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Kane's Kitchen


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
I love the ART of food. We eat with our eyes first. PRESENTATION is everything. It sets the stage for an amazing experience. Our visual stimulation only enhances our entire food experience. There is a strange yet wonderful feeling in my head and heart when I present a dish that I am proud of to an appreciative person(s). There is no better feeling to me then when I get a smile out of a special person from something I created.

I wanted HAD to share this passion with you. Five years ago, the idea for Kane’s Kitchen started taking shape in my thoughts. And finally, with the help and hard work of my business partner and producer Jose Behar, and the unbelievable generosity of my friend and boss, Dean Devlin we have been able to bring this idea to life. Welcome to my house.

Let me explain the concept of Kane’s Kitchen. I’m not trying to teach you tricks on how to get laid. I am strongly suggesting that romance should be brought INTO the kitchen. The kitchen holds the key to unlock MAGICAL things. I personally always try to make it the starting point to a great night, no matter if it’s a first date, a relaxing movie night, a beautiful morning start to the day or even if it's just another night in a 20 year relationship. Romance and art are all around us. It's right there in the air, you just have to grab it, or in this medium, put it down on a plate. I wanted to show you how to cook for a girl, or a guy, or whomever you might fancy or love. You know what, honestly, it doesn't have to be perfect. The effort and commitment will show them that you actually care. Finding your inner artist is so sexy on any level. Witnessing it is even sexier. It's just food man, but in the right hands it can be such a powerful weapon.

Come ride with me, I won't let you down.

Welcome to Kane's Kitchen!!!

Christian Kane
Official Homepage for the Original Series Kane's Kitchen

Anyone watched it?


AKA Apology Girl
Aug 26, 2008
Black Thorn
Lol, he's so amazing. He's welcome in my kitchen anytime. My cupboards are quite high though, so... I'll leave the stool out.
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