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James Marsters Filmography

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Aug 13, 2010
Raleigh, NC
Birth Name: James Wesley Marsters
Height: 5'11" (1.80m)

Mini Biography: James was born in Greenville California on August 20, 1962. In fourth grade, he got the role of Eeyore in a production of Winnie the Pooh that his class put on, which sparked his love and interest in acting. He graduated from Grace M. Davis High School in 1980. He spent his first two years of college at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts (1980-1982) and his second two at the Julliard School of Acting (1983-1984). In 1987, he moved to Chicago and performed in The Tempest as Ferdinand, which was his first professional acting role. In 1989, he married Liane Davidson. In 1990, he moved to Seattle with his then wife and started the New Mercury Theater. In 1992, his career as an actor on TV began with a guest role in Northern Exposure as a bell boy and a minister. In 1996, his son, Sullivan, was born. In 1997, he and Liane divorced. In 2010, he announced he was engaged to Patrica Rahman. In early 2011, they were married.


2011 Supernatural
Don Stark
– Shut Up, Dr. Phil (2011)

2010-2011 Hawaii Five-0
Victor Hesse
– Ha'i'ole (2011)
– Hana 'a'a Makehewa (2010)
– Pilot (2010)

2009-2011 The Super Hero Squad Show
Mr. Fantastic (voice)
– Brouhaha at the World's Bottom (2011)
– Double Negation at the World's End! (2010)
– This Al Dente Earth (2010)
– Last Exit Before Doomsday (2010)
– If This Be My Thanos (2009)

2005-2010 Smallville
Milton Fine / Brainiac / Brainiac 5
– Homecoming (2010) … Brainiac 5
– Abyss (2008) Brainiac (voice) (uncredited)
– Arctic (2008)
– Apocalypse (2008)
– Veritas (2008)
See all 14 episodes

2010 Caprica
Barnabas Greeley
– Retribution (2010)
– Unvanquished (2010)
– End of Line (2010)
– Know Thy Enemy (2010)

2009 Lie to Me
– Truth or Consequences (2009)

2009 High Plains Invaders (TV movie)
Sam Danville

2009 Moonshot (TV movie)
Buzz Aldrin

2009 Numb3rs
Damian Lake
– Guilt Trip (2009)

2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Captain Argyus (voice)
– Cloak of Darkness (2008)

2008 The Capture of the Green River Killer (TV mini-series)
Ted Bundy
– Episode #1.2 (2008)

2008 Torchwood
Captain John Hart
– Exit Wounds (2008)
– Fragments (2008)
– Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2008)

2007-2008 Without a Trace
Detective Grant Mars
– Article 32 (2008)
– One Wrong Move (2007)
– Clean Up (2007)
– Lost Boy (2007)

2007 Saving Grace
Dudley Payne
– Bring It On, Earl (2007)

2005 Cool Money (TV movie)
Bobby Comfort

2004 The Mountain (TV series)
Ted Tunney
– A Piece of the Rock (2004) … Ted Tunney

1999-2004 Angel (TV series)
– Not Fade Away (2004) … Spike
– Power Play (2004) … Spike
– The Girl in Question (2004) … Spike
– Time Bomb (2004) … Spike
– Origin (2004) … Spike
See all 24 episodes

2003 Spider-Man
Sergei (voice)
– Mind Games: Part 1 (2003)
– Tight Squeeze (2003)

1997-2003 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series)
– Chosen (2003)
– End of Days (2003)
– Touched (2003)
– Empty Places (2003)
– Dirty Girls (2003)
See all 97 episodes

2003 Strange Frequency 2 (TV movie)
Mitch (segment "Soul Man")

2001 Andromeda
Charlemagne Bolivar
– Into the Labyrinth (2001)

2001 Strange Frequency
Mitch Brand
– Soul Man (2001)

2001 The Enforcers (TV mini-series)
Sullivan McManus

1999 Winding Roads (TV movie)
Billy Johnson

1999 Millennium
Eric Swan
– Collateral Damage (1999) … Eric Swan

1997 Moloney
Billy O'Hara
– Herniated Nick (1997)

1995 Medicine Ball
Mickey Collins
– Night of the I Wanna (1995)
– Heart and Sole (1995)

1992-1993 Northern Exposure
Bellhop / Reverend Harding
– Grosse Pointe, 48230 (1993) … Reverend Harding
– It Happened in Juneau (1992) … Bellhop


2009 Dragonball: Evolution
Lord Piccolo

2007 P.S. I Love You

2007 Superman/Doomsday (video)
Lex Luthor (voice)

2007 Shadow Puppets

2002 Chance

1999 House on Haunted Hill
Channel 3 Cameraman


2011 DC Universe Online (Video Game)
Lex Luthor (voice)

2009 Real Heroes: Firefighter (Video Game)
Jimmy 'Match' Morris (voice)

2003 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds (Video Game)
Spike (voice)

2002 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Video Game)
Spike (voice)

