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Never Say Die! (A Buffy/Angel RP)


Ready for battle...
Mar 8, 2017
Some people give up... but not us.

It's 2020, the world is in chaos, new demons have been unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, and oh yeah.... only a handful of champions and heroes stand against what seems like an unwinnable war. A new hell-mouth has been opened underneath Los Angeles, and this one is playing for keeps. The last of slayers and the few humans who help hold the line are the only thing that stands in it's way. These slayers and humans take on the darkness, and fight for the dawn. The bad part? The absolute worst part? Vampires are suddenly growing more powerful ... yeah, it's getting tougher to fight the good fight. The world is slowly but surely losing control. so buckle up for a hell-ride, and be warned, there will be bunnies.

Casting: Any Original Whedonverse (Angel/Buffy) characters... or OC (Original Characters)

Setting/Time Frame: Los Angeles, California - Set After the original series, (no comic continuations)

How to Join? Post a Bio here with a (new or original) character and short history of what they are doing in LA.

Any questions feel free to PM me.


((Hi there Buffy fans. I think for my sanity in isolation I decided to start a new RP. If you aren't familiar with how they work, I'll be happy to show you. Even if you just read along you are still super welcome! The only requirements to join are: 1. You like Buffy (well you are here aren't you?) 2. You want to write as your favorite character. 3. You like having fun. (perhaps you are anhedonic... and if so... then write for the boring neutrality!))
Name: Shawn -Age: 3,000 -Apperance: 5' 11", Skinny, Brown eyes, brown hair, stubble,
Bio: A demon from a 12th Hell, Shawn was sent to LA to find the slayer and, well, slay her. Unfortunately things didnt work out as planned and he fell in love.


When it comes to dating I the Slayer.
Apr 23, 2012
Name : Jenny Stevens .

Age : 19

Appearance : Jenny is a bit of a tomboy . By that I mean she wears a lot of sports clothing . She got short black
hair with green eyes & with pale skin . She got a trim build thanks to all the sports she into . She about 5"8
& 110 pounds . She stronger then she looks .

Bio :
Jenny is a mixture of her Asian mother who knew how to cast spells & her dad who was a ex Marine .
Her mother was born & lived in S.F & ran a herb shop with her parents casting spells when her family
& friends were in danger . Her father was a Marine who last post was SF. They met when the store they
were in was taken hostage & by they time they were saved had agreed to go out on a date & a year latter
were married . Jenny was torn a bit between her parents . She was taught Spells by her mother & was
a really into sports thanks to her father When she turned 18 she left to go to UCLA on a volleyball/ soccer
scholarship & with a book bag that was bigger on the inside holding her magic stuff in it . And in her first
year at college she found out a hell mouth had opened & thanks to her upbringing had no choice but
help in fighting against it .


Jun 28, 2020
(I accidentally wrote it as a comment sorry)
Name: Shawn -
Age: 3,000 -
Apperance: 5' 11", Skinny, Brown eyes, brown hair, stubble,
Bio: A demon from a 12th Hell, Shawn was sent to LA to find the slayer and, well, slay her. Unfortunately things didnt work out as planned and he fell in love with a potential slayer named Vi (Felicia Day's character) and she convinced him to be good. He was then banished from his home land and forced to stay on Earth for good. After a while he found his old partners in crime, Spike and Angel, and was very disappointed to find they had gone good. Now back in LA after going to Arizona to live with Vi, he needs to help the world once again.
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