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Rank Each Season

Mar 20, 2021
1. Season 5 - Pure perfection with the most fabulous big bad. 'The Body' is one of the best episodes of TV ever made, some great Spike episodes, the whole cast worked wonderfully together and a great series finale.

2. Season 2 - Very close with Season 3, but there's just too many great episodes, a lot of great moments from all the cast. And the first time we see Angel lose his soul is infamous and great television.

3. Season 3 - Faith and The Mayor were amazing characters. And again this season had so many great episodes too - Graduation Day, Enemies, Choices, Revelations, Earshot. Great television

4. Season 4 - this is where the writing quality drops slightly. Season 4 is the funny season, with a lot of great moments and the amazing Hush episode, I love Restless too. Just wish Maggie Walsh could have stuck around longer.

5. Season 1 - Where it all started. So much cheese but so much magic. I love the monster of the week episodes. Some great funny one liners too.

6. Season 6 - Love Dark Willow, OMWF, Tabula Rasa, the rest were pretty much filler. Some amazing acting though.

7. Season 7 - Urghhhh the potentials.... and Giles acting like an ass. And Robin Wood.....mehhhh


Jan 25, 2016
1. Season 6 - love Buffy and Willow's character arcs. Love seeing all the characters being taken to the dark places, plus of course, Spuffy badness.

2. Season 7 - Love Buffy growing up, sharing her power and becoming the woman she was meant to be. Plus lots of Spuffy goodness.

3. Season 5 - love Dawn and Joyce, great Spike, emotional, but too much filler that doesn't grip me.

4. Season 4 - some of the best episodes of the series, let down by too much initiative/Riley/Adam

5. Season 3 - Faith and the Mayor are great, like Wesley and seeing Buffy leave 'high school is hell' behind.

6. Season 2 - Like all the Angelus arc and Buffy leaving at the end. Enjoy Spike's entrance.

7. Season 1 - So nostalgic, got so much love for this season.

Cheese Slices

A Bidet of Evil
Dec 31, 2011
1. Season 6: The emotional intensity and deep exploration of fascinating characters and themes more than make up for some of the clunky writing.

2. Season 5: Peak Buffy imo. Strikes the right balance between emotional resonance, character development, action, humor, plot,...etc

3. Season 7: A lot of interesting ideas that unfortunately end up abandoned but what this season gets right it does wonderfully.

4. Season 2 - Season 4 : Very uneven writing for both but highly rewatchable, great (totally different obvs) atmospheres.

5. Season 3 : Solid but kind of "by the numbers" and generic at times, a little bit lifeless and tired. No clunckers but not many highlights either.

6. Season 1 : Adorably campy and makes you go "awww, babies !!!", but the writing, pacing and soe of the acting were still finding their footing.

CHK DeWilSon

A BAngel fan. Always.
Apr 8, 2017
1. Series/season 2. The series that change everything for the show moving forward. Love it.
SMG acting was amazing and DB got to show his talent with his chilling turn as Angelus who for me is the best season villain of the entire show. Plus the introduction of Oz.

2. Series 3. The most consistent series of all with the fabulous introduction of Faith and the Mayor. And the end of the high school days.

3. Series 1. I go back and forth between my third pick but I have major nostalgic feelings for series 1. As short as it was and even though it was the beginning of the show so it might not be viewed as classic compare to the other seasons, it was the one that got me hook on the show so it holds a special place in my heart..

4. Series 5. I enjoyed the twist when they introduce Dawn. There was such heartbreak for Buffy with the passing of her mother, Joyce. And the season finale is just epic.

5. Series 4. Sunday was a fun and interesting villain in the opening episode especially compared to Adam! And Riley came in as a new love interest for Buffy which I'm now fine with! (Even though he isn't a favourite of mine). And then Oz leaving was painful for me far less Willow!

6. Series 7. A little less darker compare to the previous series. Some nice returning characters and a brilliant series finale for the show as a whole.

