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Monica Owusu-Breen clarifies facts about the Buffy Reboot....


My arse is not pansy!
Jan 20, 2008
I'm honestly terrified with the idea of the Buffy reboot turning into a cheap CW teenage drama show. I'm afraid we'll end up with a Riverdale-esque show and when shit starts to fall apart some cameos here and there to keep the old fans still interested.

They already did this with Legacies. It was pretty much Buffy for todays preteens. Even had some of the same storylines. Wasn't too bad really. Wipes out the need for a Buffy reboot at all - and had some Harry Potter in too which appeals to most in this fandom.

I know nothing of the networks, but I see the anti CW snobbery a lot. Seems bizarre to me, but I am a long, long way away from that space of tv choice luxury. We only just got more than 4 channels in my country this millenium.
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