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Out of buffys boyfriends, Riley is the most hated, but does he actually deserve the hate


Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain
Apr 12, 2019
I actually liked Riley in S4. He's physically attractive (not precisely my type, but he is good-looking) and really sweet, cute and charming in his own way. Buffy was happy with him in this season and he fitted into the Scooby gang in a way that neither Angel nor Spike ever did. I think that it was a soothing relationship and perfect for the transition into college. Having said that, I do believe that he’s way too vanilla for my taste and definitely didn’t have long-run potential IMO, and as a couple I never felt that they had any real chemistry.

But I don’t hate Riley S5 as much as other people, I think he’s a product of his time and his environment (men in charge kinda guy, which is perfectly fine for some people), and I can even sympathize with him feeling left out at times. That doesn’t mean that I agree with his way of dealing with that, Buffy had a lot in her plate and she was used to solve her problems on her own. For me, S5 just showed why they couldn’t work out in the long run. I’m not even sure that there was a way of making him more attractive within the show even if Spike wasn’t in the picture. So, even discounting Spike completely, for me the relationship was mostly “ok-ish.”
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