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Q and A live on Reddit with the upcoming writer of ‘Angel and Spike’


Jan 25, 2016
Joss is till involved in the Boom comics! 😮 His name's on teh front page, but I did not know that he reads the story outlines and approves them. That's really interesting. I wonder if he does the same for the Buffy comics, and what he thinks of them.

Good to know Doyle will be appearing, but he's cagey about Cordy. The fact that Lorne is his favourite character from the show is a bit odd I think. I like that Spike is the easiest character to write for, but I'll hold judgement on that till I read his Spike. There's a hint Darla may appear, which is exciting.

I've loved Bryan Edward Hill's Angel and Spike, so I can only hope Thompson can carry on the good work. It was very good of him to do a Reddit. Do all the comic writers do that?
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