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Nixxy's Birthday Babylon

Anyanka Bunny Slayer

Wolves ov Siberia
Dec 17, 2015
Vahla Ha'nesh
Black Thorn
I'd like to give all of you a brief glimpse into the future...for I have had a vision!! Yes, a psychic peek at @Nix's upcoming birthday debauchery:

The day arrives, and @Nix is soooo excited! She's dressed in a flowing, lavender gown, and her hair is adorned with wild roses. Just a hint of rouge on her pretty face, and a dab of rose coloured lipstick on her lips. But she has to keep reapplying it; four heavily muscled, leather-clad, smiling blokes have appeared in front of her, and she keeps licking her lips in...anticipation. One of them gives a naughty wink, and offers her a Godiva truffle. She's blushes a bit, then heads for the bottle of Baileys. "I'll be right back," she purrs. He looks sad, then asks, "You ARE going to put it in your mouth, right?" She sweetly tilted her head. "Of course I'm going to put it in my mouth! And that's a promise."

More guests soon arrive. They gaze in awe at the decorations. A giant vase filled with orchids dominates the room. Some of the guests approach @Nix, bearing opulent gifts, which include: a ruby-encrusted bracelet, a satin nightgown with lace trimming, a huge jar of KY jelly, diamond earrings, a breathtaking portrait of the Marquis de Sade, amongst other things.

Luckily, Abbs happens to be visiting a relative, because things are beginning to get a bit racy. The four muscle-bound leather boys are fighting over who'll be the first to give her a full body massage. Mysteriously, her clothes have suddenly disappeared! With a mug of Baileys in hand, she begins to dance and sway. That old disco classic, "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer is blaring from the stereo, and the music has turned her into a gyrating lust magnet. One of the muscle boys can't resist the promise in her eyes (and thighs) so he dances over to her. He appears to have lost his trousers, and from certain angles he DEFINITELY resembles a tripod. The party guests are enthralled, and move closer...suddenly, there's a collective shout of surprise and delight. (A celebrity, Boris Johnson, is in their midst, and he's chosen another guest, @TriBel, as his dance partner. The two gaze at each other longingly, and after a moment, he pulls her closer to his body. They begin to dirty dance; out of the blue, she shows off her twerking skills. Her bouncing bum has reduced Boris to a quivering, speechless schoolboy)

Someone turns the lights down, and the party kicks into full gear. The music gets louder, @Nix gets completely into it and challenges @TriBel to a dance off. But Boris won't let her go...he pleads for more bouncing bum. She coyly bats her eyelashes at him, and they disappear into a back room. Suddenly, @Spanky roars! "You can't have her! That bum is my reason for living!" Boris reappears and pulls out a switchblade and waves it in @Spanky's face. @Spanky growls, grabs the switchblade, and...uses it to spear a few hors d'oeuvres. All that growling made him hungry. @TriBel forgotten, he happily stuffs his face with the yummy concoctions. Boris shrugs, and returns to his Kama Sutra positions with this cheeky little love muffin.

By this time, @Nix is covered in strawberries, Baileys, and all four muscle bound boys. The guests are completely mesmerised. "I didn't know that that could fit there," commented one. It was like a giant, pale spider attempting to ice skate. The flailing, the numerous limbs, the sheer indecency of it all...well, you get the idea.

By the time the birthday cake appeared, everyone was exhausted. (Other than Boris and @TriBel, that is) And after everything they'd witnessed, no one was very hungry. And after the five-way game of human Tetris, @Nix was simply exhausted. It had been an energetic, unpredictable, fun party. 🥳🎂
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