7. Series 6. Dark and extremely heavy with the feelings for Buffy on her resurrection. Good two part opening to the series but for me, I just don't connect to this series as I do with the others especially my enjoyment of it.
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Dec 13, 2020
1. Season 2. Great villain in Angelus, great two parters and good stand alones. Everyone gets something to do in this season with the character development spread nicely across the cast.

2. Season 3. Darker than season 2 and takes time to find its footing but once Faith crosses sides its great stuff. Great standalones and character arcs.

3. Season 5. Good standalone episodes and screentime spread across the cast. Glory can be OTT but in a good way plus the major themes of the show and the season are greatly highlighted in its season finale.

4. Season 4. Standalones like Hush, Restless and Fear Itself really save this one. The Initiative plot good on paper is weak on screen, Riley is just plain dull and is over overexposured, the character's screentime is uneven (Willow gets tons to do while Giles and Xander gets very little) plus Adam is pretty bland as villains go.

5. Season 1. It's cheesy and a little dated but still holds up. Prophecy Girl is right up in there with the best finales. Each character gets the spot light and show is very streamlined and to the point.

6. Season 6. One musical episode does not make a season sadly. I enjoy the risks it took but I find the season heavy handed, repetitive nature of the season didn't work for me. Characters like Anya and Xander get little to do. Plus I found some character's behaviours unconvincing like Willow: One episode she is threatening Giles, the next brainwashing people, the next a raging junkie, the next a serious case of cold turkey.

7. Season 7. The biggest disappointment for me. I try and like it and it gets the odd chuckle or smile but find it all business and far to serialised. Gone are the quality standalones, gone the witty banter of the characters just chatting, gone that sense of fun. It looks with regards to filming as lifeless and less sparkle than before.


"Hi honey, I'm home"
Staff member
Jul 31, 2018
The holy grail/The golden seasons : Overall good to great/memorable episodes all along the seasons, great villains/big bads (Angelus/Dru, Glory). Best finales (Becoming, The Gift). Amazing Spuffy moments & Best Spike's season (S5) 😍🥰 .
1. Season 3
2. Season 5
3. Season 2

4. Season 6 - Personally love the depressing tone of this season, love to see Buffy struggling in such a hard to watch way, totally want to see her overcoming it, that's why I LOVE HER and she's my favorite hero. Buffy & Willow's arcs are integral to their character's journey. To see Willow in S1 being the shy girl who will become more & more powerful & overconfident during the show & then will have a descent in S6 was really entertaining & scary & really hit me.
5. Season 4 - Lots of good & amazing episodes though Adam is the worst villain of the whole show IMO. Completely bring down S4.

6. Season 7 - Boring season in the second part because of the potentials until Caleb arrives, I hate Kennedy, would have loved to see more of the scooby gang (Dawn included). There's too much scenes at Buffy's house, it's tiring. But the first part is really good & "Selfless" "Conversations With Dead People" "Chosen" are really amazing & favorites.
7. Season 1 - Good season but too much MOTW episodes & not enough amazing episodes that I would put in a list of top 20 (or more) apart of maybe Prophecy Girl.


Mar 27, 2021
Season 5 - This was a hard tie between five and six but ultimately season five is warmer, funnier, and has a wider range of genre.

Season 6 - SUCH a good season, though. OMWF, Tabula Rasa, Hells Bells, Dark Willow...NORMAL AGAIN is such an amazing episode that I feel gets looked over a lot.

Season 4 - Nostalgic for me. I like the college setting. Also had The Yoko Factor, Wild at Heart. Not a fan of the Big Bad for this season but lots of great Spike episodes in this one, as well.

Season 7 - I personally do not mind the potentials as much as others do. I don't like the pacing of this season so much but there are some parts I cannot ignore, like Him, Xander's speech to Dawn after she's wrongfully assumed to be a potential, Willow's recovery, etc.

Season 2 - Bad eggs is probably one of my all time favorite episodes and for that reason alone this season ranks not-last.

Season 1 - Stupidly bad but I love it anyway.

Season 3 - Not a bad season by any means but I find it slightly boring in comparison.


