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Love and the soul clause


Actual size.
Aug 1, 2017
Black Thorn
I've been thinking about this for a while and the more I see it mentioned, the more I wish to open up a conversation about this, which is; Angel's curse clause.

I've seen some fans argue against Cangel by saying that it goes against the reasons he broke up with Buffy, meaning the risk to losing his soul - but it's not sex with a woman that does it. It's his love for one woman (Buffy, duh) and that, at that moment, lying with his love after they shared in their passion and affection, that he forgot, just for one second, about all the atrocities he had committed. How often do you think that would happen to him in the future, particularly once he's made aware of the clause in his curse?

I always found it a bit ridiculous when the show itself tried to say that Angel couldn't have sex - calling him a eunuch is funny, but when it's taken seriously I just roll my eyes. Wesley himself once stated that perfect happiness is so rare that it's incredible that Angel even experienced it, to begin with, and that even if he were to get back together with Buffy and have sex with her, it's doubtful he would ever lose his soul again.

I am, by no means, a Cangel shipper, but I feel like it cheapens the bond they do share to say that them being together would be an insult to Buffy and Bangel, when that, imo, is in no way correct. The show also sometimes felt like it leaned a bit too far into the direction of Angel being a loner because he could never have romantic love in his life; if they wanted him to be the brooding loner, fine, but make it about genuine reasons that add to his character, instead of using his relationship with Buffy and events of BtVS S2 to excuse your writing.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about this subject.

(also, I'm not invalidating anyone's opinions, mostly I'm trying to understand those who have said opinions which differ from mine)


Jan 25, 2016
Perfect happiness is such a difficult thing to define. It's different for everyone and it changes all the time. What we want today we may not want tomorrow. What makes us incredibly happy one day can turn us off the next. Angel matures and changes throughout the two shows and what makes him happy changes. Having a child, a found family, caring so deeply for Darla, loving Cordy, wanting to end the Black Thorn etc. These are things he could never have contemplated when he slept with Buffy.

Once Angel knew about the clause I'm sure he could have found a way to stop it happening again and he could have had a relationship with Buffy. I think what stopped them was her youth more than anything and his need to allow her room to have a 'normal life'. He went on to have sex/relationships with Darla, Nina and Eve and could have had a happy relationship with Cordy too.

In the comics he is in love with Illyria/Fred and they have a strange sexual thrupple happening, and Angel's soul is never mentioned.
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