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Is this true about "Hush"? A reviewer on TV.com said that Logo added music?


Huge Spuffy Fan!
Nov 23, 2011
This episode has always been my favorite, however I just saw it on Logo and it has been edited with an addition of music. Frankly the addition of the music ruins the episode. When it originally aired there was no music at least in parts. I remember because I thought it made it scarier and thought it was an awesome concept. For instance when on of the Gentlemen came to the window there was no music. When the boy had his heart ripped out there was no music. You didn't know what was coming and that was the beauty of were left not knowing when to jump because there was no clue music. Now I don't know if music was added in other parts or not, but it really took alot of the scare out of i . Whoever redited with the music should undo the dastardly deed.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Hush

What do they mean? "Hush" on Hulu and when it was on Netflix plus our dvds had music as well. So what are they referring to?