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Is California over?

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
I don't know too much about this. From a outsider's point of view I'd sat there's good and bad to California like most places. Its obvious that its too pricey for most people and not the best climate. I know its terrible for the homeless too. The article itselve seems a bit melodramatic. I don't think we're looking at the decline of California for quite some time (still holds lots of cultural appeal, and is a beautiful part of the country, well some of it, plus diverse cultural). But changes need to be made to improve people's lives there.
California could be a wonderful place, if it was in Wales, Cornwall, the south of France, you know anywhere but where it is.


modulating between criticism and reconstruction
Feb 18, 2014
Denver, Colorado
My experience here in Colorado is that Californians moving here tend to conform. Most are just want-to-be normies who couldn't find a cheap and quiet suburb back in California to inhabit, so they went out in search of it at a discount and chose Colorado. The traffic here grows but that's because such a significant number of them are here now. They have their Californian idiosyncrasies but for the most part they play along. As people they are not that different. The majority we take in are pedestrian middle class types that you find everywhere in this country. They live to the middle class conventions the way the rest tend to do. I'm not necessarily criticizing them for it; it's simply an observation.

I first became aware of just how many of them we've absorbed here in Denver a few years ago when I went to a baseball game here against the LA Dodgers. The fans were half and half. You couldn't tell who the home team was.

Too much money is invested in California to die. Government subsidies will make sure of that. It's the center of the tech-y universe after all.

California is/has become a home only for the very wealthy or the very poor. People in the vanishing middle are getting squeezed out. Hence the Californian diaspora.
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