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Need help with the FAQ

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
Now that we have new features, I need help with updating the FAQ (mostly with the Pet and Store hacks).

So if after reading the faq items on these that were just updated you can think of something it doesn't explain but needs to, please let us know.

Also don't forget that the Pets have their own Information page available in the Pets dropdown.

Thanks :)


Sep 14, 2003
Angel's Heart
Store said:
You can try to steal from other members by selecting the Thief! option from the Store dropdown. HOWEVER, there is a chance that karma will come back to haunt you - you will lose a small amount of karma if you succeed and lot of points if you don't. Is it worth the risk? You'll have to decide. If you do not succeed, the person you tried to steal from will be crediting the amount you tried to steal.
Well,the small amount thing is such a huge lie,I lost 75 karma points.

What it doesn't explain is that if you have to get the same amount of karma points you lost when you failed to be able to display the green jewel and your real amount of karma points.

EDIT: Never mind,just read your reply on other thread...well,can you guys change that?,very please? :pbounce:

EDIT2: The :*pbounce: smilie doesn't work:(

EDIT3: Oh,misread,thought it said few karma points and a lot of store points...sorry
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