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Letters for Angel



There has been some considerable concern regrading the extent of Angel's inclusion in the new comics. The new Buffy comics have a mailbox at whedonverse@boom-studios.com. If you send them a letter and mark it "OKAY TO PRINT," they may print it at the back of the next issue. Now, I don't know how many letters they normally receive, but it is probably not a ton, so if every Angel fan on this forum sent them a letter arguing for Angel's importance to the 'verse, then that would probably send a strong message.

If nothing else, if one of the letters get printed, we will at least receive some official answer on Angel's status, which will hopefully help alleviate some of the concern.

The Angel community has a history of petitions going back to the show's cancellation. Maybe this time someone will listen :)

P.S. Statements by the writers seem to suggest that Angel will indeed be part of the new comics, but it will not be right away, and we know nothing about what his story or role will be.
I mentioned that he was treated very disappointingly in the season 8 Dark Horse comics and so fans of his had been excited for a new take by Boom.


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Aug 12, 2008
Black Thorn
Hopefully they don't pander to what the audience wants. I think the show itself was guilty of that in the later seasons and it suffered. Would hate to see what the comics look like as dictated by the fans.


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Oct 28, 2010
Los Angeles
Hopefully they don't pander to what the audience wants. I think the show itself was guilty of that in the later seasons and it suffered. Would hate to see what the comics look like as dictated by the fans.
The Dark Horse run seemed to pander to the audience as well. I just hope they create consistent balanced characters that make sense in the buffyverse, not give us a story that's all about obsessing over one or two characters.


Feb 11, 2018
I wanna avoid it.Given the comments from the writer I saw, I think they'd be petty enough to crap hard(er) on Angel just to spite his fans, given the writer is so overtly"Team Spike."

That's what passes for creators these days. If anyone is familiar with the Avatar & Legend of Korra series, similar happened. The fans had pairings they liked, and not only did creators not produce those pairings, they actually mocked fans for shipping them, and went far as to make fun of people's fanart for them. I agree the pairings didn't make sense, but that was very unprofessional.

In LOK, people always questioned who Lin's dad was, and when they finally revealed it in the show, it was hand-waved with Toph saying "he was a guy named Kantou", which you know was done out of spite because they got tired of fans asking. lol

And the Officials who write the X-Men comics who have repeatedly written their fans off as difficult & hard to please. Even with valid complaints. Like the whitewashing of one character, which fans called out. The writer said he'd start making her darker again, and his solution was making her tan instead of black, so when that was still met with complaint, he then lashed out that fans wouldn't be happy no matter what he did.

And the times I have written to them to complain about said character's whitewashing. or in general, the mistreatment of one character who has been mishandled for the last 16 years. Ask if that changed anything?

So again, previous experience has taught me not to bother.


I am not saying you should write some rant about excrement and accusations of writer bias. Just say that you like the character and hope the new comics will grant him the attention he deserves.
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