Occasionally, I am callous and strange 🐶
Dec 10, 2015
Spikenbuffy said:
You forgot S1
seasons 2 & 3 are tied for best
season 5 - great villain
season 4 - great character development and some great individual episodes/bad guys, but weak big bad(s)
season 1 - good start but some clunkers

season 6 - kind of weak overall

season 7 - nearly unwatchable

fixed it :oops:
Now that's better, lol.


modulating between criticism and reconstruction
Feb 18, 2014
Denver, Colorado
My favorite is S5 and after that S3, S2 and S4 in that order. S1 is okay, S6 is a struggle for me, and I can't watch S7 straight through any longer. When it comes to S7 I choose a few episodes to watch at most and then move on to something else.


Mar 29, 2021
Season 2 is my ultimate fave - the stand-alone sandwich the character development which comes from Buffy’s heartache for angel, Xander and Cordelia, bad eggs! I could go on
Series 4 is my next favourite, I adore the coming of age stories which develop, This years girl is just amazing and there are some very funny spike moments here too, he really shines in S4
Series 3 - the start is a bit slow but once faith and the mayor come into play this series is great
Series 5 - my first watch of this series had my all sorts of baffled (sister?!) but after several watched I really enjoy s5. The body is one of the best episodes of a show ever made.
series 6 - the darkness of this I struggled with at times but overall it isa great watcH with a welcome return to the standalones plus I adore vulnerable spike and his affection for buffy kills me!
S7 - confusing and seems rushed, not the best!


I'm busy. I'm brooding.
Nov 8, 2017
The order of this list constantly changes for me, but as of right now:

Season 1 - I just love the freshness of the season, the cheesiness, the fun and the 90s horror vibe
Season 2 - a tonne of great episodes, lots of Bangel-y goodness, gothic horror and a great finale
Season 5 - I think this season has the strongest arc, I love Dawn, Glory is my fave villain and The Gift is perfection
Season 3 - another season with a great arc and great villain, not to mention a tonne of great episodes
Season 4 - definitely gets more hate than it deserves, lots of great episodes, even if the overall arc and villain are a bit lacklustre

Seasons 6 & 7 - really not fond of either of these seasons. Both have a handful of episodes I like, but overall I dislike the arcs, characterisation, the majority of the romantic ships and most of the new/re-introduced characters (the Potentials, the Trio etc).


Actual size.
Aug 1, 2017
Black Thorn
  1. Season 5 - It is literally the closest the show gets to a huge, legendary, overarching season, complete with fighting a Goddess. Every storyline (except for Riley) is well-done, from Tara slowly finding her place in the gang, to Spike's misguided attempts at gaining Buffy's affections, to Dawn and the slow explanation of who and what she is, to Giles' renewed sense of purpose in taking over the Magic Box and training Buffy once more. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
  2. Season 2 - While in recent years I've come to realize how many subpar episodes this one actually has, it's fairly made up with some incredibly well-made bangers; School Hard, Passion, Becoming, both two-parters, and even the underrated ones, like; Ted, B,B&B, I Only Have Eyes for You, etc. This is pretty epic, too, though on a more personal scale than most of the other seasons.
  3. Season 1 - I just love this more and more with each re-watch. It's quirky and fun and is saved a lot by only having 12 episodes. It reminds me of how we do that with a lot of shows today, because we've come to realize that it lets us tell a more concise story and cuts down on useless MOTW episodes.
  4. Season 3 - I'm going to be completely honest; if it wasn't for Bangel, this would be number one. That's how much I hate every single part of every single scene that those two have with each other in this third season. I won't go on and on about it, so let me mention the things I love (which is basically everything else); Faith and her whole journey, Willow's journey as a starter-witch, the Mayor being just the funniest baddie we'll ever get, Wesley!, and so much more.
  5. Season 6 - I think most people that know me would guess this as my favorite since I'm all about the darkness in TV shows, but this one gets a bit heavy-handed and there isn't much light to take a break from the depressing stuff. I've also come to change my opinion on certain things over the years, like my view on the musical - there are things to love, though, like the opener, the triple finale episodes and, yes, the Trio. Not as villains, but just as fun guys trying to be Big Bads.
  6. Season 7 - I don't have a lot to say on this one. I don't love it. I don't hate it. There are good episodes. There are bad ones. I'm pretty meh on this one.
  7. Season 4 - Yes, it has some truly fantastic standalone episodes (Hush, Superstar, Faith two-parters) but overall, it's garbage. Especially the parts with the Initiative, Riley and ADAM.


Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain
Apr 12, 2019
all around
S6 & S7 – Spuffy + life = intense emotions. Also, S6 was the first season I watched when I rediscovered the show followed by S7. They hold a special place for me. I relate to their struggles as they grow up, their mistakes and the consequences of the mistakes. And I especially like Buffy’s struggles and her relationship w/Spike.

S3 & S4 – Fun and light with a preference for S3. At first, I wasn’t too much into Faith’s introduction in the series, but suddenly it got to me and I love it. S3 is a pretty good season. S4 has amazing episodes and it was my happy season before S3 overtook it in my preferences.

S2 – Amazing season, pain and sadness due to Angel/Angelus and how affected Buffy. I love the intense and bittersweet romance with Angel, less melodrama would be perfect (i.e. just fewer "when you kiss me, I want to die" lines).

S5 – Probably I’m weird, but for some reason this season doesn’t connect with me (I also hate the knights and the Glory sucking up brains story-lines. I simply dislike the episodes that go to heavy into those topics, although they have some of the best scenes of the show, like Buffy confronting the Council and Buffy jumping to her death) and marks the change in tone of the show. I think Joyce’s death is a big part for ranking it lower in the sense that it really gets to me so I find it very difficult to re-watch (yes, more than S6).

S1 – Fun, but I haven’t re-watched it in a loooong time.
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Bad Day. Started bad, stayed that way.
Aug 8, 2020
S5 : Loved the whole plot around the key, the introduction of Dawn as Buffy's little sis, the magic shop... It's also my favorite Scooby gang, in term of characters (after the departure of Riley, just to be clear!). Some of my all time-favorite episodes are in this season (Fool for love, The Gift). The second half of the season is awesome.

S6 : Follows very closely S5. Sometimes it's my favorite, depending on how I am in my current life. It's the season that I feel the most connected with, because it deals with life issues. Seeing all of my favorite characters screw up so miserably in their young adults lives gives me... some perspective on my own difficulties as a young adult, I guess ?

S7 : It's an unpopular opinion, but I liked the group of potential slayers and the whole concept surrounding them. Same gang as in S5&S6 (minus Tara RIP). Faith comeback ! Arc of development of one of my favorite characters : Andrew. I like Buffy's speeches. The confrontation with the Turokhan in "Showtime" was a memorable fight, and perhaps my favorite from the serie. Some of my favorite episodes are in this season too (Conversation with dead peoples, Storyteller). The wrap up of the series, with the idea of sharing power was brillant.

S3 : This season ranks this high for one main reason : Faith. I love her character, I love her arc of development and watching her gradually turning to the dark side was thrilling.

S4 : Used to be my least favorite, the black sheep but on second thoughts... It contains some of the best episodes and moments of the series (Hush, Restless, Pangs, the double episode with Faith...). Plenty of fun and nice atmosphere with the uni and all. I love Spike as a comic relief character in this season. But Adam is a forgetful villain, and the plot surrounding the initiative didn't really convinced me... Oh and I'm not going to mention Riley..

S2 : Yikes.. I can't believe it's in second-last position ! I feel bad because I really love it tho... But the seasons in high school doesn't appeal to me as much as it used to.. I hate growing up *sad grin*. Some gonna hate me for saying that, but I found Bangel relationship a bit cheesy on my last re-watch.. For me, this season starts to be really interesting only when Angel turns into Angelus. Also my second favorite finale after season 5. Spike introduction !!!

S1 : To be honest, I don't rewatch it very often. Love the characters, love the dialogues, but the magic that makes Buffy an outstanding TV show was not yet fully established. The pilot episode is very good tho.
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