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Question Is Connor the most hated character?


Jun 17, 2018
This was what I commented about.
Fair enough although you can see some realisation in her face and I think some agency as to her smashing the bottle. It's not a hill I'd die on but I like the idea.


Nov 13, 2018
I liked Connor in season 5 of Angel. His episode in the limelight was brilliant, and I loved his cameo in the finale. Vincent was a very good actor. He was so lovable and sweet as the nerdy, normal Connor in Origins, but then the look on his face when the memory box breaks after he's thrown Sajhan over the table is frightening. You know the old Connor is back and Sajhan is in for it. I also love how he plays it afterwards. You're kind of on edge as the old anger is still there, so you're not sure if the old Connor really is back, but you later realise that his new life and seeing what he could have had has given him more clarity and appreciation for his father.

In season 4 however Connor did get on my nerves I must admit. I understood why he was so messed up, but it got a bit tedious after a while. He also was an example of Joss Whedon's main problem as a writer. Crowbarring in too many characters.

Also I feel that the very concept of Connor was kind of writing the show into a corner. They introduced a baby for Angel, which couldn't last. You can't have an action series where someone is looking after a little baby, so they had to find a way to get rid of it. Then however the adult Connor presented a problem as he was too warped to be a likable main character, and he also was in danger of undermining Angel by being another super powered hero (Spike ran into this problem a bit too, but at least Spike was so much fun in other ways he overcame it.)

Added to that Connor is at the centre of a bad story arc so naturally he isn't going to be looked on with fondness that much.

I think the fandom is fair on Connor for the most part though. Most people would agree that Vincent was a good actor, and that his appearances in season 5 were highlights, it's just the whole Jasmine mess, Cordelia shagging him etc that gets people down.

I personally think Dawn was a better character. Whilst she had her whiney phase, she never took over the show like Connor. Added to that the arc that introduced her, the Glory arc was one of my favourites, unlike Jasmine.

I will say though that the Angel/Connor relationship came to a better end than Dawn/Buffy. Dawn and Buffy's relationship hid a bad block with Dawn kicking Buffy out and after that it was never really focused on again which was a shame. Angel and Connor's last moment together however was a highlight.
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