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Is Giles attractive?


Lion Faced Kitteh
May 5, 2014
East of Trouble
I always like intelligent, resouceful men. Men who are willing to research the problem and willing to fight. I think he is both physically attractive and emotionally someone I could connect with. Watching him with partners, particularly Ethan and Joyce, you see a raw sexuality and physicality that is quite hot. I can believe he had orgies with Ethan and friends, that inside that tweed is a wicked rebel. Yum!
Sep 2, 2020
When the show came out I was closer in age to Giles than I was to the kids and liked him from the get go for so many reasons. One of which is he's damned good looking and I'm also one for brains and sarcasm :D
It would be a bit odd if I'd have lusted after the teens =:O And, while I appreciate Angel is aesthetically good looking, he's just not my type. Same goes for Spike.
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