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Newsletter thoughts


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
To the Boss and her assistants,
I won't mention all the tears I've shed due to there not being a newsletter anymore. It did start to get a bit long, so how about going to the basics.

Mention was made to me about leaving folk out of new postings, so how about starting each newsletter with a welcome to each new member by name and
a bit of info about them (still have them go to Check In and Bad Eggs.

Have a picture by a member but have it the width of a page and a decent height, ideas for the picture could be a scene from the TV series.
A suggestion by me would be for the first newsletter of a picture being what Darla looked like as the first vampire image on the series.
(not that I'm a Darla fan)

Have a story by one of the members here, it could be the first part (one or two pages A4) of a story to be in The Watcher Diaries. (To be posted after the newsletter.)

To end the newletter; General news of anything.

It needn't be much, something for new members to feel welcomed and maybe get new members. Plus by keeping is small and simple it needn't be much work
for the writer of the Newsletter.
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