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My Head-Canon of the Whedonverse.

Wezza Wozza

May 31, 2021
The Motherland
I believe that all of Joss Whedon's works exist in one timeline, this includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Cabin in the Woods, Much Ado About Nothing, Firefly and Serenity (not Dollhouse which I don't see fitting in my theory) WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ALL OF JOSS WHEDON'S WORKS

2001 - Dr Horrible' s Sing Along Blog takes place when the events of Once More With Feeling occur.

2003 - Willow activates all of the Potential Slayers, ending the rule that one slayer alone will fight the forces of evil, even though the slayer line was already tainted with Buffy being a slayer alongside Kendra and Faith.

2004 - Team Angel destroy the Circle of the Black Thorn and the Senior Partners as a result send their demonic army upon the Earth to kill Angel and his team because their influence upon Earth has come to a stop temporarily.

2004 - 2011 - The Initiative is reinstated, rebranding itself as The Organisation (Cabin in the Woods) and captures the members of the Senior Partners' army and imprisons them in Facilities build in every country around the Earth. The Organisation has made a deal with the Senior Partners that if they make sacrifices annually then the Senior Partners will holt their Apocalypse.

2011 - Marty and Dana fail to complete the sacrificial ritual and the Senior Partners restart their Apocalypse, releasing themselves from the centre of the Earth to destroy every human soul they can find.

2011 Onwards - The Organisation use their advanced technology and magics to help evacuate the humans from the Earth. Humankind begins to explore space and terraforms planets to make them look like Earth. Over the years, governmental control begins to rise again and the Alliance is created.

2013 - The events of Much Ado About Nothing take place in an alternative dimension that resembles the Afterlife where the remnants of Wesley and Fred are reunited in the forms of Beatrice and Benedick.

? - 2517 - Hundreds of years later, a young girl by the name of River Tam begins to show signs of super strength and visions, symptoms of a Slayer so the Alliance take her away and experiment on her to try and harvest her slayer powers, going as far as experimenting on her brain, to try and reclaim the Earth from the Senior Partners. A new Slayer is activated and the line continues in other potentials.
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