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My alternative season 7


Apr 14, 2019
Having researched most of S7 in recent months and reading how many fans were disappointed in it I started thinking about what I would have done differently. I've tried to stay true to the final message of female empowerment whilst reconnecting to the series' roots and kept the first as the main protagonist. Here's my episode by episode guide of things I would have changed. The middle is very different.

Giles back in title credits

1+ 2 same
3. Giles accompanies willow back to sunnydale. Sadly no gnarl but episode more on willow dealing with her past and reconciling with the scoobies
4. same
5. Selfless - anya to be sacrificed instead of Hali. Deserved emotional send off for a main character. Anya can keep making appearances as the 1st in the remainder of the season.
6. Deals with the fallout of anyas death. Xander and buffy argue again before reconciling as he realises it was d'hoffryn who granted anya her wish and not just Buffy being the law. Giles goes back to England to get more info on the first.
7. CWDP - I would leave out the andrew/Warren/Jonathan story and replace it with a xander and Anya one where they make peace with eachother before anya turns evil as the first.
8. same
9-12 would consist of a mixture of monster of the weeks and character episodes with each episode featuring one of the core 4 prominently, whilst keeping "the first" storyline continuing in small arcs. These mid season episodes would try to reconnect to the shows roots in that way whilst trying to mend the fractured relationships between the core 4. Spikes blood could still bring on the ubervamp which buffy would still kill after initially having her butt kicked. No potentials shown but Giles' episode would strongly suggest he is the first before revealing he is corporeal and alive. Willow's episode would still contain a showdown with Amy. Xanders would be largely comical and could show more flashbacks to just him and Anya and offer more insight to their relationship. He would definitely date the demon and need rescuing. Buffys would largely deal with her relationships with spike and dawn.
13-14. 1 dawn episode and a spike one. Dawns would focus on her growing maturity and try to offer a little more info on her roots as a key. Spikes would largely deal more with the trials he suffered getting his soul back as well as flashbacks to his past, specifically his and dru's time together.
15-16. A two parter. I would keep Get It Done in a similar way but would stretch it out over 2 episodes to give more flashbacks to the slayer line, including an onscreen appearance for Lucy hannover and the slayers mentioned in S1 e1. More info given around the creation of the slayers and the council and why they were needed.
17. LMPTM - largely the same, minus the andrew and potential bits
18. - similar. Beginning would still have a potential heading to buffy for protection but it would be Xander driving willow and faith having picked them up at train station. Since when did willow learn to drive? Also must be train as faith's a wanted fugitive so couldn't fly. The whole scoobies would attack Caleb and xander would still have his eye gouged out. No deaths.
19. - similar, only faith and dawn go out to bronze with faith having to fight off the cops. Buffy/faith can clash over faith endangering dawn. The big meeting would still happen only with Buffy walking out rather than being kicked out. Spike would travel alone to the monastery.
20. - again similar only with faith leading scoobies into the trap.
21. - very similar, although I would bring Jonathan back for the final 2 episodes. Buffy and angel would not kiss but it would look like it to spike. Dawn to make a comment to xander that at least his eye won't twitch now every time Faiths' name is mentioned.
22. xander would anchor willow for the spell on the scythe. Along with the axe in a circle would be pictures of all the scoobies including Jonathan and Faith. Faith insisting there had to be one hottie among them. Spike and buffy wouldn't bother. The spell would temporarily give all the scoobies slayer strength. Xander would then take axe to buffy once spell worked and the battle in the hellmouth would ensue. Unknown to the gang the spell also temporarily brings back to life every former slayer who will all join in the battle. Focus on former slayers seen before like 1st slayer, Kendra and the ones shown earlier in the season.
Jonathan would be killed in the battle, cut down like anya was. Spike and the amulet would still save the day and they would all escape to safety.

The knock on effect to Angel season 5 would be:

Damage - it would emerge that because of faiths picture, the spell instead of increasing her slayer strength rebounded off her and activated every potential in the world. Instead of Andrew in this episode I would have Giles. If ASH unavailable then it would be willow, Xander 3rd choice.

Girl in question - 1st choice dawn, if MT unavailable xander, willow 3rd choice.
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