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Movies and literary influences for vampires of BTVS


May 16, 2021
Probably, some people have already understood some of these connections/influences (since Buffy's writers took many inspirations from horror movies/literature like Adam=Frankenstein's monster)
If someone is interested, i want to recapitulate the cinematographic, literary influences and meaning of the major vampires of BTVS and Angel:
1) The Master and Princes of Lies are based on Count Orlok/Nosferatu of the German movie "Nosferatu" of 1922
2) Angel/Angelus and Dracula are based on Dracula of Bram Stoker, in particular, the movie adaptation of Francis Ford Coppola of 1992 and Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula (with the same actor Rudolf Martin as Dracula) linked to the historical figure of Vlad the Impaler
3) Darla (of 17th century) is partially based on Countess Elizabeth Bathory of the 17th century and/or Carmilla/Countess Dracula
4) Vampire Hunter Daniel Holtz was based on Vampire Hunter Abraham Van Helsing
Holtz vs Angelus=Van Helsing vs Dracula
4) Drusilla is based on "The Woman in White" of Horror Movies and literature
5) Spike and Drusilla were originally based on "mad" emperor Caligula and his sister/lover Drusilla of the Roman Empire
Like Vlad the Impaler was linked to the figure of the vampire also Caligula in modern times fictions is/was linked to it. As a matter of fact, in the movie Dracula: Untold, Caligula vampirized Vlad
Spike's jealousy for Drusilla is based on Caligula's jealousy, which was very possessive and codependent toward her, as a matter of fact, after her death Caligula's mental health gone worse.
Caligula divinized Drusilla after her death as Diva Drusilla and was equated to the goddess Aphrodite/Venus by the senate as decided by Caligula, for this reason, Drusilla, in the tv show is also a saint equated to Virgin Mary.
Spike's behavior in relation to "divinize" his loved girlfriend Drusilla is based on Caligula

6) Kakistos and Mr. Trick are based on the literary evolution of the Devil
Kakistos was a Greek name that means Worst of the Worst and was related to Mephistos a name for the "Devil". As a matter of fact, Kakistos's physical depiction with gloved hands and feet is based on the depiction of the Devil as a goat.
Mr. Trick is based on Mephistopheles the "modern Devil" developed successively with literature: always well-dressed, interested in society and contracts (always dressed in red or black)
From the old depiction and idea of the Devil (Kakastos) to the modern idea (Mr. Trick)

7) Angel and Spike are partially based on Louis and Lestat of Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice and the movie adaptation of "Interview with the Vampire"
Angel and Spike are the 2 main vampires of the show that are partially similar to Louis and Lestat ("the Anne Rice's routine" as Spike said in School Hard)
The Opposition: Good Vampire and Bad Vampire (Angel/Louis and Spike/Lestat)
-Angel: The story of the good vampire Angel that eats rats because he doesn't want to kill humans is based on Louis of Vampire Chronicles that also ate rats in order to not kill humans.
-Spike: The story of William/Lestat that lived with their mothers with no father. Both William/Lestat vampirize their mothers in order to save them from illness and stay with them. However, their mothers abandon them. The incestuous undertones of William/Anne and Lestat/Gabrielle are partially similar.

This opposition of 2 main vampires, also, become famous in many other tv shows: Stefan/Damon, Bill/Eric, etc.


Jul 29, 2016
With the exception of the Master, they're mostly just ripped off from the VD books and Lost Boys. Even the Mayor is just Max from that movie.
I was going to say that about Lost Boys. David is one of the most iconic vampires in the history of vampire cinema.
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