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Most hated character?

Joan the Vampire Slayer

Carpe Spuffy!
Jun 5, 2008
WA State
Personally? Angel. Since the whole Twilight mess, he's dead to me. I could never stand his righteous attitude and how he always thought he knew what was best for everyone.

Runner-up goes to Willow. I strongly dislike her post S3. She goes from lovable, to selfish and unlikable real fast as she matures.

Dogs of Winter

Jul 10, 2020
It always used to be Xander and for all the usual reasons. He was so judgemental, hypocritical, selfish, jealous, whiny, self pitying etc. He screws up and is forgiven time and again but is always the first to accuse others when they screw up, and he doesn't take responsibility for his actions.

But I must have softened in my old age and am a lot more sympathetic to him now. On my last rewatch there were only a couple of times when he really annoyed me. The rest of the time I could accept his point of view or at least see where he was coming from even when I didn't agree. And so I found it easier to see his good points
He is clearly still damaged from his childhood but he is at least trying to improve and to help others even if he doesn't always succeed.

So the annoying thing is that apart from the obvious choices like Warren I am not sure who I really hate now :( I am not a fan of Buffy and Spike together in S6 and S7 but I like the characters. Maybe Robin Wood but even with him I think the main problem is that he is badly written

CHK DeWilSon

A BAngel fan. Always.
Apr 8, 2017
Well a couple of one episode monsters come to mind?! Like the thing controlling the leeches/body snatchers things that was in the basement. 🤢😵. I can and never will be able to FULLY watch that episode because of THAT thing and I hated it for that reason.

As for all the seasons main bads yes I do to a certain extent however some more than others.
The Master. I find a bit annoying rather then being totally scared although not great to look at!
Angelus who I definitely hated because he killed Jenny but also having conflicted feelings because he is also Angel.
The Mayor was also annoying but very funny as well and so amusing plus it was interesting watching his relationship with Faith develop and the contrast between her and him to Buffy and Giles.
I didn't like Adam but really there was not a lot to him for it to go to strong hate of the character.
Glory is definitely my most annoying Season bad. She irritated me a lot and I hated that it took everything in Buffy in having to defeat her because she was so powerful. She was a good match for Buffy however I found her quite shallow.
The Three were annoying and Warren was the worse out of the three. As with Angel/Angelus, Dark Willow was someone I also was conflicted with because there was an understanding of how she changed having lost her love but that having turned bad she could hurt her loved ones so easily. It's a LOT to forgive.
And The First Evil, well yeah the hate is there but I certainly hated Caleb more.

However there has only ever been one buffyverse character that I despise and is also my most hated fictional character ever and I doubt anyone will be surprised as I've undoubtedly said it plenty of times before... Spike.
So many reasons but the main one is I just don't like the character. Absolutely nothing to do with JM and his performance as the character because even I have found myself moved at times with watching Spike in a particular scene however I was never interested in his journey on the show and this was even before I realised that spuffy was going to happen.
Spike is a villain, a bad boy (BTVS s1-6) so for ME he is not a person I root for. I'm never attracted to these kind of characters. Sure he gets a redemption arc BTVS 7 but with what occurred BTVS 6, I won't ever become emotionally attach to him. Not that it was ever likely to happen.
And I can also truthfully say that having been in various buffyverse fandoms throughtout the years and got into some heavy disagreements with some of his fans has put me off Spike even more.
Of course I'm not saying that this isn't also the case with Angel and some of his enthusiastic fans and supporters however with Spike having a bigger network of fans, there is more out there for me to endure.
I understand you
What a relief, I thought I was the only one to hate Spike, I see instead that I'm in good company


I'm busy. I'm brooding.
Nov 8, 2017
Eve. I just cannot stand her. Something about the actress really bugs me, she always feels like a young girl trying to be bigger than her boots, and I hate when she tries to be seductive. Also, for a liaison to The Senior Partners she is woefully underwhelming (especially compared to Hamilton). It will forever be a massive insult that Cordy called her Lilah Jr, as if she could ever even come close to being as magnificent as Lilah Morgan.

I also hate Wes from the middle of Season 3 all the way through to the end of Season 4 (he swings back to being somewhat likeable in Season 5). But I can never get around his arrogance in believing only he knew what to do re the fake prophecy, the lack of trust he shows in Angel and his team, his kidnapping of Connor which leads directly to Holts stealing Connor, and his refusal to apologise or acknowledge his wrong-doings. And then his self-righteous attitude in Season 4 and the way in which he treats everyone, from his de-humanization of Justine, to his Madonna/Whore complex when it comes to Fred and Lilah, to the way he treats Gunn to his entitled attitude towards Fred, it's all too much. A pity really, because Seasons 1 & 2 Wes is one of my fave characters.


Characters I dislike:


Characters I love/like:

Any characters who isn't Warren but mostly Fred and Giles


Nov 23, 2019
Palmerston North, New Zealand
Dislike: Warren, because of his murder of Katrina, his manslaughter of Tara, his attempt to kil Buffy, and lack of remorse for any of it.
Caleb, for being such an utter misogynist idiot.
Dawn, for being an annoying younger sister character
Spike, for the attempted rape of Buffy
Angelus, for murdering Jenny Calendar
Xander, for being weak and jealous overall, until Season 6
Kennedy, for being a weak replacement for Tara
Andrew, for not being an out gay male character

Like: Buffy, Willow, Tara, Oz, Drusilla, Wesley, Gunn, Fred, Anya, Jonathan, Doyle, Lindsey, Kate, Lilah, Giles

Meh: Riley, Angel, Cordelia, Eve, Darla.

crazy chicklet

Glory worshipper
Mar 12, 2022




4-)Kate Lockley's father

5-) Jenny

6-) Doyle(but has his moments)


:cool:Season 5 Dawn

I actually rarely hate characters.But These are only ones I have negative opinions for
Last edited:
Jun 7, 2021
Most hated character that we're expected to like for me is Spike.

I think I like every character we're not supposed to like equally but I'll give a special shout out to Warren for being every day evil instead of supernaturally evil.


Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain
Apr 12, 2019
all around
Besides the usual baddies, Roobin Wood. I cannot stand him since the first time I watched the show. There's something about him that I just intensively dislike.

And more recently, I get very irritated with Anya. At least Cordelia had a personality, Anya had her moments here and there (e.g., Selfless is one of my favorite episodes), but her character is mostly turned into a cartoonish bitca post S4.


Glory/Dawn Shipper.......
Jul 5, 2008
Fort Worth, TX
A bland, unoriginal choice I'm sure but sometimes the people are right. Kennedy is worthless garbage and does not deserve Willow.

Kennedy: Why are you always standing up for [Buffy]?

At this point, after six years of facing Hell together, this ingrate comes in and tries to tear Willow and Buffy apart. This question is supremely insulting just by being asked
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