  • During his time on Buffy as Spike, he joined Charlie De Mars and his band Power Animal and together they created the band Ghost of the Robot. They released an album (Mad Brilliant), an EP (It's Nothing), and were working on a second album. In 2004, the band broke up before the second album was released. In 2010, they got together again for a special reunion gig that turned into the band being back. During the breakup of the band, James released two solo albums (Civilized Man and Like a Waterfall). When the band got back together, Sullivan, James' son, was asked to join the band. When they reunited, they released B-Sider, a compilation album full of songs they had recorded before the break up. Their third album has been recorded and is set to be released on November 15, 2011.
  • Along with raising Sullivan with his ex-wife, he also raises his brother's daughter as his own.
  • He has two siblings. An older sister (Susan) and a younger brother (Paul)
  • His favorite episode of Buffy is Once More with Feeling because he felt proud of the cast for the amazing job they did even though they're not musical actors. Similarly, his favorite episode of Angel (that he was in) is Destiny because he was proud of David Boreanaz for the fight scenes. He apparently needed hip surgery and couldn't move properly and was also in a lot of pain.
  • He will not say bad things about the Twilight Saga because the hype and books got his niece to read.
  • He created the Marsters and Son youtube channel to teach his son about fame and how it's not always easy and sometimes people are mean. He stopped using it because people were "too nice" (plus they said his son was better than him).
  • His favorite Shakespeare play is Macbeth.
  • The Royal Shakespeare Company of Stratford, England, held a 2004 poll asking movie viewers to vote for the actor and actress they would most like to see in the roles of Romeo and Juliet. The winners were Marsters and Keira Knightley. More than 2,000 people voted for more than 150 different actors for both roles. Marsters, a Shakespearean actor, triumphed over Orlando Bloom, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, and Johnny Depp. Speaking from his Californian home, Marsters said, "I'm flattered and excited that people would think of me for the role of Romeo. I think the themes of violence and social disintegration are as important today as they were in Shakespeare's day."
  • His favorite playwright is Anton Chekhov.
  • He is left handed.
  • Commonly refers to Spike as his favorite role
  • He was basically "kicked out" of Julliard after he told his teachers he thought the way they were doing stuff was stupid.
  • During his time in New York after being kicked out of Julliard before going to Chicago, he was "basically homeless" and lived a "life of questionable activity." It was during this time that he got the scar on his left eye from being mugged.
  • When he was in the fifth grade, he had a sport related accident and cut his leg down to the bone. He spent a month in the hospital, was released home, and then came back to the hospital to get a skin graft to help it heal. After that, he got an infection and the doctors said he'd never walk again. He claims he always knew he was going to walk again.
  • He often cites John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood) as his best on screen kiss. His then girlfriend now wife, Patricia, was there directing the kiss saying what looked good and what didn't. She apparently found the site of her man kissing another man quite pleasing. The one thing James says he didn't like about that kiss was John's facial hair. He says that was the moment he learned how mean it is not not shave and then kiss your woman.
  • His favorite movie is the original Apocalypse Now.
  • He attended one of the first Star Trek conventions when he was a child. He dressed up in cosplay and is now very proud of that fact.
  • He saw Star Wars before it was released in a back yard showing at George Lucas' house. Afterwards, he bragged to his friends about how he'd seen the best movie ever made. They did not believe him until the movie was released. After the release of the movie, James claims he went back to George Lucas' house to ask him to not make a lot of merchandise for the movie as it would not do it justice.
  • His favorite Care Bear is Tenderheart Bear.....yes,really! (He reads to the children in his family and when they were younger they liked Care Bears and he was asked if he had a favorite.)
  • His favorite color is: green, the color of Mother Earth.
  • His favourite sound is 'a happy baby'
  • He has been the narrator for 10 of the Dresden Files series books on tape. He narrated "Grave Peril," Death Masks," "Blood Rites," "Dead Beat," "Proven Guilty," "White Night," "Small Favor," "Turn Coat," "Changes," and the side short story collection in the same universe "Side Jobs" were also recorded by Marsters. However, he did not do the latest Dresden book "Ghost Story" due to a scheduling conflict.
  • Originally the character was suppose to be killed after a few episodes but Spike became so popular that he became a regular on the show.
  • Gained the scar on his left eyebrow when he was mugged whilst living in Queens
  • While doing regional theatre in Chicago, he co-founded the New Mercury Theatre company (named after Orson Welles' "Mercury Theatre"). In 1990, New Mercury's founders packed the operation up and relocated to Seattle in the hopes of finding more opportunity; they played there for a number of years, using any available space, including the basements of restaurants and churches, but eventually found themselves a more permanent space near Pioneer Square.
  • Is instantly recognizable chiefly for his platinum blonde bleached hair. He has to bleach his hair regularly to play 'Spike' on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. He recommends adding four to seven packets of Sweet 'n' Low to the bleaching solution, to take the sting out.
  • He lived at one point (possibly still living there) in a house right on the beach. He once said during an interview that the worst part of living there was that because of his role on 'Buffy: The Vampire Slayer', he couldn't go out on the beach for any length of time because he'd pick up a tan.
  • His appearance at the 2002 Shore Leave sci-fi convention was so popular that a great number of fans had to watch his Q&A sessions from specially set up monitors outside the conference hall. Despite the almost Beatlemania-like overcrowding at the event, he stayed on for over 2 hours after he was scheduled to leave to ensure every single fan who'd waited in line got an autograph.
  • One of his first major theater roles was a Chicago production of 'The Tempest' in which he was strapped near-naked to a large wooden wheel for his entrance. (He claims that he has never been self-conscious about appearing nude since.)
  • Has produced over 70 plays.

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