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Nathan Fillion Filmography

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Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn

Mini bio:Nathan Christopher Fillion was born on 27th March 1971 in Edmonton, Canada. He originally was going to be a teacher, like his parents, but left the University of Alberta to take a part in One Life to Live, after 3 years he then moved to Los Angeles. Where he has starred in many films and tv shows. He currently stars on the tv show Castle, playing the lead of Richard Castle.


Monsters University, 2013 Johnny Worthington (voice)

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, 2013 Green Lantern (voice)

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, 2013 Hermes

Justice League: Doom, 2012 Green Lantern (voice)

Much Ado About Nothing, 2012 Dogberry

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, 2011 Hal Jordan / Green Lantern (voice)

Super, 2011 The Holy Avenger

Wonder Woman, 2009 Col. Steve Trevor (voice)

Castle, 2009-present Richard Castle

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, 2008 Captain Hammer

Trucker, 2008 Runner

Desperate Housewives, 2007 Dr. Adam Mayfair

Halo 3, 2007 Sergeants (voice)

Drive, 2007 Alex Tully

Waitress, 2007 Dr. Pomatter

White Noise 2: The Light, 2007 Abe Dale

Slither, 2006 Bill Pardy

Justice League, 2005 Spy Smasher

Serenity, 2005 Mal

Jade Empire, 2005 Gao the Lesser (voice)

Outing Riley, 2004 Luke Riley

Hollywood Division, 2004 Det. Tommy Garrett

Alligator Point, 2003 Bill

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 2003 Caleb

Water's Edge, 2003 Robert

Miss Match, 2003 Adam Logan

Firefly, 2002 Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds

Pasadena, 2002 Rev. Glenn Collins

Dracula 2000, 2000 Father David

Blast from the Past, 1999 Cliff

Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, 1998 Johnny Donnelly

Saving Private Ryan, 1998 Pvt. James Frederick 'Minnesota' Ryan

One Life to Live, 1994 Joey Buchanan

Strange and Rich, 1994 Walter Hoade

Ordeal in the Arctic, 1993 Master Warrant Officer Tom Jardine

Character Bios:

Mal: Mal volunteered for the Independents army during the Unification War against the Alliance, gaining the rank of sergeant during that time. After the war, Mal acquired his own ship, a derelict 03-K64 Firefly-class transport. Mal named the ship Serenity after the Battle of Serenity Valley, the decisive battle of the Unification War. He has a crew and they take on any jobs that come their way.

Mal generally retains a close relationship with his entire crew, regardless of how much he might try to distance them from him or argue with them; when Simon Tam once asked Mal why he came back to save him from being burned alive by angry villagers, he simply replied, "You're on my crew." When pressed again, with Simon citing the ease with which they could have simply been abandoned and the problems caused by their presence, Mal reiterated, "You're on my crew. Why are we still talking about this?" Mal expressed a similar sentiment when he confronted Jayne over his betrayal of Simon and River, saying "You turn on any of my crew, you turn on me!"

Caleb: Caleb was a defrocked priest and serial killer responsible for the deaths of at least two girls, whom he lured with his stirring sermons and masculine charm. He was responsible for organizing the Harbingers of Death's systematic attacks on the Potential Slayers, as well as their respective Watchers.


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