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Last Gleaming: Angel's Opening Monologue

The Ferg

Apr 7, 2008
Omaha, NE
I'm super confused.

It opens to Angel falling through a portal and knocking down part of the Hollywood sign. Bewildered, Angel says:
"Ruins. Sometimes I forget that's all the world is. I flash back to the LA I lived in, that I tried to save, and for a moment it seems like it never happened. Like we never lost the war. I look and expect to see lights. Just for a moment."

What the actual f*** is he talking about?

The only way I can rationalize this is if, after AtF, "Twilight" sucked him into a portal and showed him a vision of the future. A future in which everything is a barren wasteland, and LA is gone. And then shot him back to Earth so he could see what he had to fight for.

But even that doesn't make sense, because the whole point of Twilight is to leave Earth behind and create a new plane of existence.

Furthermore, did Angel understand, from the get go, exactly what he was fighting for? Did he realize exactly what would happen?
I need to reread that now...
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