used Hope, their daughter against her. Dahak's presence influenced the whole world.
The way he mocked the real "God" posing as a priest of the light and a savior, his sarcasm and irony, the way he tried to corrupt people with good intentions during the depression for the death of loved ones, the way he took the body of Iolaus in order to torture emotionally Hercules, the way he tried to corrupt the innocent and naive Gabrielle in order to put her against Xena after impregnating her. He was a great character and a new and interesting depiction of "Satan/Evil Principle"
Also, the way the actor of Iolaus portrayed him and his relationship with Hercules reminded me of the Joker of Heath Ledger with Batman (another great character)
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